How To Work Part Time From Home – Yes, It is A Reality!

working from home

In these times of uncertainty, many are wondering how to work part-time from home?

I have been working part-time from home now for quite a while now, and I really Love it!

Starting a Part Time Business From Home

Most of us have Full Time jobs but still need extra income, I know I sure do!

So starting a business from home on a part-time basis is very attractive, especially because of the huge opportunity the internet has provided us.

Never before have there been so many people online. There are about 3 Billion People today that use the Internet. That is almost half the population of the planet!

Millions of those internet users are SHOPPERS that are looking to purchase things! That is where our part-time business can make full time income!

Many are searching for information for their jobs, others are just using social media for entertainment, and still others are actually making money from the websites they have built!

Making Income From Your Website in Your Spare Time

8 one hundred dollar bills

Today there are many who are making a full time income from part-time work on their websites. Here are just a few.

As with anything truly worthwhile, it takes a lot of hours of hard work to position your website to make daily income, but it does happen, and it is happening. And, in my opinion, the hard work is well worth the outcome as you saw from the link above.

Imagine just working a few hours a day on your website and eventually making a full time income that just does not stop coming in, day after day, even while you are sleeping!!

man sleeping

Just imagine waking up and walking into your kitchen to make your morning coffee.

No need to rush anymore because your online business has replaced your full time income that your job used to provide you many years ago.

You bring your coffee into the living room and grab your laptop to see how your website did while you slept.

You Log on to your website and smile as you see that you had seventeen sales while you slept.

That is the beauty of the Internet. It is worldwide! So when you are sleeping on THIS side of the world, the other side of the world is awake and online making purchases, some of them from YOUR website!

It seems like a dream come true. But it is a reality for millions, and it can become YOUR reality.

How Much Do I Have To Invest To Go Online?

That is a very good question. If you are a novice and all this website and internet stuff is all Greek to you, you have been blessed to land at one of the very best online platforms that is online today, AND is very affordable!

The Starter Membership, which is completely free lets you partake of ten lessons on affiliate marketing and gives you a free website so you can get on your way to making money online.

But if you decide to upgrade to what is called the Premium Membership it is still very affordable, considering it includes all the training you need and an online community that can answer all your questions.

How much do I pay for this valuable training and website platform? Less than a buck a day!

That includes State-of-the-art Web Hosting which is required if you want to Publish your website on the internet.

And if you are an experienced online marketer and have yet to check out Wealthy Affiliate, I am certain you will be very pleased with what you find!

I am sure you are very aware of all the online scams, as am I. Who has not seen all the highly unethical or even illegal ways that these scammers have created to steal our money?

That is why I Know you are going to be very pleased with what you find at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate, is it a SCAM?

Wealthy Affiliate LogoIf you look at the Red Button that says, “Sign Up Now”, just below that it says, “No Credit Card Required.”

I like that.

Don’t you just hate it when you are interested in something online and they immediately want you to take your credit card out and charge it only ONE DOLLAR, but then you read the fine print and all future membership payments are only $79.99 per month!

I mean, you REALLY just want to CHECK it OUT for Free, right?

Well, that is what we do at Wealthy Affiliate. EVERYONE Gets a Free Starter Membership, with NO CATCHES!

In fact, the Free Starter membership even gives you more then Ten Free Lessons on Affiliate Marketing, AND provides you with a Free Website as well!

Wealthy Affiliate Ten Free Lessons

That is how I started. I signed up just to check it out, and I kept my credit card in my wallet.

I started the Free Affiliate Marketing training right away because I was very curious as to how all these people were making money with Affiliate Marketing.

The more I checked it out, the more I liked what I heard and saw. There are both Video training and typed out training for those who prefer to read.

If you have a comment or a question about anything, please feel free to give one just below. Thanks for reading!

Make Money Posting Ads or Links – Is it Possible?

I was surfing the net this morning and looking at things like world population of countries when I saw an ad that said, “Make Money Posting Ads or Links.”

I was curious so I clicked the link, and it took me to this page.

screenshot of internet ad

The Headline kind of screams at you, doesn’t it? lol. “Single Mom makes $12,500 per month From Home, and You Won’t Believe How She Does It.” Well, you are right about that last clause, I don’t believe how she does it! Haha!

I Believe what I KNOW WORKS!

If you look at the URL, it says, the weekly viral. If you google that name you just about get no information about this company, you have to scroll down and click the next link where it says to follow these three easy steps.

It will tell you to click here, and then it takes you to another website I have screenshot below

screenshot of internet ad

Here we are taken to a completely new URL called Computer If you do a Google search as I did for Computer Strength reviews, you will not find any. They switch the names of these scams so fast that nobody has the time to write a complete review about them!

The same is true with Weekly Viral. No doubt, they change the name of their scam programs at least every month so no one will know who they REALLY are. But Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Yes, we shall!

As you can see on the above screenshot it asks you to fill out their form to get more information, so I did that and this is the page it took me to.

internet ad

So, here Computer Strength, (we have yet to find out who owns this site, or its real name), has Congratulated me because there are Spots Available for me! Let’s scroll down a bit and see some more.

We scroll to a video that appears to be some news person talking about how popular work at home programs are now, like, duh, who does not know that?

Scrolling down we come to this page, that starts out, “Dear Friend”

internet ad, dear friendWow, now we are dear friends! LOL!

As you can see, as we read on, Nancy Watson, who at least admits it is a fake name, or as she says, her pen name because, as she says, the internet can be a crazy place! Yes, we know Nancy, we know.

