How To Make Money Online Free. I Like FREE

How To Make Money Online Free. I like Free, and I am pretty sure you do too. Why?, because most of us just do not have enough money. They say the ones who make money are the ones who already have money, and for the most part that is very true.

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Hey, you came here to find out HOW to make money online FREE, right? Well if you want to skip all this reading, and I am sure most of you do, lol, then just click here NOW and start your FREE membership to make money online.

Observing All Those Greedy Companies, Don’t You Just Hate That?

The Last few days I have been researching online companies and what they have to offer, and frankly, it made me sick. What I see most of the time is greedy people. It is so sad that most of the people who have made it online and are rich try to scam us poor folks!

I just watched this video last night about a man they call the quarter billion dollar man. He was promoting and boasting how he make 250 million in about 16 or so years, and now he wants to help ME. Yea, sure you do. So I go to check it out, and just as I suspected, they want TONS of money from me. Another Scammer.

Seriously! You and I are here online to MAKE money, not SPEND IT! Don’t they get that? I think they do, but what I see is that they have become hopelessly DRIVEN by their greed.

The very reason we WANT to make money online is because we do not have it! Right?U.S. Currency

As the Bible says, and I believe it, “The LOVE of money is the Root of all Evil.” I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to be involved with any company where its owners are driven by greed instead of sincerely helping people like us.

Every one of those greedy companies will SAY they really want to help you, but in reality they just want to keep lining their pockets. As Solomon once said, “He that Loveth Silver, shall not be satisfied with Silver.”

OK, enough of my Rant.

Can You Really Run A Business With Zero Investment?

Of course we all know the answer to that question. Every business that we want to start, whether it be offline or online will require some kind of monetary investment. What we are really looking for is an inexpensive way to become successful online.

Running an online business will first off require a website. Yes, there are many ways to get a free website, but you need a high quality hosting company to provide the professional security to run that website. There are many folks who enjoy hacking into others websites just for the fun of it.

Wealthy Affiliate sign upYou Can get a Free Website with GREAT HOSTING NOW if you click on this image to the right or this text. The other thing you will need to make sure is that your hosting company has State-of-The-Art Technology to make your website very fast.

People are impatient these days, and If it takes three or more seconds to open your website they may just close the page down. A good hosting company will provide the speed you need to make your website open in lightening quick speed.

This is important to Google as well. Google is not going to give your website high rankings unless your site opens quickly.

Another investment you want to make is to buy your own domain. A domain is just the name you choose to call your website.

You might choose make money, for instance. Of course that domain in all likelihood is already taken. When you go to purchase a domain name for your website they will let you know if the name you want is available or not.

It is important that you choose a .com site and not a .org site, or any other, because Google likes the .com companies and will rank it a lot quicker than a .net or a .org company. A domain will cost you only about 15 or twenty bucks a year. The good thing is it belongs to you. Nobody else in the world can use that name you choose once you purchase it.

Are There Other Expenses I Will Have? It Depends

The reason that I say, it depends, is because there are two routes to go when promoting your website. As I am sure you already know a website that nobody sees will never make you any online income.

So we have to get your website before people, and not just any people. We want to get your website in front of people who are interested in the product or service we have, and are ready to buy from us.

You can hire a professional Search Engine Optimization person who will look at your website and decide what it needs to make it rank in Google. This can get quite expensive. There is another way though.

Get Free Traffic Pouring Into Your Websitecomputer screen on a desk

I have found that there are many folks on the internet that will teach you on how to promote your website organically. What they mean is that there are certain things you can do to get Googles attention, and it really does work.

If you decide to promote your website for free, or organically, it will take longer to get ranked with Google. Keep in mind it will take about three months in most cases for Google to start ranking your website, and for traffic to start pouring into it.

The good news is that there are companies that teach this. You can go to YouTube and see tons of video on how to organically grow your website.

The LOWEST Price I Have Ever Seen Online!

I have been searching for many years for an affordable, quality company that is NOT greedy or unethical. I have found that in a 15 Year Old company called Wealthy Affiliate. They have finally become my home. Yes it IS truly Affordable! You can start as a FREE member, that is what I did, and you can stay FREE as long as you like.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you decide to become a Premium member like I eventually did, you will only end up paying about $29 per month if you pay yearly like I did. Or if you want you can pay the monthly price of $49. Either way it includes ALL the training you need and High Quality Hosting for a truly affordable price!

The very first thing that amazed me about Wealthy Affiliate was that there was NO HYPE! Most of the training videos are made by one of the owners, and not one time did he ever say how much money he is making or boast about his fancy new car or home. I have not ever seen one picture of his home or boat.

I like that. And I think you will too. I highly recommend them. You can read my review of them Here.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks! Phil.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review!  I love Wealthy Affiliate, I have to say!  They have helped me build a website based on what I am passionate about, and they have training all the time on the site!  They have training that can even help you get your website on the first page ranking in Google!  I actually pay the premium  membership for it, though I know there are some people who do not.  It is well worth the investment in my opinion though!

    • Thanks Jessie and I agree, the training is just awesome in Wealthy Affiliate, and what a bargain to be able to be trained right off the bat for Free!

  2. Making money from the comfort of your home is one thing that everyone desires either it been online or offline. I think wealthy affiliate has proven beyond every reasonable doubt their capability to empower everyone who is interested if they are ready to give their time. I upgraded to premium and I now have so many trainings and access to many myers who are ahead of me. It is truly a dream come through for me

    • Thanks Benny, Yes being a Premium Member unlocks ALL the training.  What I LOVE is that you do NOT have to pay any more money to get this quality training,  It is ALL included in our Premium Memberships


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