Best Of Online Programs – Top Ten Programs

There are some Online Programs that are under $4000 per year, and is why I included it as the last Selection below.

These schools are considered to be the top ten online programs in the United States.

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Here are the Best Of Online Programs

All Data Sources are collected from The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

All the following Online Programs include:

-Accredited public or private not-for-profit institution

-A minimum of 10 online bachelor’s or master’s degrees

-Annual in-state tuition under $25,000

Schools Ranked from 1-11 In the U.S. as of 2019.

1 Northern Arizona University $8072 Per Year Ranked at Number 1

2 University of Alabama $9826 Per Year. Ranked at Number 2

3 Judson College $15204 Per Year. Ranked at Number 3

4 Siena Heights University $22100 Per Year. Ranked at Number 4

5 North Carolina State University at Raleigh $6038 Per Year. Ranked at Number 5

6 University of Southern Mississippi $6980 Per Year. Ranked at Number 6

7 Saint Leo University $19740 Per Year. Ranked at Number 7

8 University of Illinois at Springfield $9265 Per Year. Ranked at Number 8

9 Mississippi College $14670 Per Year. Ranked at Number 9 ( A Christian College)

10 Webster University $24500 Per Year. Ranked at Number 10

11 Fort Hays State University $3450 Per Year. Ranked at Number 11

A Comparison of On Campus To Online by Price

Undergraduate To On-Campus Undergraduate Online

Tuition and fees $28,588 To  $16,580

Books and supplies $1,200 To  $1,200

Computer/Cellphone $1,260 To  $1,260Photo of a school

Housing $5,420 To Zero

Food $4,230 To  $960

Transportation $1,100 To  $130

Clothing $700 To  $700

Personal $270 To  $270

TOTAL $42,768 To $21,100




By Going To   School Online You are Saving 50%

All Students, whether attending college on campus or online are responsible for many of the same costs. As an example, books and supplies, clothing and most personal expenses are the same.

The three costs that differ in the greatest way would be tuition, housing and food.

Most campus programs require students to pay for housing, but online students save money by living at their home.

Most students who live on campus usually have to pay for meals with a meal plan. However, online students save money by cooking meals at their homes.

An Alternative Choice To a Four Year Online Program

Some people just cannot afford the high costs of tuition whether it is a brick and mortar school, or even an online school.

Even the online schools listed above charge us from $3,450 to as high as $24,500 per year for our tuition alone

Over four years the total costs for our education for tuition comes to from $13,800 to $98,000.

The reality is even after we spend four years at an online college and get our degree, we are not guaranteed a good paying job. And if we have taken out student loans, we must pay them back.

With over 4 Billion people online today, and people purchasing from the comfort of their homes on their computers, the opportunity for us to create our own income online, at home, from our computers is astounding.

Wealthy Affiliate University offers us low income earners a chance to break out of that 9-5 mold.

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