If you look in the right column there are a few unverified testimonies on how great this program is and how these people made money, and how we should just “Do it”

Let’s scroll down a little more. They finally tell you up front what it is all about, link posting. They claim below, the following

How many links will you post a day? 15

Average money earned for each Link? $15

How many days a week will you work? 5

Daily Income: $150

Weekly Income: $750

Monthly Income: $3000

Yearly Income: $39000

internet ad

They make this sound so easy, don’t they? All because they just want your $67. Sad. Friend, if it was this easy to make money from home, don’t you think everyone would be doing this? Of course!

Just post 15 links a day five times a week at ten bucks per link? 39 Grand a year!! Oh My!

As you continue to scroll they keep showing their so called proof of many others making big money doing this. They also say this;

“Reason #1: Companies are desperate for more people to post links from home. When demand surpasses supply, wages are high. It’s the economic Law of Supply and Demand working in our favor… and… there’s an insatiable demand for this!”

The reality is that this opportunity is already HIGHLY saturated, not to mention that the ACTUAL amount of money people earn posting links is in pennies, NOT DOLLARS! So finally we come to the Big Close!

iNTERNET ADHey it’s just Sixty Seven bucks complete! Who doesn’t have sixty-seven bucks to make an investment that will give them a 39K a year income?! What a DEAL! If it were true, it sure would be!

But before we pay our low price of $67 for this awesome information, Let’s scroll down to the bottom of the page and see something called a “Disclaimer.”

internet adOK, we are going to click on Disclaimer and see what it says.

I will just paste word for word what the disclaimer says because it will be too small to read in a screenshot, starting from the second paragraph, it says;

“This is a paid advertisement. This website is not affiliated with any newspaper publication or online news source. This website is compensated for clicks and/or referrals that result in sales of the products(s) featured on this website.

For purposes of privacy, the creator of The Digital Resources, LLC program is using a pen name. This story is based upon the real life adaptation of the parties involved and may have also been modified.

The Company reserves the rights to the name and any uses of it as affiliated with the product. Any improper uses by unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.

2. Earnings Disclaimer: Earnings: Digital Resources, LLC cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. Potential income examples on this website are for example purposes only. Additionally, Digital Resources, LLC makes absolutely no guarantees or warranties of generating any kind of income whatsoever.

It is important to note this offer is absolutely NOT a business opportunity or a business. Rather, an educational platform where you can learn various skills about how to potentially make some additional income online.

As with anything, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Bottom line is if you’re not satisfied and/or the program is not working for you then simply ask and receive a refund.”

It is just amazing that we have to click on the tiny link called disclaimer at the BOTTOM of the page to find out the real name of this company, which is, Digital Resources, LLC.

After doing a Google search of this company name, I found this page.

ad agency screenshot

So, apparently Nancy Watsons real name is THOMAS J BAYLES. Now who is this guy?

Mr Bayles appears to be some kind of Real Estate Lawyer in Utah who started his business called Digital Resources about two years ago.

It is sad that this person who created this so called program is also a lawyer, so no doubt he made sure by putting his disclaimer at the bottom of the page, which almost nobody reads, and he knows that, by doing so he keeps everything, “legal.”

I do not doubt, especially because Mr Bayles is a lawyer that this program IS legal, but is it ethical?

With all the false information presented like making Ten Bucks each time you post ONE LINK, no, it is not ethical, and I somehow feel like Mr Bayles knows this too.

Conclusion: Can I Make Money Posting Ads and Links?

Sure, you will make money, a little bit. Certainly not 39K per year!

I have joined up with a professional online platform that actually has a success record of over fifteen years helping people make money online from home.

Here is the PROOF

And I will not HIDE the name of this company like Mr Bayles did. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership Ad

As you can see, there is NO Credit Card needed to start as a Free Member which is what I did back in 2019.

I suggest you start your Free Training and complete all Ten Free Lessons on how to make money online today!

I hope you enjoyed my review on this program that claims you can make full time income posting links. Please ask a question or leave a comment below!

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online. – Is it Really Possible?

In Recent years most of us have heard about blogs and people who use them to make money. So, the question of

how to start a blog and make money online
is now a very common one.

What Exactly Is A Blog? – It is Such a Funny Word!

man working on laptopWell, it has to do with a website for starters. In fact, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, usually written by one person in an informal or conversational style.

Some of the more successful blogs are done by people who are traveling around the world and give us daily or perhaps weekly updates of their travels.

Here is an excerpt from a very famous blogger named Nomadic Matt. Here is his story.

nomadic matt

“Growing up in Boston, I was never a big traveler. It just wasn’t something my friends or family did. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23.

After college, I got a job and the standard American two-weeks-a-year vacation.

For that first trip in 2004, I went to Costa Rica. The experience changed my life. It opened me up to all the possibilities the world had to offer.

There, I experienced another culture, wildlife I had only read about in books, new foods, got lost in a jungle, saw conservation projects in action, and met people from around the world.

I was the captain of my own ship and every day was new and different.

From that moment on, I was hooked on travel.

The following year, a trip to Thailand opened my eyes even more.

There, in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai, I met five backpackers who showed me that I didn’t have to be tied down to my job or be rich to travel. They were five people who were living my dream of traveling full-time.

I wanted in. I wanted to do what they were doing.

After that trip, I flew home, finished my MBA, quit my cubicle job, and, in July 2006, set out on an adventure around the world that continues to this day.

