How Do I Buy a Domain Name? – Simple Instructions

Have you been considering going Online to promote a Business on a Website?Computer screens on a desk

Quite naturally the question comes to your mind, How Do I Buy a Domain Name?

First, click on the link below and insert your email address.

It is Free to become a Member of WA so you can buy a Doman Name.

Buy a Domain Name  Right Here.

Once you set up your Free Account (NO Credit Card Required)

Sign into your account and look in the left hand column for the Websites Tab.  Click it.

Now go to Site Domains, and you should see this page

At this Web Page you can do a search to see if the Domain Name you have is available.


Just to the left of the Green “My Cart” button you will see a search area.

Insert your domain name in the search bar, and hit the search magnifying glass icon.

If it is available, go ahead and buy it by pushing the Green My Cart button and it’s yours!

Let’s try an example.

I am a fisherman, and Gosh, I LOVE fishing!

I decide that I am going to share my hobby with others, and also make a living by selling fishing equipment online.

I think, and think, which domain can I choose that fits my Niche, or Target Market?

I Know! I will call it, ” The Anglers”

I punch The Anglers Angle into the Search area, and this is what I see

how-do-i-buy-a-domain-nameAwesome! It IS available! The Anglers And a decent price of only $14 per Year.

Now all I have to do is buy it, and it is mine.

I add it to the cart and push the Green My Cart Button, and then checkout.

how-do-i-buy-a-domain-nameNow I just hit the Green Continue Button

how-do-i-buy-a-domain-nameAt this point I am given the option of purchasing my Domain Name for One year, and up to Ten Years.

There is no reason, in my opinion to buy it for more than one year unless you are absolutely certain you are going to be doing your business online for more than a year.

The choice is yours. You do not save anything by buying it for ten years, it is still $14 per year.

Hit the Green continue button, then enter your email address and hit continue again.

Now enter your payment method in the selected areas below.


And this is what you should be seeing after your Payment for your New Domain Name.


Now if for some reason you do not see this page, or if you were not even able to purchase it, then just go here first and fill out the information so you can buy a Domain Name.

What Is A Domain Name?Woman looking puzzled with seven question marks above her head

A domain name is the name of your website.

Your domain name is also the address where Internet users can find your website.

Having your own domain name and website will give your business a professional look.

Also, it will protect copyrights and trademarks.

Having your own Domain also builds credibility and increases your brand awareness.

The most important part of owning your Brand, or Name is that it will increase your likelihood of a high ranking on the search engines, like Google.

Using Your Domain as Part of Your Website

If you were the owner of Google, when talking to someone about your website, instead of writing down on a piece of paper,, and then handing the paper to them, you simply tell them to go to Google dot com.

This is how you are going to get recognized on the internet too. It is called Branding your Domain Name.

And it works!Picture of Google search on a computer screen

How many times have we said, “Just Google it”?

Google has now become a household name. And that is exactly what we want our websites to become.

That is what branding your Domain Name is all about.

People have seen our websites so many times, they refer to it by our domain name.

Now that I have a Domain, I Need a Website

A Domain is almost useless unless it is attached to a Website.

So, the next step is to obtain a Website.

How do I build a Website?

There are many places you can get a Free Website, Here you can get Two Free Websites.

Once you fill out the requested information you will be able to build a website in under 30 seconds!

Have a Domain and a Website?, Now How to Earn Money!

This is the most difficult part, I will not lie to you.


Because now we have to find a way to get our Website seen. Woman putting fingers around eyes in a circle to show she is looking at something

Those 4 and a half Billion people who are online do a lot of searches.

Over 80% are using Google as their Search Engine.

Google has certain rules that we must follow if we want our page to be on the first page of Search Results.

That is referred to as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

If we follow Googles rules, we will be seen by a lot of people in the search results on page one of Google.

BUT! We have to LEARN how to optimize our website for the Search Engines.

Once we learn this, we are well on our way to making a full time income from our Domain Name Website.

Training on Domains, Websites, and SEO

You can find all the training you need to learn these things right on YouTube

Or, if you prefer to have all your training at one website that also includes Website Hosting, you can go here.

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