How Do I Fix A Slow Computer? Cell Phones Work So Fast!

Computer on a desk within an office

As you are reading this, are you using a desk top or laptop computer, tablet, or cell phone?

It is interesting how most of all web traffic and online usage is now on our cell phones!

Cell phones are so fast! Did you ever notice that?

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why people use their cell phones instead of a laptop or desktop. So often our laptops go SO SLOW!

How Do I fix a slow Computer? That is an excellent question.

There are many ways to do this, but first we need to find out what is making our computers go so slow?

Why Is My Laptop Going So Slow?

There are many reasons why even a brand new laptop can be going slow.

Here you are on YouTube trying to watch a Video, and it keeps freezing. It can be so frustrating.

How many of us have just given up trying to watch a video or movie because it just keeps freezing?

As a computer tech, we are taught that the first question we ask those with computer problems is, When, or how long has this problem been going on for?

The reason we ask that is that it gives us information, and helps us narrow down the reason your computer is going slow.

If your video is always freezing find out how many people in the house are using the internet at the same time you are using it.

Our ISP, or Internet Service Provider has only given us a certain amount of bandwidth and if two, three, or more people are trying to watch a video at the same time it uses up all the bandwidth, and our computers freeze or slow down.

You may need to pay for more bandwidth from your ISP. In fact, I just doubled my bandwidth recently because my videos were freezing, and it fixed it, but I had to pay for it.

I was paying fifty bucks a month, now I am paying seventy-five.

What Is Bandwidth, and Why is it Important?

Bandwidth has many different very technical definitions, but we do not need to understand all that technical jargon to increase it.

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data, or information per unit of time that an internet connection can handle.

The larger the bandwidth the more data can be moved at a faster rate than with a smaller bandwidth. This is controlled by our ISP. If you want more bandwidth, give them a call.

Bandwidth is measured in bits per second. For instance, like 60 M bps, or A Million bits per second. When we purchase Internet Service from our ISP they usually ask us how much data do we want to purchase?

What they are actually asking us is how fast do we want our connection to be, or how much bandwidth do we want?

That all depends on OUR usage. If you live alone, get the cheapest plan, why waste your money on high speed when you don’t even need it? So not enough bandwidth can be a reason our computer is going so slow.

Did you Recently Install An Antivirus Program?

I remember going over to one of my clients house to fix a computer that was going so slow it could not even get onto the internet!

The first thing I did was check to see how many antivirus programs were installed. Sure enough I think it was about four or five different Antivirus programs! Wow!

More is not always better. Especially when you are using Antivirus Programs.

What happens when you install two different antivirus programs on your computer is that they start fighting with each other, and slow your computer down.

Imagine having five different ones fighting with each other! That is why my clients computer completely froze up.

So, one by one I removed the antivirus programs, and sure enough, the computer was able to get onto the internet and work fast again.

Which Antivirus Program Do You Recommend?windows defender screenshot

None. That’s right, none.

Years ago I would have never said that because back then our new laptops and devices did not come with a good antivirus program built in.

Right now I am typing on my laptop using an HP Computer with Windows 10 installed.

Windows 10 comes with a very good antivirus program already installed called Windows Defender.

Just make sure your computer is set to automatic updates so it can update your computers antivirus program on a regular basis.

Microsoft has both Windows Firewall and Windows Defender already installed in every new computer you buy that runs Windows 10.

The wonderful think about this is that it doesn’t hog any unnecessary resources. Hogging resources is what slows our computers down!

Microsoft also updates its antivirus database often, as well, which is an important thing.

Just a tip.

Most laptops you buy today come with a temporarily Free antivirus program already installed, usually MacAfee. MacAfee uses up a LOT of resources which can slow your computer down.

I recommend you take it out of the programs and delete it, that is the first thing I do when I buy a new laptop, since it already comes with Windows Defender Antivirus Software.

Just make sure you turn on Windows Defender before you remove MacAfee.

However, if a virus does slip by, you can still rip it out of your computer by using a free, very powerful version called Windows Defender Offline.

Run this on your computer while not connected to the internet from a USB drive. In most cases it should destroy those newer and more dangerous viruses.

Try A System Restore

System restore is one of my favorite tools to use on any computer. It is built into all Windows computers.

For Apple Computers it is called Time Machine. I have used System Restore many times to take virus’s out of my computer.

System restore restores your computer to an earlier date. Just type in System Protection in the search bar located in the bottom left part of your screen. Here is a quick video for detailed instructions.

The Time Of The Day

Sometimes the only reason our computer is going slow is because of the time of day. Think about it.

When are most people watching videos or playing games?  In the evening.

The more users there are using the internet, the slower it will take to download things, including video.


As you can see there are many reasons a computer might be running slow, dust inside the computer is another reason.

So, I hope you find out your problem.  As a last resort you can always take your computer to a local computer tech store and let them troubleshoot it, but it will cost some money.

So, what is the main purpose that you use your computer?

I am using mine right now to learn how to build a website and to start a home based business.  If this sounds attractive to you, you can click here for more information.

Please share a comment below about what you thought about this article, did it help you, or tell me what your problem is directly and I will try to answer it in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “How Do I Fix A Slow Computer? Cell Phones Work So Fast!”

  1. Thanks for the information regarding the anti-virus programs.  Although my pc isn’t slow at the moment, I will delete my other antivirus from my computer. I just purchased a different and better one. This way, I will make sure that my computer isn’t slowing down because of the multiple software on it. ( if ever it were to slow down)

    • You are welcome SJB,  a slow computer makes all our work slow down, never a good thing.  One antivirus program is all we need. 


  2. In the age that we live in, pre-built computers come out with more unnecessary software and apps (bloatware) installed than any time I can think of. I know it seems like a lot for some people to imagine, but learning to build your own PC is a great skill to have. I learned how in about a week via online tutorials and guides, and it’s given me the knowledge to prevent a lot of issues that come with pre-built computers like laptops.

    Ironically I’m typing on a laptop right now, haha.

    But you’re also right about the ISPs being a factor. In both Canada and the US, the Internet Providers are less than awesome. Often they’re the reason why things are lagging, freezing, and so on.

    For antivirus and protection overall, I always avoid Macafee and Norton. Too much slowdown!

    • Thanks Tyson for your input.  I never liked MacAfee.   I just use what is installed already with Microsoft, Windows Defender.


  3. There are a lot of methods of boosting your computer indeed. Mobile phone is very common in this era but don’t ignore the importance of PC. So boosting laptop is necessary.

    What a good structure. Explaining the reason of becoming slow, and provide some solutions. In order to cure, realising the origin of the illness is vital. Not only the hard disk but also the cleanness of the hardware is significant. In fact I am cleaning dust in my mother board some times a year.

  4. Hey Phil, I see your guide for fixing a laptop or computer is awesome. I face slow problem many times. I use a software to clean it called ccleaner is very helpful for me.  Now I see their are many reason for slow speed and try to solve with the help of your guide. Really your guide helped me to update my laptop. Now my laptop is working fine. Thanks for such a useful article. Parveen


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