Since then, I’ve traveled to over 100 countries and territories, traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in over a thousand hostels, tried weird food (including fried maggots), made lifelong friends, learned multiple languages, and, most importantly, made it my mission now to help travelers like YOURSELF to realize YOUR travel dreams the same way those five backpackers helped me realize mine.”

As you can see, Mike has become VERY successful at making his blog exciting and interesting. Who doesn’t like to travel cheaply?

He even wrote a couple books about his experiences traveling and sells them right there on his website for around fifteen bucks a book.

The more interesting your blog is to the public, the more successful it will be for you to make money from. So make sure that whatever Blog you decide to write is something you Love, and something that will be fascinating to the public.

After all, the more people who are interested in what you are writing about, the more people who will see your blog and buy from it the items you have chosen to sell from it, be it merchandise, or some e book or subscription.

But How Can You Make Money From That?

It is a valid question, and one I myself have often wondered about over the last ten years.

Just because I write about some stuff on a website I earn money? Huh? How can that be?

Well, first things first, you need a website.

If you would like to start now, and get a Free Website then click the highlighted text in this sentence.

It is very important that you buy your own domain, that way the website will be your own property, nobody can shut you down or delete your website, it is actually like purchasing real estate. It is YOUR property!

The good news is that Doman Names for websites are very inexpensive, usually about fifteen to twenty bucks a year. !

How Do I Build a Website? With Free Training!

man building a brick wallIf you would like to learn how you can get your own website for free, and also free training on how to build that website and make money online from it, click the highlighted text now!

With your own free website and some quality free training you are now WELL on your way to having a successful, money making blog online!

How To Make Money Online From Home – Inexpensively!

making money online from home

You are not alone. Since over 20 million people have lost their jobs recently, many have been searching for how to make money online from home.

In this article I will explain the best and least expensive way to start making money online from your home!

I found it interesting that when I used my keyword research tool called Jaaxy that helps me find good keywords, just two weeks ago this very term you just searched for jumped from around 4500 searches per month to 5000 searches per month!

That is quite a big increase, but it makes sense. It is a sad fact that many of the 20 million who recently lost their jobs because of the Pandemic, which happens to include me, will not have a job once the economy opens up again.

But it’s OK, when God closes one door, He opens up another one!

blue door

How To Make Money Online

This is what we want to learn how to do. If we can learn how to make money online from our computers, then we can not only do it when we are at home, but even when we go on vacation.

Anywhere there is an internet connection, you can make money.

I am sure you have seen the people sitting barefoot on their decks overlooking some exotic beach while on vacation with their laptops open.

man on phone sitting down in from of his laptop with water in the background

It is a reality today. More than ever people have turned to the internet as a way to work from the comfort of their own homes.

The first thing we need to decide is what method we are going to choose to make money online. In this article we will be discussing the method called Affiliate Marketing.

How To Earn Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing

Today I needed to buy a medical item and needed it within a couple days. I decided to go to Amazon to purchase it.

How often do you, or others you know do that very same thing? Amazon is not only the world’s largest online retailer, but they also will allow you to team up with them and make commissions with them.

Once you have a website you can apply to Amazon to become an Affiliate Marketer for them.

Amazon logo

When Amazon approves you, they provide you with a link or a banner ad that you place on your website, and when someone visits your website and clicks on your Amazon ad and buys something, you make a commission.

It is that simple. In a nutshell, that is Affiliate Marketing.

For an example, if you click the Amazon picture above it will take you directly to Amazons website. You can shop for whatever you want and not pay a penny more than if you went directly to Amazons Home Page Website.

That is how it works!

Now, You are probably thinking, I need a website, and you are correct!

How do I Get a Website? – How does Free Sound?

Things are so much different today than twenty years ago.

I remember going to a business seminar at a restaurant/hotel around 2003. They had their sales team promoting building an E-Commerce Website. Guess how much money they were selling them for? $10,000!

Yep, and foolish me handed my credit card over and bought one. I never did make a dime with them. Turns out when I got home and was trying to set things up, I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

So, I called the company and they told me, “Have we got some GOOD NEWS for YOU!” For just another Five THOUSAND Dollars we will give you one on one coaching and help you build your online store!online store

I did not think that was good news, so I never did anything with that company.

In fact my account went to collections and they went after we to get the money for what they had sold me.

Well, you probably have a similar story to share, or maybe two.

See, that is the problem, it is very difficult to find an honest and an ethical company to help you get a website and then teach you how to set it up to make money!

I mean, after all, the very reason we are here trying to learn how to make money is probably because we don’t have any of it! Or, just a little. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck, but that does not stop the scammers from trying to weasel every last penny from our bank accounts!

We want to learn how to MAKE money, not SPEND it!

The Good news is today you can get a Free Website at many different places. But even after you get your free website the MUCH more important thing now is to learn how to build it and make it searchable for the search engines, as well as how to incorporate affiliate marketing into the mix.

The ALL-IN-ONE Company for a Buck a Day!

one dollar

As I said earlier, we want an inexpensive way to learn how to make money online. How does a dollar a day sound, complete?

That is what I pay, which includes Ten Websites, State-of-The-Art Web Hosting, Highly Professional Affilate Marketing Training, and help whenever you need it! All for a Dollar a Day!

The funny thing is that I was asked this question by a new member who had just joined today as a Free Member. He wanted to know if he upgraded to the Premium Membership if that would include everything, or was there more money he would have to spend. Here is a screenshot of the question.

wealthy affiliate community

And here is my answer.

wealthy affiliate community screenshotSo yea, the Premium Membership includes everything you need to make money online from home!

