Fusion Cash Scam – My Review

Is Fusion Cash a scam or is it legitimate?

At the end of this review you will know if Fusion Cash is a scam, or if it is for real.

I am a member of Fusion Cash so I will tell you firsthand what I know.

What Is Fusion Cash?

Fusion Cash is a GPT (get-paid-to) site where you earn cash for filling out surveys and completing offers.

Fusion Cash is a Twelve Year Old Company that has paid out more than $3 million.

They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is really quite amazing!

FusionCash also has an online forum which has over 1 million posts.

You can find answers to your questions here from other Fusion Cash members.

And, if you become an active contributor to the forum they will pay you $3 every month.

Can I Make a Full Time Income with Fusion Cash?

Short answer is no, the long answer is no as well.

You can make some money with Fusion Cash, but if you want Full Time income to replace your job, then I suggest you look at my #1 Recommendation.

You CAN make five bucks right now with Fusion Cash, here is a screenshot of the deal.

Get Your Five Bucks Right Now

screenshot of Fusioncash website offer

Once you join, just fill out your account information and you will get your five bucks instantly.

screenshot of fusioncash account Fusion Cash Review

Website: FusionCash.Com

Price to Join: FREE

Rating: 93 Out of 100 Fusion cash logo

Verdict: Legit

Fusion Cash is a legal way to make some side income. It is easy to join and it costs you nothing.

There are many different ways to earn money with Fusion Cash.

As was just mentioned, you get paid $5 just for signing up

Take Surveys!

One on the best ways to make money with Fusion Cash is to take their surveys.

As you can see in the screenshot below, some of the surveys pay over two dollars for twenty minutes.

That’s not too bad, over eight bucks an hour, sure beats surfing Facebook and making nothing for doing it!

fusion cash screenshot of surveysSo say you take about ten surveys a day, you could make about twenty bucks. Not too bad for part-time work.

When there are new surveys available, Fusion Cash will email them to your Inbox.

Paid To Call

I found this interesting since I have not seen this anywhere else.

Basically, you are given a phone number to call. Dial that number and wait.

Then you just talk to someone who is usually a salesman that is trying to sell you something.

You must stay on the phone for a required amount of time to get paid, and then once you do that, you get paid.

Paid To Watch Videos

There is a section within Fusion Cash where you will get paid to watch videos.

Just select a video, watch it, and get paid.

The pay is only about two cents, but it you like watching videos, it can add up.

Paid To View Websites

Basically You just look at about four different websites for around two and a half minutes.

When you finish, they pay you $.15

Paid For Shoppingshopping

This is very simple. If you are going to shop and buy something, why not get cash back?

With Fusion Cash you can shop at one of your favorite retailers, and then get cash back.

How To Get Paid With Fusion Cash

There are three different ways that Fusion Cash can pay you.

You can choose, Direct Deposit, Check, or PayPal.

With all three of them there is a $25 cash minimum to be paid.

All payouts are approved on the 20th of the month.

PayPal is always my preferred way of getting paid because it can’t get lost in the mail, and it is faster.

Referral Program One of the BEST!

There is no doubt that Fusion Cash has one of the best referral programs. Fusion Cash Bonuses

Every time you make a referral you get one dollar.

All your referral has to do is confirm their email.

You earn Two Dollars when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and Five Bucks every time they are appoved for Cashout!

And that is FOR LIFE!

That is really quite amazing. It can become quite a substantial residual income over time.

Conclusion. Is Fusion Cash Legit?

Yes, Fusion Cash is a completely legal and legitimate way to earn some extra income from your home.

Especially if you are unemployed and just wasting a lot of time sufing on the internet anyway.

Why not get paid to do it?

Is Fusion Cash going to make me rich?

No. But if you are interested in making a full time income from your home, take a look at my

#1 Recommended Program.

If you have any other questions or comments about Fusion Cash, please leave it below in the comments area.

Thanks for reading my Review of Fusion Cash.


9 thoughts on “Fusion Cash Scam – My Review”

  1. You say that it’s absolutely legit, yet you deny that you can get rich from it. I understand, but how about just making decent money with those surveys? Is that possible?

    8$ per hour is not bad, but is there a catch, like is there only a limited number of surveys available or something?

    • Yes, it is legit are far as being a legal company, free to join, not a scam.  but no, you will never get rich filling out surveys..  


  2. Glad to see that not only is Fusion Cash legit it is also recommended.

     Sadly it can be tough to find a good survey-taking site out there these days so I’m glad to have come across your post. 

    With today’s job market and workplace atmosphere there can never be enough work from home opportunities out there. 

    Two dollars for every twenty minutes is pretty good as surveys go. Also getting paid to do things like make calls and watch videos are not bad gigs either. I’m looking forward to checking Fusion Cash out further through your link, thanks! 

  3. Hi Phil, this is first knowledge on fusion cash but I must confess, this is really a good innovation of Internet business.
    The parts that really caught my fancy are the parts that pays one to call, to shop, to watch videos and so on.
    I think am going to weigh my options and get in, I mean join the moving train.

  4. Hi Phil, this is first knowledge on fusion cash but I must confess, this is really a good innovation of Internet business. The parts that really caught my fancy are the parts that pays one to call, to shop, to watch videos and so on. I think am going to weigh my options and get in, I mean join the moving train.

  5. Hello; how interesting your review about Fusion Cash is. I had tried so many Surveys companies that I totally forget if I had tried Fusion Cash. Even when there is not a big price paid for each survey, if there were a lot of surveys to fill in an income could be earned from Fusion Cash.

     Many people who have to pay for Internet service and spend their time on Social Media for no gainful reason can start an account with Fusion Cash, and maybe earn enough to pay for the Internet service. 

    Is there a possibility that Fusion Cash will add some products that pay better money in the future, seen that the Referrals and the Phone Calls and whatever else they have do not pay much?


    • Hi Dorcas,  yes it is not much money filling out surveys, but you can get a quick five dollars for free like I did, hey, why not?  But for long term income to replace a job, I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate.



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