Build a Business With a Website – 4 Easy Steps

So you want to Build a Business With a Website. You have come to the right place. Here you can build your very own website for FREE.

The 1st Step to Get Your Online Business Going


1. Choose a market, or niche. You want to build a business with a website online, so you will be offering either products, or a service to your customers.

You may already know what you want to sell. If you do not, then take a while to think about it.

What are some of your interests or hobbies? Do you have a certain passion? Usually what a person talks about the most is their passion. Some like guns, fishing, hiking, camping, or cooking. man fishing

Any of these markets, or niches will be able to make you money online with a website. Just choose one area.

One mistake newbies make is that they think they have to sell a lot of different products online to make a good amount of money.

Many people market only one product and make a good income.

I have chosen to only Market One Service online, and it makes me a 48% Monthly Recurring, Residual Commission.

With over 4 Billion people on the internet every day, and many searching for things to buy, you would be surprised how small your niche can be and still make good revenue.

If fishing is your passion, you can have fishing products to sell online. Or you can write an E Book about how to fish and market it on your website, or do both.

Take your interest and do a Google search and see what the websites look like.

See who is on page one of Google. These people have already succeeded with making money online, and so can you.

One last note about choosing your market. You will be doing a lot of writing about your products or service you want to sell, so you should have some knowledge about it.

You do not have to be an expert, but you will become an expert.

But, more importantly, it should be a passion of yours. People like talking about what they love. The same is true for writing. You don’t mind writing a lot about things that you Love, or are passionate writing on paper

Why Do I Have To Write? I am Not a Good Writer and I am Not a Good Speller


The reason you are going to have to write a lot is because that is how the search engines are going to find you.

This may scare you a bit, but you are going to have to write A LOT before you get noticed by the search engines.

Don’t worry about it. Even if you are not a good writer, just do it and you will improve over time. Of course, your writing will by actually typing on a computer keyboard.

And the platform you will be using has a content editor built into it. Before you publish any of your articles, you enable the Grammar Checker, and it goes thru everything you wrote and shows you your mistakes.

Its like having a built in English teacher by your side.

The 2nd Step in Making a Profitable, Online Business Website


2. Build Your Website.

Your website is the very foundation of your business. All of your traffic is ultimately going to go right to YOUR Website.

And when people look around your website and become interested in your products or services, they will click on the buy button, and make YOU a commission.

The initial build of your Website takes very little time to create. This was not always the case.

Just 15 years ago you had to know website code and HTML to build a website, but not today.

Back then it could take a month to build a Website, but you are going to build your Free Website, and it will only take you 30 seconds to do it!

Your Free Website comes pre built on what is called WordPress.

WordPress is currently being used by over 60 million websites, and is an excellent free content management system for your article writing.

If you would like the details in how to build out your website, you can access that information HERE.

Now, The 3rd Step to Build a Business With a Website


3. Attract Visitors to your website.

Imagine if you owned a McDonald’s and nobody knew about it because it was in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, nobody in their right minds would ever do that, because without customers you make ZERO.Mcdonalds sign

The same thing applies to your website.

If nobody sees it, its like having a business in the middle of nowhere. You will make NOTHING.

So, how do I get my website before those eager little eyes that are just dying to buy my products?

Google Search Engine is the most popular search engine online at this time. Over 75% of All searches in the world go thru their search engine.

So,You are going to have to learn how to get Google to like your website, right?

That is what is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

3 Important Google Ranking Factors


The MOST important thing. The number ONE thing that Google looks at when it sends its Robots to your site, is!! Drumroll please…`


OK, content, got it. Just write a lot of stuff. No, not just ANY content. It must by high quality, accurate, relevant content. You must make sure that any statistics that you use are accurate as well.

Most importantly, your content must be RELEVANT to what people are searching for.

If I am searching for cheeseburgers on Google, Google is going to take me to the most relevant looking website about cheeseburgers on the net.

If I have a website about hot dogs, Google is NOT going to put me on the first page of search results when hungry folks are searching for cheeseburgers! Smile.

But not just relevant, but Comprehensive as well. Comprehensiveness is the 2nd important factor to rank in Google. By Comprehensive, I mean that the site has all elements and aspects of cheeseburgers.


Who makes them, where to buy them, details on what they are made of and how to make one, pictures of them, how much they cost, and on, and on, and on.

The more detailed your content is about cheeseburgers the better chance your website will land on PAGE ONE of Google.

OK, now I am getting hungry, BRB. Smile.

Much better, did I have a Cheeseburger?, well, no, but Back to our Topic!

Let’s do a Google search on cheeseburger and see what we find.

Mcdonalds website

Well, look at that, McDonald’s has the very first two search results! Let’s open up their website and take a look.

And just as we were saying about being comprehensive, look at the detail McDonald’s gives! Every single item on their cheeseburger is listed, and even has the calories! This one has 300 calories.

Ingredients in a cheeseburgerSo, you get the idea of relevancy and comprehensiveness. Notice all the pictures of cheeseburgers too! Even pictures that are relevant are a big factor in your rankings with Google.

Mobile First Indexing


This is the 3rd Highest Ranking component that Google looks at.

How often when you are out and about shopping, or just walking thru town do you see people engaged with their mobile phones? A lot, right?

Well, Google has noticed that too. In fact, within the last year or two mobile phone searches have actually surpassed desktop and laptop type device searches for the first time!

Over half of all searches are done on Mobile phones now!


That means people are also opening up and looking at our websites on their phones. So Google has shifted towards mobile-first indexing.

This means that Google’s index will now crawl the mobile version of our websites first, to see how they look.

Mobile optimization is now an extremely important ranking factor. Therefore, we must make sure that our website is mobile user-friendly.