All the Affiliate Marketing and Website training. All the training you need for SEO, or search engine optimization, which will teach you how to get your website to rank on the first page of Google so lots of people will visit your Website.

And so much more! Live trainings every Friday evening, where you get to ask our professional trainer any question you want.

For a dollar a day? Yep. That is what I pay.

Conclusion. Where do I go For This Inexpensive Professional Training?

All of this can be found at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate LogoWealthy Affiliate is a 15-year-old Online Platform that teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to make your website produce money online right from the comfort of your home.

Imagine waking up in the morning and walking over to your computer with coffee in hand.

coffee and a computer

You turn it on and you pleasantly realize that while you were sleeping you had two sales.

You look outside in your driveway and see your car, you will not need to fight your way thru rush hour traffic today because you think about how you left your job a year ago when your online business was making as much as your job.


Start today for Free, check it out!

So, you may be thinking, does it really work? It has worked already for all these folks!

If you have a question or comment, please leave it below in the comments area. Thanks!

Real Ways To Make Money From Home – No Scams Please!

Are there real ways to make money from home?

Yes, of course there are. The problem is we have to WADE thru SO MANY SCAMS first to find them! Ugh!

man holding his head

In this article I am going to describe the Best Way to Make Money from Home. Also I will explain why now is the BEST time to Start and how to avoid the scams.

The BEST Time To Start Your Home Business? – NOW!

Why is today the best time to start making money from home? Here is why.

There are currently over 4.5 Billion internet users worldwide that are able to go online right now.

Since the Worlds population as of today is almost 7.8 Billion people, that means that MORE THAN HALF of the world is ONLINE!  That is a LOT of people. 4,500,000,000 people!

And we all know the internet is not going to go away ever!

In fact, In a one-year period from 2018 to 2019, there were 320 million more internet users added! That comes out to over 900,000 NEW Internet Users EVERY DAY! Wow!

And for us to make a Full Time Income online we only need a couple hundred of those 4.5 billion people to visit our website every day!

Do you see the potential? And then there is THIS!

We all Love the convenience of buying things from our computers or smart phones while sitting on our couch, and then having them shipped directly to our doorsteps.

fedex delivery van

Think about how many things you have purchased online in the last year. Online sales are increasing every year, and that means people making money online from those sales are making more money than ever!

I know it is hard to wrap our heads around all these numbers, but it is REAL! These are the FACTS!

How Can I Make Money From Home?

make money from home

This is what we are searching for, HOW can we make money online from our homes?

First off we must AVOID the scams.

A good way to do that is by researching the company and read a lot of reviews about them.

Whenever I am going somewhere and will need a hotel, I always read the reviews. Many times what looks like a nice hotel, when you read the reviews you read of bed bugs, and broken plumbing, and all kinds of nightmares.

Also, you will find out how safe the area is where the Hotel is located.

So read lots of reviews about a company before joining them. I have learned that most companies that are less than five years old are basically unproven and end up failing. Stay away from them.

If a company has been around for over 10 years you can be pretty sure they are doing a lot of things right.

Check with the Better Business Bureau and see their rating. If it is not an A rating, stay away!

So what is the best way to make money from home? I use Wealthy Affiliate as my platform.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? They are a 15-year-old Affiliate Marketing and Web Hosting company that teaches us how to apply affiliate marketing to our website and earn income.

wealthy affiliate logo

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need in one place to learn how to make money from home and even have fun doing it!

And if you are wondering if it works, then take a look at all of these successful people!

Yes, I do have fun, especially with the online community. There are some really cool people there. Some are even millionaires, and they will gladly share their secrets with us on how we can become successful.

Here is a screenshot of some of the interaction on our community forum.

wealthy affiliate online communityAs you can see here, Abby asked a question and two other members answered. The person who answered on the bottom is one of our full time income earners.

Most times the questions asked are answered in about five minutes. Lots of people are helping us to grow our businesses.

Not only are our wealthy members helping us online every day, but even the owners of the company are online every day helping us to succeed!

That is simply UNHEARD of in the online world. Most owners see themselves as gurus, and will have us pay them thousands to give us a consultation on how to improve our business. They are the greedy ones who just scam people and don’t care if we make it or not

Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Online Platform I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot in my 40 years, both with MLM and online programs.

Conclusion: There Are Ways to Make $$ Online!

With Wealthy Affiliate they actually will let you try it before you buy it.

That is what I did. I started as a Free Member and started their Free Training. They also gave me a Free Website.

After a while I liked what I saw. I realized this was no fly-by-night scam operation. The owners are not only serious and skilled Affiliate Marketers, but they are also very sincere in their desire to help us make it online.

I Highly Recommend that you kick the tires and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You have nothing to lose, since you can start as a Free Member. You even have the choice to remain as a Free Member for as long as you desire.

So, Keep your Credit Card in your Wallet! Start learning Affiliate Marketing Today!

credit cards in a wallet

How To Make Money Online For Beginners- IT WORKS!

couple in front of a laptop

Today the latest trend in making money is Online, so how to make money online for beginners is a very pertinent question!

In this article I will explain the very basics of the online world for beginners. We all had to start at the beginning in this present online world, so there is nothing to be ashamed of, or to feel embarrassed about.

I will also share some of my personal experiences with MLM companies that gave me a hunger for doing things online instead of offline.

The Offline World of MLM – NEVER AGAIN!

When I first started looking for ways to make money online about twenty years ago in the year 2000, the big trend then was Multi Level Marketing, or MLM

My very first MLM that I became involved in was Amway. I am sure you have heard of it. It was quite a learning experience for me.

