How To Increase Traffic For Your Website

This article is going to attempt to show you How to Increase Traffic for your Website.  

Congratulations on creating a website! That is a great start for your online business, but now here comes the challenge, how do I get others to see my website? If nobody sees my website I make no money. Not screen with keyboard and mouse on desk

The old-fashioned way to advertise our business was to have a quality sign made, we install it on our rented store front, and people who drive by see the sign.

They stop by, come inside, and hopefully purchase something.

Today we find a new way to make a storefront is by creating a website. We see the statistics of how many millions of folks are now shopping online instead of in the stores, and this has gotten our attention.

So now we are looking to find a way to advertise our website, to get it in front of some paying customers.

We need what is called traffic. So the question is. How to increase traffic for your website. This is our challenge.

Searching Online – We all do it

Think about yourself. You are planning on buying a new Ford truck. A lot of us before we even visit a store go online and what do we do? We do a search to find out information about our truck.

We type in New Ford Truck. If we typed that into Google, the first page of Google results pops up. Depending on specifics we will usually choose the first or second result on the page.

Guess what happens when we click on that result? We are taken to somebodies website! And that is traffic! And that is what we want with OUR website, traffic. So, the goal is to get on the first page of Google, preferably the first two results.

Do I Need A Lot Of Money To Get Traffic?

No, is the wonderful answer! There are dozens of ways for us to tweak our website and make it attractive to Google and Yahoo.

If we can get onto the first page of Google there is a good chance when folks search for our product they will click our website link listed there.

The reason we do not need to pay to get on Googles first page is because Google takes a look at our website from time to time and checks it out.

They look at our content, keywords, links and other things. From that information, Google either ignores our website, or, puts it into their search results, which is called being indexed by Google.

Being indexed by Google just means our website pages are in their data banks. It does not really mean that it will be included in search results yet.

What we are looking for now is to be ranked by Google. Once Google ranks us we are able to be found when someone does a search.

All the methods I am about to describe on how to increase traffic to your website are free, you do not have to spend a dime to get this traffic.

Beep! Beep! Watch out! Here Comes The Traffic!

Google is looking for original, quality content that has keywords in them. What is a Keyword? A keyword is a certain word or phrase that describes the contents of one of your web pages or posts.

A keyword is not always one word, many times a keyword is actually a phrase, or two or three words put together.

A Keywords purpose is to act as a shortcut that sums up the entire page or post. Keywords are a part of a web page’s metadata and help search engines match the page with an appropriate search.

Since keywords are so important to Google, they need to be important to us as well. There are many keyword tools we can use to find good keywords. A good tool I use is called Jaaxy.

If you would like to try Jaaxy for Free, just click on this line of text.

Write Original, Interesting, Quality Content

Once your website is indexed with Google, you will find that Google will crawl your website now and then to search for new content. This is very important because if you just make one or two posts or blogs on your website and leave it for a couple months you will not get any traffic!

Google loves to see your website adding new, quality content every few days. Every time you write new content to your website the search engine takes notice and re-ranks your site’s ranking.

So, if you want to increase the chance of your website getting higher rankings, you should write content frequently so that a search engine will check out your website, and hopefully increase your ranking.

Write an Interesting, Captivating title for your Content Article

After you have researched your keywords for your blog post or article and find a good one, put it into your title. Of course, make sure it makes sense.

Go to Google and just read the first page results for a search. You will find some very interesting titles that get your attention, here is a Google search I just did for Coffee, it reads, “Coffee: Benefits, nutrition, and risks.”

That got my attention because I did not know there were risks in drinking coffee. I might just click that on just out of curiosity.

Internal Linking  6 chain links

The last thing you want to have your post or article look like to Google is just a sales pitch for your product. Google will punish you for that.

Google loves and is looking for quality information. If you always insert your sales page at the end of your post Google will see that you are taking them away from your post.

It is better, and Google Loves when you have at least one link to one of your internal web pages. So rather than the link taking you to a sales page it takes you to another part of your website for additional information. And from that page you can have your sales link somewhere.

Speed of Your Website

How many times have you clicked on some link or website and it took forever to load? Most of the time you just close the page and look somewhere else for what you need.

The Speed of your website affects rankings, so the faster your page loads, the better for you and for the person searching for your website.

Google knows how fast it takes for your website to load, so if you want them to rank you higher, make sure the company that is hosting your website is high quality and makes your website load at lightening fast speeds!

I have found an excellent Website Hosting company that does just that!

Much More Information To Increase Web Traffic web traffic graph showing increasing traffic

There is a ton of other things you can do to increase your traffic to your website.

I have only touched on some of the most important things, but if you want detailed training I suggest you take a look at a very good training program I am using to learn how to get more traffic to your website. Click here for more information.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped you a bit! Any comments’ or questions please feel free to leave below in the comments’ area!

10 thoughts on “How To Increase Traffic For Your Website”

  1. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing you are so right that if your online business does not get traffic it cannot make money! Some websites don’t need as much as others I.e. if you offer a service or build a lot of trust with a smaller audience. SEO is certainly the golden ticket. Do you have any tools you use to help with this?

  2. Awesome information here! Thanks for sharing your expertise on how to get more traffic. I’ve been researching this information for a few months and I’ve learned a lot from you here. I like your suggestions to speed up the site. That’s something which can lead to a lot more traffic. I have a question. How long it takes for new sites to start getting traffic from search engines? 

    • Thanks Ivan, Brand new websites will take about three months before Google starts giving them authority and rankings, it is just the way it is.

      Google sees so many websites come and go, they want to know if your website is going to be around, so no matter what, be patient and don’t quit building out your website.


  3. Hi, Phil,

    Generating traffic to your website is definitely one of the most critical parts of the business. If people can’t find us on Google or other search engines, we won’t be able to generate any revenue. We need people to visit our website in order to increase our chances of making sales.

    You indicated some excellent points on your post. It’s very important to understand keywords for SEO purposes. Many people struggle with writing, but I think it becomes second nature after doing it over and over again.

    Getting indexed in Google is a big step. When you achieve it, you can rest assured you’re doing something right. But then comes the next step which is getting ranked.

    Thank you for your excellent recommendations. I will keep them in mind for future reference. Happy holidays!

  4. Hello Phil. This is one of the most important thing as a blogger. No traffic, no money. But this is what most bloggers and Affiliate Marketers are struggling with. Therefore, this guide is a life saver.

    All these tips are really working… I love the idea of internal linking. It builds trust between a website and Google. I am thinking of working on it seriously.


  5. That was really informative. I do have a question though. 

    If i go and google something, I see that there is quite a competition everywhere. I mean, if I look at the first page of google results, there are pages of all of these big corporations and established sites. How can I expect to rank above them?

    • Thanks Vasilij,  That is a very good question.  You will notice on almost every single first page on Google, the first three or four results are ADS,  PAID ADS

      That is one way to get onto page one,  set up a paid ad with google.  

      It really all depends on your niche, Valilij.  I suggest to look at some very detailed Affiliate Marketing Training to get those answers because it goes into quite a bit of detail. 



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