Best Small Business – 7 Vital Components

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When I think of what would make the best small business, these seven things come to mind.

1. The Company must be in business for at least 5 years already. Even though that in itself does not make it good. Most new businesses fail in the first five years. If they have lasted at least 5 years they are probably doing something right.

2. The owner or owners must have an impeccable business ethic and reputation. I advise anyone to do a Google search on the names of each owner to see what people are saying.

3. The business model must be proven. If must work!

4. It must be reasonably priced and affordable to the average Joe. With No Up Sells.

5. It must have professional and fast support for problems we may encounter.

6. It should have an online community of hundreds of thousands of members to ask questions to, and to share business ideas with.

7. Training must be Top Notch, affordable, and easy to understand and implement so anyone can succeed.

Yes, I have found the best small business, and it is called Wealthy Affiliate.

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The BEST Small Business – Hands Down

You are obviously looking to become involved in your own small business.

If you have a trade, then I would think that you may be interested in knowing how to set that business up as far as taxes are concerned and also how to store your business contacts and information in an online file.

If that is the type of small business you are interested in, wonderful. Unfortunately, this article is referring to an online small business that would involve building a website.

Now if you have a trade and do not yet have a website you are missing out on a lot of customers.

Many people with brick and mortar businesses have their own website and have learned how to market and promote it to their physical, geographic location.

So this business model, which is called affiliate marketing, can still be quite a benefit to you, here is a link if you would like to see what is offered.

The cost is less than a dollar a day if you buy the yearly website hosting deal.

Affiliate Marketing – The Wisest Business Model for Today

So, What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn commissions for recommending a product.

Someone buys that product from your website. You earn a commission. Very simple.

You do not have to manufacture the product, or keep twenty thousand of them in your garage.

You never have to ship anything to anyone.

You don’t even have to collect money from customers when they buy, the company that markets the product does all of that for you.

Seven Vital Business Components

Now we will take a look at the seven important business components that should be in every good business.

1. How Old is the company? Wealthy Affiliate is over 14 years old, the headquarters is in Canada.  Established with an A+ Rating with the BBB.

2. The owner should have an impeccable business ethic and reputation. Both Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have a sterling reputation in the business world.

3. Affiliate Marketing is the business model for Wealthy Affiliate. Lets take a look and see how they are doing. If you go thru just a few of the over one hundred success stories in this link, it is clear that this business model of affiliate marketing works very well.

4. The price of the program must be affordable. At Wealthy Affiliate it is Free to Join. Most people start as Free members. That is what I did. I wanted to check them out first. But even when you decide to get the Premium Membership it is still very affordable. Take a look below. When you pay yearly it comes to about a Dollar a Day! Now That is affordable!

wealthy affiliate membership

Oh, and by the way, there are NO UP SELLS! A buck a day for everything! ALL the training you will ever need. LIVE Training Webinars every Friday night, State-of-the-art Web Hosting for your websites, and on and on! ALL INCLUDED for a Buck a day!

5. Professional and FAST support. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is amazing when it comes to this. I once had an issue with my website, something I could not understand. I contacted Site Support and the problem was fixed in under 15 minutes!

wealthy affiliate benefitswealthy affiliate benefitsMonthly plan is only $49 and drops to a Dollar a day if you purchase a yearly membership.

6. It should have a large online community that is helpful. Only about a month ago Wealthy Affiliate welcomed their Two MILLIONTH member! I have never seen such a helpful community anywhere! It is kind of like a huge Facebook family, but a lot more friendly and helpful, and all of us have the same goal, to succeed in Affiliate Marketing!

Online there are millionaires that will offer you help, and almost every day you will see the Owner Kyle answering questions.

7. Training must be Top Notch. When you become a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate you have access to dozens and dozens of hours of highly professional training modules, classes, and even a weekly LIVE Webinar where you can get your questions answered live.

Here are some of the training Modules

wealthy affiliateConclusion Who Is The Best Small Business?

Without a hesitation Wealthy Affiliate beats all the competition out there. Low price, quality products.  Professional and helpful support, and a friendly and helpful online community.

Why not check us out today for Free?

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