The person who invited me was a complete stranger. At that time I was working in a Mall at a Place called the Perfect Pretzel. Yes, I made Pretzels. He had seen me there a couple times, and saw me going to my car in the parking lot.


He asked me some questions if I would be interested in making extra income, and I said, sure, why not?

So that evening he picked me and my brother up at our apartment, and on we went to our very first Amway meeting.

I amazingly STILL remember the name of the presenter and his wife. Jim and Connie Agard. They had their huge bus converted into a mobile home parked right in front of the school auditorium that he had rented for the night.

I remember he had a big white easel and a black marker, and he kept drawing all these circles. I was interested and ended up joining, both me and my brother.

One of the first things they teach you in every MLM is to build a contact list of at least 100 names. Yea, you guessed it. We had to write down all of our family and every friend we could think of to go and bug them about Amway!


I am so glad I got out of Multi Level Marketing! What a terrible way to lose all your family and friends. They never want to answer the phone when they see your name on the caller I.D. LOL.person looking shocked at their phone

If you were ever in an MLM you know exactly what I am talking about! I mean, who enjoys bugging their friends and family about the latest and greatest way to make money program?

I sure did not enjoy it!

My very last stint with MLM was with a company called Melaleuca.

It was near the end of my experiences with Melaleuca that a strong desire to do things online developed within me.

I would keep asking people who were in my up line, how come we can not advertise our business online on a website we make and get referrals that way?

I learned later that it was against company policies to use the company name on any website except a certain website company that Melaleuca approved of.

I was frustrated.

Until last year when I came across the answer to my prayers! I found a company that would let me not only have my own website, but also show me how I could use that website to prospect TO THE WORLD!

That companies name is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a 15-Year-Old Affiliate Marketing Company designed for Beginners!

wealthy affiliate logoWith Wealthy Affiliate finally I no longer had to bug my friends or family to join my business! My website is the one that reaches out to the world now instead of me approaching complete strangers!

In fact, people who land on the pages of my website are very much like you. They are already LOOKING for a way to make money online, so they do a search, just like you may have done.

Lets say they enter this exact search term, “How To Make Money Online For Beginners”

Google picks my website as a suggestion to the person searching to get them the information they are searching for.

They click on my link, and end at my website, and they may go on and purchase something that makes me a profit!

All of that being done without me even making a phone call or even sending out an email to anyone!

And the best part, I did not even have to make a contact list of all my friends and family! People who already WANT what I am offering on MY website come looking for ME!

That is really cool!

And that is the Online world of Internet Marketing thru your website.


How To Make $$ Online for Beginners!

There are many who do not even know how to use a computer, or are very limited in their skills, if this is you, no worries, you can learn the basics and become a pro in no time!

I am an I.T. guy, so I would be glad to answer any questions you have in the comments’ area at the bottom of this page.

The very first step in making money online after you have purchased a laptop is to get some quality training. If you join with Wealthy Affiliate you can Start as a Free Member and get 20 Free lessons on making money online.

All Free Members also get One Free Website.

Wealthy Affiliate has a LOT of training available to help you succeed in the online world. They teach you how to build a website, and also how to make your website optimized for the search engines, {SEO}

The Training is explained in a very simple way for complete beginners thru video as well as written out if you prefer reading instead of video.

Wealthy Affiliates Online Community

Our online community here at Wealthy Affiliate is something I have NEVER seen in my 40 years of doing business! They are the most friendly and helpful community anywhere! Here is a screenshot of todays activities.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Usually when you ask a question here it is answered in less than five minutes! And sometimes you get three or four people helping, or in this instance above, you get a six figure earner answering your question. {Nathaniell)

Getting help from millionaires as well as the two owners of the company is actually very common.

It is the PERFECT place for beginners to learn how to make money online.

And, as I mentioned in the very title of this article, IT WORKS!

I suggest you do what I did. I started as a Free Member because I wanted to check them out and make sure I was not joining some scam as I had done in times past.

Once you look around you will see that this is an honest business run by sincerely helpful and highly trained individuals.

And keep your credit card in your wallet. There is no need for it because all Free Members can stay Free as long as they desire!

credit cards in a walletWelcome to the world of Online Marketing for Beginners! Please leave any questions or comments’ you have below! Thanks!


Is There a Way to Make Money Online Without Having to Pay Anything?


No. So, again, Is there a way to make money online without having to pay anything? No way Jose.

However, there is a site called Swagbucks that you can join for free and make a few dollars a month by searching. However, technically, you had to buy your computer or smart phone to get on the internet, and pay your internet provider every month

So it is still not free, and even if you go to McDonalds and use their internet, you spent money in gas to get there.

There is really no way to make money online unless you are willing to spend at least a little money.

Now, there is a way to make money online by just paying a dollar a day!

In Fact, I am writing this Blog right now from the very Hosting Platform that I only pay a Dollar a Day!



Think about what it costs to go to a four-year college nowadays! It sure ain’t no dollar a day!

Even if you went to college online it would cost you more than a dollar a day!

Think about what it would cost to start your own local business in the town that you live in. It ain’t no dollar a day!

There is just no way that you can start an online business today on the internet with a website for FREE!

It will never happen.

OK, so you may be thinking. I would be willing to invest one dollar a day to make money online.

But will this actually work?

Making Money Online – There Are Investments

Probably the greatest investment that you will be making to learn how to make money online will be your time.


The first thing we need to do is to invest our time in learning how to actually make money online. There are many different ways to go about this.