How do I do that? You need a platform that takes care of all of that for you. There is too much technical mumbo jumbo that needs to be done to get our websites optimized for cell phones.

We Need To Partner With a Highly Professional Company to Help Us


A good hosting company, which is where the content of what you write will be stored, optimized and protected with good security is a MUST.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates Platform for all of your Hosting needs.

The 4th Step in Building a Successful Online Business Website


Keep on keeping on. What do I mean by that?

It is going to take you time to Google optimize your site, and you need to be patient. Even though this is the 4th step, it is the MOST CRITICAL step!    clock


Because more than half of people who start building out a website and making it attractive to the search engines give up and quit after only six months!

You MUST be patient and keep working. YOUR PERSISTANCE WILL Pay off! I can almost Guarantee this!

I am involved with a Platform called Wealthy Affiliate that has thousands of people from all over the world that are the most friendly, helpful, and experienced Online Business Professionals I have ever seen!

Every day you will find on our platform people who have become millionaires with their online Business, who are freely sharing their advice, and even providing their expert tips on how to succeed, all for FREE.

How did they become so successful? Just by following all the training. Step by step, day by day, month by month.

And NEVER giving up!

Read Story after Story of All the People Who have Succeeded with an Online Business


You can read about these stories once you become a Free Member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can go take a look right now.

Oh, and keep your Credit Card in your Wallet or Purse, you really will not need it to get your Two Free Websites and Begin your Training.




16 thoughts on “Build a Business With a Website – 4 Easy Steps”

  1. Looks like four pretty easy steps to build a business online.  Wondering if that Wealthy Affiliate is really worthwhile to use? I am not sure about these internet businesses I was looking to make some extra money online but they all seem to be a scam asking for more and more money.  In the end of your post you said that it would take time so how long until you would see anything pay off once the website is built?  Three months long or more like a year and who has all that extra free time.  Could you do it in like two hours a day type of thing?  Thank you for all the great info on building a business


    • Thanks Douglas,  I have found that Wealthy Affiliate is the lowest price anywhere to not only learn Affiliate Marketing but SEO techniques to get our Websites searchable. 

      I was told it will take around six months before the Search Engines like Google start ranking our sites, but once they are ranked, it is all gravy after that.  Many make sales every day after that!

      We must be patient and realize, we are not paying anything to get our sites ranked in Google!  


  2. Hi! I’m eager to read these stories you mentioned about people who have succeeded with an online business.

    I really like the way you have explained how to start our own business. I’m happy you wrote your post so that even persons as me, that don’t have any previous knowledge on this subject, can understand what you’re saying. Thank you very much!

  3. Hey Phil, good article with sound advice my friend!

    As someone that has been making websites and learning internet marketing (IM) for the last couple years, I can say you’ve pretty well hit the nail on the head here. Learning to make money online is easier than it’s ever been, especially if you get the right training. I know that Wealthy Affiliate offers some pretty fantastic training classes and has produced quite a few 6-figure earners over its many years on the internet.

    That’s not to say there isn’t other places to learn how to make a website online, or learn marketing skills, but it’s certainly among the best places you can spend your time and money because you can learn it all in one place. 

    This is all especially important these days as normal jobs are starting to disappear for a lot of people, so the sooner you can get started earning money online, the better. Anyways thanks for the great read pal!

    • Thank You Tyson for some awesome comments.

        I agree with you, it is noteworthy that Wealthy Affiliate, even though it has such high quality training, and an abundance of it.  ALL the training is included with NO UP Sells, except the small monthly Web Hosting fee which anyone with a website has to pay..


  4. Hello Phil. Thank you for sharing how to build a business with a website with four easy steps you have shared in this post. This has been one of the stuffs I want to do in my life. I want to run my business from home online. I’m excited about it because I have seen many people do this full time.

    I will be going for music niche because I love music.

    Thanks for the tips.

    I celebrate you!

    • You are very welcome Mr B,    I think it is a dream to work from home and make money online!

      No more commuting,,   No more Bosses.   No more  having to take vacations only certain times of the year

      With Affiliate Marketing, all of these dreams will become a reality as long as we persist and work hard.  

  5. Hey Pill, I find your post while searching residual income from home. I found very helpful and step by step process to build a business online. I will follow each step to build my business. I found my niche with the help of your article. Now I am working on my site it is very easy process. I like it. I will also share it with my friends too.

    Thank you


  6. Hey when I get to point no. 3, You make me want to go to McD immediately. Because I imagine the content in my BigMac. Ha ha.

    Anyway, I like your writing. I want to try applying it immediately. Because I’m already bored with this 9 to 5 work. Speaking of online business, it is very true that a website is the most important thing to do (certainly after choosing a niche market).
    Because without choosing a niche market, it will only make us swim in the big ocean, without a clear direction. And in the end, we will feel tired (trust me, I was in that position).

    However, I want to ask your opinion about this online business. Approximately how much time should I invest ideally to be able to build a successful business like you too?

    • Hi Kylie, yes that cheeseburger looked enticing, huh?  lol.  I think the more time we put into it each day the faster we will start to make money.  I try to aim for two to three hours a day.


  7. Thanks for your post. You give a clear presentation for people who want to start business online. The four step process is valid and you give good reference on how to move the 4 step forward.

    I particularly like your advice on persistence on the proposed business. I will certainly take your suggestions: be patient and keep working. I know that many people who start online business give up within six months. The internet business, like any other business, needs time and consistent efforts.

    It is kind of you spending your time, summarizing the business processes, and sharing them with us.

  8. Phil,

    I really appreciate you focusing on the fact that the website must be optimized for mobile devices. That’s big, that’s the future. And cell phones will eventually overtake desktop searches. Along with the website, the training and know how is essential for online success. And then persistence, persistence, persistence until you build momentum.



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