How Do I Write A Blog? – Six Simple Steps

Writing a Blog is not very difficult. So, How Do I Write A Blog? Computer Screens on a desktop

To Write Awesome Blog posts, we need some Tips On Good Writing.

I am pretty sure you want your Blog online, so you will need a website, hosting, and awesome training for a LOW PRICE.

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I know a lot of times people do not feel like reading, so there you go, Start Here and have fun Blogging!

But if you would like to read more detailed information about How to write a blog in 6 easy steps, Let’s go on, shall we?

What Is A Blog? – Rhymes with Hog

Just kidding. Unless you want to write about Hogs. 🙂 Face of a Hog

According to Wikipedia, “A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.”

“Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.”

But, first things first.

What Do I Blog About? Does it Matter?

It matters a lot.

If you want to blog, obviously you know you will be writing a LOT.

So, you want to blog about something you Love, and are passionate about.

Your passion WILL come thru to those who are reading your blog!

And, it will make a HUGE difference in how successful you are as a blogger, not to mention your income from it.

I assume you do want to make an income from blogging, so Let’s go on.

To choose what to blog about you need to ask yourself some questions.

• What are my Favorite Hobbies?

• What do I enjoy Talking about the most?

• In What way do I spend my Free Time?

• When I am online, what topics do I enjoy learning and reading about?

• What were my Favorite Classes in School?

I think by now you probably have two or three ideas. Pick the one that you are MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT!

You are going to be doing a TON of writing, and if is a passion, you will not mind working so hard.

Just like we love talking about our passions in life, so we will enjoy writing about them.

OK, so good, have you chosen your topic for your Blog?

Excellent! Let’s go on.

How To Start A Blog In 6 Easy Steps

If you want to start blogging 30 minutes from now on your very own Website Online, then follow these 6 simple steps.

1. Pick a name for your Blog.

2. Purchase a Domain for your blog along with a Quality Hosting Platform

3. Make your Blog Website go LIVE ONLINE.

4. Customize your Blog.

5. Write and Promote your 1st Post!

6. Make Money.

Step 1 – Choose a Name for your Blog

You want to pick a name that is catchy, or grabs the attention of your readers.

If you are a person who loves to fish, you might pick something like, the Anglers Angle. Be creative.

Remember, people are going to be searching in Google for your niche, so pick something awesome.

You are creating a Brand, YOUR Brand.

Step 2 – Buy a Domain and Quality Hosting.

After you choose the name for your Blog do a search to see if the Blog Name you chose is available to purchase as a domain.

You can do a search now for Free.

This is the page you should see.

How-Do-I-Write-A-BlogAs you can see, the Anglers is available for $14 a year. Most of the domains you purchase will be from $14 to $16 per year.

I actually bought this domain, another business opportunity I might share in the future.

Keep in mind that once you purchase a domain it becomes your personal property.

No one else in the world can use your domain name, and no one can shut your website down either!

The other important thing about buying a domain is Google will rank you higher than if you had a Free domain.

Also, make sure you buy domain, they rank higher with Google.

Remember, our goal is to get onto the first page of Google where people will see our website link.

Step 3 – Make your Blog Website Go Live!

Before we make your website go live, we need a reliable Web Hosting company to make it happen.

Do not look for the least expensive choice here. We need a quality Hosting Company that can make our sites move at lightning fast speed!

Why is that important?

First, Google will NEVER put a slow loading web page on its first page ranking!

Think about it.

What do you do when you click on a link and you keep waiting, and waiting, for the page to load?

Close the Page!

And that is exactly what everyone else will do when they click on your sluggish link!

We need a FAST Hosting company like this one here.

How-Do-I-Write-A-Blog1.3 Seconds! Now that’s FAST! Lightning FAST.

Lightning at nightStep 4 – Customize your Blog.

Pick a fancy, eye grabbing Theme! Don’t worry if after a while you decide you do not like your website Theme.

You can always change it anytime you like.

I have changed mine three times.

Do make sure your web page, the first thing your visitor sees is not cluttered or confusing.

Make it a User Friendly Website.

Spend a lot of time leaning about how to tweak your website.

Step 5 – Write and Publish Your 1st Blog Post!

You need to make sure that the content you are writing in each Blog Post is Relevant to your Title.

Before you even write your first post though, you need to learn about Keywords.

Keywords are one of the most important Keys to Google Rankings! Key in a persons hand

Keywords are one of things that will unlock the way to huge online earnings!

A Good Keyword Tool is worth its weight in Gold!

What a Keyword Tool does is give you data about your competition.

This Keyword Tool will show us how many other websites are competing with the keywords that we are choosing in our blog post.

To be clear, your title of your blog post is the keyword.

Keywords are not necessarily one word, in fact, most of the time they are phrases.

See the title of my Blog Post, “How do I write a Blog” The entire phrase is considered a Key Word.

If you use this Keyword Tool it will give you all the data you need to see if it will be a good keyword to use for your blog post.

I just punched in my Keyword, “How do I write a Blog” into the Tool I use called Jaaxy, and this is the result.

How-Do-I-Write-A-BlogIf you take a look at the last number on the right, 92

This number is a score based on actual monthly search results for my keyword compared to my competition.

Based on 100, the higher the score, the more likely I am to rank on Googles first page. 92 is GREAT!

6. Make Money! – Be Patient Though!

As your website matures, Google will give it more authority and begin giving it good rankings.

But you need to write a minimum of 3 quality, interesting, and keyword rich posts per week!

So, be patient. Hey we go to school at a college for four years to get a degree.

Even if it takes you one or two years to make a full time income blogging, it is MUCH cheaper and easier than going to a 4-year college!

The BEST benefit by FAR is when your site starts making consistent, Monthly Residual Income, night and day!


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