Some people devote themselves to making YouTube Videos to gather viewers to their channel, and after 10,000 views, the ability to get paid begins.

Others like myself have created a website and are using affiliate marketing to make an income.

The fact is, the more time we take to learn how to implement all the marketing techniques to our website, the faster we will be making money from them.

Even if we spend three hours a day, which is about 20 hours a week, that is really not so much time to learn how to make money online, even if it takes a year or two.

With most Universities you have to go to school for four years, usually about six hours per day, and then go home and do a couple more hours of homework. And even after four years you are not guaranteed a good paying job.

However, with our Online business, for the most part, once we build our website, the maintenance is very small to keep that monthly income coming in.

And as long as we do the proper maintenance to our website, its value and traffic just keeps increasing every year.

Did you know that after a while you can actually sell your website?

I have heard that the value of a website can be four times its yearly income. So if you make 25k every year from your website, you could actually sell it for 100k!

Investing Money into Your Online Website Business

Yes, sorry to give you the bad news, but you will have to invest some money to get your online business going. How much depends on which Online Platform and Hosting you decide to go with.

Some online platforms charge $200 to $3oo per month, and even higher!

Be careful before you commit with any company. You need to do your homework!

You want to Google the name of the company first to see what people are saying about it. Of course the members are mostly only going to say good things about it, so read some of the negative reviews too.

Make sure the company does not have expensive up sells.

I will give you an example of what an up sell is using Wendys Restaurant. You drive up to the drive thru to order your cheeseburger, and the employee asks if you would like fries with your order. That is an up sell.

Wendy's restaurant

Now that is a very small up sell, they end up making maybe two or three dollars more.

However in the online world when it comes to up sells you can REALLY get ripped off! So be careful.

I have seen online platforms that you join for perhaps thirty or forty dollars, and then before you pay you get these promotions offering you to buy their awesome super duper MAX Professional training for only $299!

Amazingly, even if you are convinced to buy this, it still does not stop there! I have seen some programs where they try to get you to buy their Guru Black Belt Training Program for “only” $19999! Yep, Twenty Thousand Bucks!

So, be very careful, do your research before you commit. If they offer to join for free, go ahead, that will give you a chance to really check them out and find out how much their up sells are.

The sad thing is that with a LOT of these programs they hold back critical training that you actually really need to succeed in the online world, so you end up almost feeling FORCED to buy these up sells.

But don’t do it! There are a couple good programs out there that are very affordable and include all the training you need to succeed without ANY up sells.

I know, because I am a member of one of them.

My Dollar a Day Online Business!

Yep, that is my price, complete with all the training I need to make it online. That includes Ten Websites and State-of-the-art Web Hosting, as well as many other freebies.

They are a really cool 15 year old company called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate logo

They are my Number 1 Recommended Online Platform, bar NONE! Many are making good income as we speak!

They will even let you Start for Free as a Free Member so you can check them out and look around.

That is what I did, and I liked what I saw. They give you Twenty Free Affiliate Marketing lessons along with One Free Website.

If you have a question or comment please, I would Love to hear from you! Just leave it below in the comments’ area. Thanks!

What Is The Best Way To Make Money From Home?

make money from home

This article is going to show you what is the best way to make money from home.

If you just want to read the details right now, read this article about Wealthy Affiliate.

Scam Here, Scam There, SCAMS Everywhere!

Don’t you just HATE scams? I know I do. It is so frustrating when you get sucked into some ad from an email, or just from surfing the net on how to make some money, and you check it out, and it looks real good, so you sign up with them.

Then you go on and they keep asking for MORE MONEY! You just gave them a fee to join, and now they are asking for more! Scam!

It is difficult to weed through the good programs from the bad programs.

I used to a member in Amway and Melaleuca, and these MLM’s, though legal and legitimate are still extremely hard programs to actually succeed with. If you have been in MLM, you know what I am talking about.

It is only the very talented salespeople who actually end up making it. If you are not a good salesperson you will NEVER make it in MLM.


Because you not only have to sell your friends and family, but after that you MUST go after your Cold Market.

You must learn how to prospect total strangers, and if you are not comfortable doing that, like I wasn’t, then you simply are not going to make it.

There is a Better Way! Affiliate Marketing!person lifting up hands

I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, a 15-Year old Online Platform that teaches you how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn commissions for recommending a product. Someone buys a product from your website.

You then earn a commission.

The awesome thing is that you do not have to produce that product or store hundreds of them in your garage. You don’t even have to collect money from your customers when they make a purchase.

The company that markets the product does all of that for you.

What I love about Affiliate Marketing is that I no longer have to bug my family and friends! Nor do I have to approach any strangers with my “Business Opportunity.”

Whoo Hooo! Those days are GONE!

I do not have to find prospects and sign them up because my WEBSITE does all of that for me now.

THE BEST Way To Make Money From Home!

making money from home

The Best way to Make Money from Home is through Affiliate Marketing on a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

This may seem hard to believe, but I only pay A Dollar a Day COMPLETE for my business that is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

So it is not very expensive.

THAT Price includes all the training I need to learn how to apply Affiliate Marketing to my website.

It also includes the opportunity to build 10 websites with state of the art Hosting, and a Highly Professional Keyword Reasearch Tool called Jaaxy.

All for a Dollar a Day! Can You believe it?

You can Start for Free and begin your affiliate marketing training today! It includes twenty Free Lessons on the basics of Affiliate Marketing.


wealthy affiliate logo

There are many more, but here is around one hundred examples of people already making money with Wealthy Affiliate using the Affiliate Marketing model from their websites.

