How Many People Use Internet? – Over 4 Billion!

So, You want to know just How Many People Use Internet? The number is actually staggering; as of 2019, it is almost Four and a Half Billion Folks!

In 2005 just over a Billion People were using the Internet, and today it is over 4 Billion! Look at that Growth!  And the Internet is NOT going away. The number of people using the internet is only going to skyrocket in the coming years.

There are some that say that there will be almost 6 billion Internet users by the year 2022! How-Many-People-Use-Internet

I was surprised to see that China and India have WAY more Internet Users than the United States.



What is the World Population? As of today, it is 7 Billion, 749 Million, 461 Thousand, and 700. But it grows every second. If you click on the text above, “World Population”, it will give you a LIVE number of births and deaths, every second!



So, of the Seven and a Half Billion people in the world, about Half are using the Internet. That sure is a LOT of Internet Users

Internet Usage In China. The Great Firewall

Internet Censorship In China is a reality. As of this year, 2019, more than sixty online restrictions have been created by the Government of China.

Because of these restrictions it has received the Internet Nickname, “The Great Firewall of China.”

So, even though there are three times as many Internet Users in China than here in the United States, those Users are always in fear of their government blocking their ISP, or even getting arrested for illegal Internet activity.

Why Are There So Many Internet Users? An Interesting Answer!

Most people are searching for information, and that is why Google Search is the number one reason people visit the internet.

The next big group of Internet Users are Socal Media people. Number two and Number three on the most searched for terms  are YouTube and Facebook, respectively.

How Can I Profit From The Internet and All Those Users?

Since there are over Four Billion People using the internet at different times of the day or week, there must be some way for us to start a business for us to profit from all these statistics.

The interesting thing about the internet is that as every new day passes, more and more people are going online. All these billions of eyes looking at all those web pages.

If we were to have a physical business in some city with a population of about four million people, how many of them would actually drive by our business on any given day?

Even if there were ten thousand people driving by our business every day, how many of them even look away from the road for a second and see our beautiful business sign on our building?

The Easy Steps to Start a Business Online

Think about this. Google receives about 63,000 searches per second every day, or about 2 Trillion searches per year.

Many of these people, including you, are searching because we need to buy something. We read a review about the product we need, make our decision to buy it, and somebody makes a profit.

That somebody can by YOU! Here are Four Easy Steps for YOU to start making money online

Step 1: First, choose your Interest. This can be one of your hobbies, or some passion of yours, or something you have no experience with. Narrow it down to an area where there will be products for you to sell online.

Perhaps you love to cook, or play golf, fish, or hike. All of these hobbies can be monetized on the internet. There are over 550 MILLION products/services that you can promote!man fishing

Step 2: Build a Website. Do Not let this intimidate you, today with all of this fancy technology it is a LOT easier to build a website than before. Even a complete novice can do it. In fact you can get a FREE Website right now, Here.

Step 3: Attract Visitors. You are not going to need millions of those internet users to see your site for you to make a lot of money online. All you need is a couple thousand of them to visit your site every day.

You can learn how to get that traffic to your site right here.

Step 4: Make Money!. Now that you have people visiting your site you can earn money. There are more than 50 ways you can monetize traffic online.

Welcome to the World of Online Business!laptop on a desk

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below in the Comments area.



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  1. I totally got the analogy presented here and I must say that you have given a detailed overview here. The internet is really huge and can serve as the perfect place to make the money online. Though it requires quite a lot more to make the money but with necessary action and required work and consistency, money is sure to be made

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  3. Wow. Thanks for such an amazing and informative article. When i created my online business on Wealthy Affiliate i didn’t knew that it exist almost 4,5 billion users on internet. I was thinking to share all my products with some people from my country and get some comission from them. You gave me such a confident reason to make another websites on Wealthy Affiliate platform and share my products with all this online users. 

    The information about India with this second place really has amazed me. I wasn’t expect on this, because I now some regions from there where the acces on internet is forbidden because the religion restriction or culture. You gave me a good tip with this one, i think i will promote some indian products. 

    Thanks again for this posts. I hope to see more like this. 

  4. Anyone lacking in the desire to exploit the internet and the massive number of user is really missing a lot. Quite frankly, no business will not have the audience on the internet and only the few set of people who have mastered this are taking advantage of it. Great one for you to share affiliate marketing too as a way of exploiting the internet too. Thumbs up

  5. Thanks for this great review on to start making money online, I have not been able to get more deep reviews on how to go about making money online not until I saw this post, but I wanna ask a question before you start making money online is it a must for you get your won site or you can probably improvise?? thanks 

    • Hi Gracie, you are welcome.     I think it is a must to have a Website online to make money online.  I know there are a handful that use email without a website, but I like the fact of owning my own website, nobody can take it from me or shut me down.  With email, the company who hosts you can shut you down.  I like the fact that today anyone can get a Website for Free.

  6. This is a very good post with some very good information as well about the internet and it’s use. You know, I never thought that there are so many people using the internet but seeing this makes me agree that in years to come, the amount will keep increasing. I would like to make money from the internet through marketing you introduced.


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