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Here is a highly recommended and excellent, reputable company that you can start for FREE, it is called Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with them less than a year, and I would give them Five Stars.

Why Five Stars?

1. You can Start for Free, and Remain Free and Still make an income from home

2. The Free Starter Membership Includes Two Free Websites

3. The Free Membership also includes Ten Free Lessons on how to set up your website

4. 30 Free Searches from our Keyword Research Tool.

There is also an option for the higher quality Premium Membership which is only $49 per month. Here is what that includes.

Wealthy AffiliateStart For Free, Remain Free, and Still Make Money!

Most of us Started for Free, hey, why not? I like Free. It gave me an opportunity to look around and check it out, which is just what I did. Here are some of the things that I saw. If you want to look at the Free Training Now, just click the picture.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

As you can see there are Ten Free Lessons on How to get Started, instructing you on how to set up a Free Website, and how to make money from it.

When You are a Free Starter Member you are automatically enrolled into the Wealthy Affiliate Affiliates Program where you can make a consistent, monthly, residual income whenever you have someone come to your website and decide to become a Premium Member.

That’s right, even though you are a Free Member, when a person Joins as a paying member you still get a commission for that every single month! Pretty cool deal!

Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate! The Best of the Best, I think you Will Agree.

This is your Home Based Business Opportunity, Join For Free Now! If you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them below in the Comments Area. Looking forward to working with you! Phil.

8 thoughts on “Home Based Business Opportunity. FREE To Join!”

  1. Hi Phil, thank you very much for your writing about the opportunity to make money through home.

    I am interested in your writing about Wealthy Affiliate. However, I am still very afraid to try it, because I was once deceived by SCAM who sells its products with the appendage of Affiliate Marketing.

    Maybe you can share what’s inside? What I mean is if I invite people to join, then I will become a premium member, like that?


    • Hi Kylie, most of us have been scammed, and Frankly, that is why I joined for Free at first. I wanted to look around, and that is exactly what I did

      What I saw I liked, and hey, for only nineteen bucks for the first month? It was a bargain!


  2. I really like this enthusiastic, clear, concise review of how to start an online business.  I am a member fo the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I first stumbled onto WA by accident.  It would have been nice to find an article like yours that outlined the benefits of the free program as well as what stepping up to premium would mean.  I really liked your simple statement about trying the free program.  “Why not?”  I think your article will help a lot of people decide to try the free program.  

  3. I love the honesty, the trainning material and the community support from Wealthy Affiliate. I might sound bias because I am one of the premium member but I joined right after I did my free trial and love what WA has to offer for me. With in these past 2 years I have learned so many strategies about SEO and blogging. I have a running site and I absolutely love the weekly trainning worth Jay, it is so up to date and easy to follow. 

    I guess try it for your self, all you need is just your email and your name, no credit card information is ever needed. Enjoy the perks 🙂

  4. Hey Phil, I’m quite familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and I honestly think it’s the best home based opportunity for building a business online. I’ve tried several other programs but more require working constantly for getting money. WA teaches building a business based on passive earnings, which means you don’t have to work (that) constantly. But if you want to make your business work, you have to work really hard even with WA, especially at the beginning. But based on my experience with this program, it’s the best I know. I couldn’t find any better one so far, so I strongly recommend it.

    • Hi Ashley, Yes, I have not found ANY Program anywhere that is as good as Wealthy Affiliate, and it still amazes me I pay less than a dollar a day for my membership which includes ALL the training I need to succeed.!



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