There are many more, but do what I did. Just check it out.

When I first landed on the Wealthy Affiliate page, it said I could start for Free.

So I did. I am never afraid to look at anything that does not cost me anything.

So I joined as a Free member, what is called a starter member and looked around.

There are 20 free affiliate marketing lessons, so I started the training and really liked it.

wealthy affiliate lessons

I have never looked back since then.

Keep your credit card in your wallet, this is your opportunity to look around, kick the tires.

Start for FREE today!

Tell me what you think about it and leave a comment in the comments’ area below. Thanks!

Google Working At Home – Why Did You Google That?

Google logoSo you are tired of your 9 to 5 Job, Monday to Friday same ol same ol. So you walk over to your computer and you Google, Google Working at Home. And here you are.

Google is such an amazing search engine tool, and in this article I am going to show you why Google really CAN be your friend and open up a way for YOU to make Money from your own computer!

I also will show you the way I have chosen to make money online from my own website.

Obviously, like me, you are looking for a way to make some money, or a lot of money online.

Many are doing it right now!

Google Really Is Your Friend!

Google logo on a cell phone

How many times have you told someone, “Google is your friend.?”

What we mean is to do a search on Google to find out some specific information.

I may not have the answer to your question, but Google is your friend!

Now I am going to show you how much MORE of a friend Google is than being a mere help to get information, I am going to show you how Google can make you money, and Even a Full Time Income!

Because of Google many people are making a LOT of money from their computers at this very moment!

Of course, there is MUCH more to it than that. Google ALONE can not make money for anyone, unless you first of all have a website.

But only having a website is not enough either, you must optimize it for the Google Search Engine

As we say in the online world, “When you make Google happy, Google makes you happy.”

So exactly what IS Google?

First of all, it is a business, and like all businesses they are in business to make money. Do not think for one second that they are there only for our convenience. Like in most of life, as they say, follow the money.

The reason this is important to remember is because if we are going to make money online we have to learn to please the Google Search Engine.

Google was created as a service to the entire world to help people find information. If Google determines that what you have written about is what people are looking for, then Google will reward you by placing your information on their first page so others can find you, and find the information that you are sharing.

How Do I Make Google Happy?

smiling girl pointing to a laptopThe way we make Google happy is by SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO can be generally summed up in one word, Relevancy.

How relevant is your website article to what is being searched?

Here is an example. You Love to fish in your local lake and are looking for fishing lures.

fishing luresSo, what do you do? You whip out your cell phone and go to Google and punch in, “fishing lures” and this is what you see.

Google results for fishing lures

You notice that two of the three results that are on the very first page of Google are Bass Pro and Amazon.

Both of these companies are very popular and they have professionals whose job is to make sure their website shows up on page one of Google search results.

Obviously Bass Pro would be a highly relevant company to find fishing lures, so Google gives it first position on page one.

Both Bass Pro and Amazon are very well-known and authoritative websites. What I mean by that is these companies have been around for years and Google, knowing this, ranks their sites higher, this is what is known as Website Authority.

An authority website is a site that is trusted. It is trusted by its users, industry experts, and trusted by search engines.

When Google sees you have been around for at least six months and have a lot of quality, fresh and relevant content on your website, they rank your site higher in its search engine because they recognize you as an authority website.

New websites do not yet have authority with Google. The reason is that, Google knows that the vast majority of brand new websites will not be around in six months. Most people give up on their websites TOO SOON!

Do not let that be you!

Making a full time income from your website is going to take time and you must be patient, but the rewards are GREAT!

Working at Home – Is it Even Possible?

a house

Ahh, working from the comfort of your very own home! It seems like a dream come true.

No more working for cranky bosses!

No more commuting in traffic jams morning and evening!

No more hoping your boss gives you permission to go on vacation during the summer!

No more barely making ends meet! The sky is now the limit when it comes to making money!

Amazing as it seems, it is a reality for many. These people wake up and walk over to their computer to see how much money they made while they were sleeping.

You might wonder how people are up in the middle of the night buying things, but remember, the internet is worldwide, and when you build a website on the internet it is out there for the whole world to see!

But How Exactly do I Make Money Online?

man on phone sitting by water with his laptop

The way that I have chosen to make money online is with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is about the most popular way for people to make money online. It is a strategy where a person partners with a business (like Amazon ) in order to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to your Amazon affiliate link that is placed on your website. Here is an example below.

amazon logo

When someone clicks on your Amazon Link and buys something, you make a commission.

So go ahead, click on the amazon link above, see how it takes you to Amazons website?

Now when you buy something from Amazon I make a commission since you went to Amazon thru my affiliate link.

So, go ahead and buy something. (Smile)

When you sign up with Amazon as an affiliate, they provide you with an affiliate link that tracks all the sales made from your website, then once a month Amazon sends you a check for your commissions.

Amazon is just one of many thousands of companies that will allow you to become an affiliate for them and make commissions.

Affiliate commissions usually are between 4% and can even go up to as high as 60%! It all depends on the company and the product that is being sold.

The beauty of Affliliate Marketing is you never have to collect any payments from your customers.

You never have to ship out any products to anyone.

You never have to make phone calls and try to get clients for your business, your website does this for you.

When people do not like the product they bought, you will never have to fight with unhappy customers who want a refund!

man yelling into his phone

You never have to buy a lot of products and store them in your garage. Amazon does all of that for you!

But first things first. You need a Website.

