How To Make Money Online For Beginners- IT WORKS!

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Today the latest trend in making money is Online, so how to make money online for beginners is a very pertinent question!

In this article I will explain the very basics of the online world for beginners. We all had to start at the beginning in this present online world, so there is nothing to be ashamed of, or to feel embarrassed about.

I will also share some of my personal experiences with MLM companies that gave me a hunger for doing things online instead of offline.

The Offline World of MLM – NEVER AGAIN!

When I first started looking for ways to make money online about twenty years ago in the year 2000, the big trend then was Multi Level Marketing, or MLM

My very first MLM that I became involved in was Amway. I am sure you have heard of it. It was quite a learning experience for me.

The person who invited me was a complete stranger. At that time I was working in a Mall at a Place called the Perfect Pretzel. Yes, I made Pretzels. He had seen me there a couple times, and saw me going to my car in the parking lot.


He asked me some questions if I would be interested in making extra income, and I said, sure, why not?

So that evening he picked me and my brother up at our apartment, and on we went to our very first Amway meeting.

I amazingly STILL remember the name of the presenter and his wife. Jim and Connie Agard. They had their huge bus converted into a mobile home parked right in front of the school auditorium that he had rented for the night.

I remember he had a big white easel and a black marker, and he kept drawing all these circles. I was interested and ended up joining, both me and my brother.

One of the first things they teach you in every MLM is to build a contact list of at least 100 names. Yea, you guessed it. We had to write down all of our family and every friend we could think of to go and bug them about Amway!


I am so glad I got out of Multi Level Marketing! What a terrible way to lose all your family and friends. They never want to answer the phone when they see your name on the caller I.D. LOL.person looking shocked at their phone

If you were ever in an MLM you know exactly what I am talking about! I mean, who enjoys bugging their friends and family about the latest and greatest way to make money program?

I sure did not enjoy it!

My very last stint with MLM was with a company called Melaleuca.

It was near the end of my experiences with Melaleuca that a strong desire to do things online developed within me.

I would keep asking people who were in my up line, how come we can not advertise our business online on a website we make and get referrals that way?

I learned later that it was against company policies to use the company name on any website except a certain website company that Melaleuca approved of.

I was frustrated.

Until last year when I came across the answer to my prayers! I found a company that would let me not only have my own website, but also show me how I could use that website to prospect TO THE WORLD!

That companies name is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a 15-Year-Old Affiliate Marketing Company designed for Beginners!

wealthy affiliate logoWith Wealthy Affiliate finally I no longer had to bug my friends or family to join my business! My website is the one that reaches out to the world now instead of me approaching complete strangers!

In fact, people who land on the pages of my website are very much like you. They are already LOOKING for a way to make money online, so they do a search, just like you may have done.

Lets say they enter this exact search term, “How To Make Money Online For Beginners”

Google picks my website as a suggestion to the person searching to get them the information they are searching for.

They click on my link, and end at my website, and they may go on and purchase something that makes me a profit!

All of that being done without me even making a phone call or even sending out an email to anyone!

And the best part, I did not even have to make a contact list of all my friends and family! People who already WANT what I am offering on MY website come looking for ME!

That is really cool!

And that is the Online world of Internet Marketing thru your website.


How To Make $$ Online for Beginners!

There are many who do not even know how to use a computer, or are very limited in their skills, if this is you, no worries, you can learn the basics and become a pro in no time!

I am an I.T. guy, so I would be glad to answer any questions you have in the comments’ area at the bottom of this page.

The very first step in making money online after you have purchased a laptop is to get some quality training. If you join with Wealthy Affiliate you can Start as a Free Member and get 20 Free lessons on making money online.

All Free Members also get One Free Website.

Wealthy Affiliate has a LOT of training available to help you succeed in the online world. They teach you how to build a website, and also how to make your website optimized for the search engines, {SEO}

The Training is explained in a very simple way for complete beginners thru video as well as written out if you prefer reading instead of video.

Wealthy Affiliates Online Community

Our online community here at Wealthy Affiliate is something I have NEVER seen in my 40 years of doing business! They are the most friendly and helpful community anywhere! Here is a screenshot of todays activities.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Usually when you ask a question here it is answered in less than five minutes! And sometimes you get three or four people helping, or in this instance above, you get a six figure earner answering your question. {Nathaniell)

Getting help from millionaires as well as the two owners of the company is actually very common.

It is the PERFECT place for beginners to learn how to make money online.

And, as I mentioned in the very title of this article, IT WORKS!

I suggest you do what I did. I started as a Free Member because I wanted to check them out and make sure I was not joining some scam as I had done in times past.

Once you look around you will see that this is an honest business run by sincerely helpful and highly trained individuals.

And keep your credit card in your wallet. There is no need for it because all Free Members can stay Free as long as they desire!

credit cards in a walletWelcome to the world of Online Marketing for Beginners! Please leave any questions or comments’ you have below! Thanks!


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