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This is such a great time to be on the internet!

Technology is so advanced now that to build your own Website Free is a very common and easy thing to do!

Here is the site I am using. I started for Free and they offered me two free websites right off the bat!

But this is a special going on right now and will soon expire. When it does you will only get one free website.

But honestly one Free website is all you need to make a full time income from the internet .

Look at the hundreds of folks who are already successful making money on the internet from a 15-year-old Affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate!

These are Exciting Times!excited woman

Over Four Billion People are on the Internet Worldwide!

And MOST of them like to buy things from the internet!

All we have to do is build a website that attracts these people to it, and then they make a purchase!

And then, Cha Ching! We make commissions!!

cashThe reason you and I are here right now is because we want to work from home, right?

Times have changed and are still changing!

Today we do not HAVE to leave our homes and work a 9 to 5 job anymore 30 or 40 miles away from where we live!

The internet has opened up the wildest opportunities for those willing to make it happen and work hard for it!


monkey thinkingImagine waking up whenever you feel like it, walking over to your laptop in your living room and turning it on to see the commissions you made while you were sleeping!

This is actually happening right now!

Just Imagine, Working from the comfort of your OWN HOME.

NOT having to ask permission to take a break, or eat a snack.

NOT having to ask permission from the boss to take a vacation.

Just Imagine, NO more Commuting back and forth to work five times a week!

Just Imagine, NO more Low Paying Jobs!

AND THE BEST PART! Just Imagine, NO MORE ANGRY BOSSES pointing their long, bony fingers in your face!

Boss pointing finger at you

PUT that finger down! LOL!

I am working from home now!

Step 1: Get Your Free Website!

I will show you exactly how you can not only build your website for free, but how to make money from it!

The first step is to get your free website.

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Once you enter the information and make your profile, you are ready to GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE!

I suggest you start the FREE Training right away, and as you will see, in lesson four is where you create your Free Website.

Here is lesson four if you want to take a look at it right now!

OK great! Now you have your Free Website!

As you saw in the link above, it takes literally LESS THAN 30 seconds to build your very own website!

Technology has advanced so much that we no longer need to be a computer geek to build a website.


Now How to Build that Website?!

The same site that gives you a Free Website ALSO gives you twenty Free Learning Modules on how to build your website and learn how to make money from it!

I suggest you continue on with the training. Look at all 20 FREE lessons on how to make money from the internet.

Once you have your website, you want to start to make it look pretty.

This is my website, do you think it looks pretty?

Making it look pretty is good, but if nobody ever sees the website they will never know how pretty it is!

Driving Traffic to Your Free Website

Nobody is ever going to buy a Mcdonalds franchise and put it in the middle of the woods where only the birds and the bees see it.

No! Mcdonalds always puts their restaurants where there are a lot of people who can see it.

Why? The more hungry people who see it is the more likely they will stop in and buy a cheeseburger!


The same goes for your website.

The goal is to make your website appear on as many peoples computers as possible!

The way we do that is by making your website optimized for the search engines.

Google is the most popular search engine. We all do it, and sometimes more than once every day.

We are thinking about buying something, lets say we want to buy a bunch of different colored balloons.


We go to Google and type in “Balloons”, or “Balloons near me”

This is what we will see in Google.

google balloons Usually there are paid ads as the top few results, but as you scroll down a little you get to the other websites that have found a way to get onto page one of Google Free!

THAT is called Organic Traffic, or getting your traffic to your site for FREE!

That is exactly what we teach at Wealthy Affiliate, how to optimize your website so it comes up on page one of Google.

Which Marketing Method is Best Though?

Affiliate Marketing is the most solid way to make monthly recurring income from our websites.

One of the most popular companies that will accept you into their affiliate marketing program is Amazon.

amazon logo

Amazon is the largest Internet company by gross income in the world.

Amazon is also the second biggest private employer in the United States.

In 2015 Amazon passed Walmart in Gross Sales Revenue!

With such popular name recognition as Amazon, and its yearly sales, it is a very good idea to sign up with them as an Affiliate Marketer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing method where someone who owns a website applies to a company to become an affiliate.

Once that company accepts you they provide you an affiliate link to put onto your website.

You can have that link embedded into a picture like I just did in the picture of the Amazon logo.

Click the picture and it takes you to the Amazon website.

Now go shopping! Make sure you make a lot of expensive purchases now!

The more you buy, the more I make!

And the same thing will be with you as soon as you sign up with Amazon as an affiliate.

The really cool thing is that as an affiliate we do not have to MAKE any products!

We do not have to STORE any products in our closet or garage!

We do not have to SHIP any products!

We do not have to even COLLECT MONEY from those who buy from our websites!

Amazon does ALL OF THAT FOR US!

Then Amazon sends us a commission check!

Clean and Cool!man sitting at computerKeep Your Wallet Closed!

There is no credit card needed to join as a Starter Member with Wealthy Affiliate!

Your FREE membership includes One Free Website and twenty FREE Professional Affiliate Marketing Learning Modules on how to build your website and get it ready to start making daily sales.

Start NOW for Free!

Wealthy Affiliate is a 15-Year-Old Highly Professional Affiliate Marketing Company that is DEDICATED in making all those who join SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Marketers.

Their Reputation in the Online World is STERLING!

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