Get A Free Website Now! – Yes, Free!

You can get a free website with 20 Free Affiliate Marketing lessons when you visit Wealthy

Wealthy Affiliate is a 15-year-old Affiliate Marketing company run by experts in marketing and technology.

Check out these Amazing Benefits!

Once you become a Free Member of Wealthy Affiliate, there you will learn EVERYTHING you need to known about affiliate marketing, how to get a website and work on it. How to write quality articles, and so much more!

Keep your credit card in your wallet, Start now as a Free Member! Kick the tires, take a look around and see if is what you are looking for. I am certain you will be pleased!

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! Just leave them below. Thanks!


Do Websites Make Money? – YES! Many Do!

one hundred dollar bills

So you are looking for a way to make some money online because you have heard that many are doing it. And you are wondering, do websites make money?

I can assure you that THEY DO!

Here is just a short list of people making money from their websites.

In this article I will tell you about my number one highly recommended method for making money online from a website.

I will also show you how to get your own Website today, for Free

Also I will give you a history of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Internet Has Changed The World
Earth from outer space

So How Was the Internet Created?

The speed and capability of todays modern computers is just amazing! So it is actually kind of funny that the very first computer to computer communication back in 1969 which sent just one word, “LOGIN”, would crash their system!

The second computer on the receiving end actually only received the first two letters, “L.O.”

It is strange to us today when you realized that millions of people are sending Gigabytes of data every second to and from places all over the world, and rarely does any computer crash.

In fact, those first two computers were the size of a small house!

small house

But it was almost 15 years later before the actual Internet in a practical, usable form was put together in 1983.

The internet protocol called TCP/IP was first used on January 1, 1983, and from there researchers began to put together the “network of networks” that became known today as the Internet.

Then in 1990, a computer scientist named Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. While it’s many times confused with the internet itself, the web is just the most common way of accessing data online in the form of websites or hyperlinks.

Do Websites Make Money?

Just to be clear, most websites do not make the person who owns it any money. That is because many websites are for informational purposes only.

It is also important to understand that not everybody who has created a website with the intention of making money from it, does.

As of today, there are over 1.7 Billion Websites online on the Internet. However, only less than 200 million of those websites are active.

How come almost nine out of every ten websites created are inactive? People give up on their websites. 

They tried to make money online from their website, and after a while of making nothing, they just give up.  

I believe most people give up building their websites because they lack the correct training on how to use their website to actually make monthly Income from them.

How Many People Really Buy Things Online?

That is a very important question, isn’t it?

I think you are realizing by now that if people are not buying things online, then nobody will make money online.

That is true.

So then logically it would make sense that the more people buying online, the more likely MY website can make sales.

That is also true. So how many people actually buy stuff online? Here are the stats from 2007 to 2019.

stats of online salesLook at the year 2007, 1 out of every 20 sales in the U.S. came from online sales.

That still is a LOT of money though, well into the Billions of Dollars!

But look at 2019, 16% of all total sales were online! And I am sure it is probably close to 20% now!

That means 1 out of EVERY 5 purchases of ANYTHING is made ONLINE!

And Let’s not forget your website goes out into ALL the world, so your sales will not just come from the U.S.!

There are over 4 BILLION users online in the world today! That is a LOT of customers to market to!

Do you see the potential here?

Do you really think this chart is going to start shrinking or going down in the coming years? No way!

Online sales are just going to continue growing and growing which means our opportunity to make money online will also be growing.

I would not doubt it if in the next ten years online sales account for half of ALL retail sales!

It makes sense. Why go to a store when you can shop for it online and have it shipped right to your doorstep?

Many times the shipping charges are free depending on how much you spend.

Think about when the weather is bad, ice, snow, heavy rain. Which would you rather do? Shop online on your computer from the comfort of your home, or go out into an icy snowstorm to the store?

snow covered road

How Can I Make Money From My Website?

Well, first things first, so Let’s get you a Free Website now, and then I will show you how to make money from it.

Just enter your best email and create a username.

Get your FREE Website NOW.

OK, so you are now a Free Member of Wealthy Affiliate where I will now show you how to get your Free Website.

I suggest you first go thru the first four Free lessons which will guide you to this process. Here is a screenshot of them.

wealthy affiliate training lessonsAs you can see, in the 4th lesson it explains how to build your own Free Website. 

To summarize these four lessons. The best way to use your website to make money online is thru what is called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Is It a Get Rich Quick Method?

Let me be very clear from the outset, affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme or method.

As you probably already know, over 99% of all get rich quick programs online are scams to just get your money!

STAY AWAY from them!

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we show you a proven way through Affiliate Marketing how to build a strong presence on the internet that will give you a lasting and high monthly income from your website.

But it WILL take HARD WORK and TIME. You also must follow the training exactly as it is laid out.

Straight up, if you are not willing to WORK and WAIT patiently then just close this page now because this is not for you. 

So exactly what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is becoming an affiliate with one or more companies that pays you a commission every time someone visits your website and clicks on one of your affiliate links to make a purchase.

The company that you signed up with as an affiliate then sends you a commission check for that purchase.

If you are wondering if this method really works, then check this out.

Conclusion: Do Websites Make Money?

Just take one look at this, and you will have your answer.

The more important question I think, is, how can I make money from my own website?

My highest recommendation is by using the method of Affiliate Marketing.

You can learn about Affiliate Marketing HERE for Free, and at the same time get your FREE Website.

Welcome to the world of Making Money from your own Website!

If you have a question or comment I would love to hear from you!

Just leave it below. Thanks!