How To Make Money Online From a Website

How To Make Money Online From a Website – Get One FREE!

So, you want to know how to make money online from a website?

You are smart. The Internet is the way to go these days.

Did you know that there are over 4 BILLION folks that use the internet world wide?

And, I am sure you know that every year more and more people BUY using the internet.

The best, and easiest way to capitalize on these sales is thru Affiliate Marketing

All of us can get a piece of the internet sales pie if we get in now while it is in its infancy.

The older our websites are, the more mature they look to Google and other Search Engines.

Only the Mature websites are ranked on page one of Google.

And, when you are found on page one of Google you get LOTS of internet TRAFFIC.

Lots of Traffic = Lots of Sales from YOUR Website!

Now is the time, and Affiliate Marketing is the way.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

We will get to that later. But for now, How can we make money online from a website?

First let us see what a Website is.

What Is a Website? Nothing To Do With Spiders!

spider web

Spiders make webs to catch flies. We want to catch MONEY with our web!

But, just what IS a website?

What you are reading right now is from my website. It is simply a specific location on the internet that is found by doing a search.

It is not a physical location like Main street. It has a location determined by technology.

I am an I.T. guy, but I will not bore you with the details. We just know there ARE websites, and we can get one, use it, and make a LOT of money from it.

We all know what a Jet Plane is, and most of us have flown on one.

Do we really need to understand exactly HOW a jet plane flies for us to enjoy the benefits of fast travel?

No, the same is true about websites.

Get a Website For Free! Really? Yep!

I like Free. Who doesn’t?

You cannot go wrong with Free. Why? Cause you go and check out what is for Free, then you make a decision.

The cost is nothing.

That is just what I did last year.

Someone emailed me a link about Affiliate Marketing, said I could join for Free, so I did. I really only joined for free to check it out and look around, and so that is exactly what I did.

I liked, no, I LOVED what I saw and kept on with the training, up until today.

But, I bet it costs you a fortune, right?

I actually pay about a buck a day. Yep.. ONE DOLLAR a day for everything.dollar bill

I have learned there is NO BETTER way to make a sustainable, residual income from a website than by using the method called Affliliate Marketing.

Ok, ok, I know I keep talking about Affiliate Marketing, so here it is.

The most simple way to explain this is to think about your own self and how you buy on the net.

When is the last time you bought something from Amazon?

Almost all of us have from time to time, some more than others.

Perhaps you were looking to buy a new computer.

You went to Google, typed in computer and a bunch of websites appeared. Or, you just typed in Amazon computers and went directly to the Amazon website.Amazon website

When you click on a website from a Google search result, almost every time it is going to be some Affiliate Marketer who will benefit.

When you buy that computer from Amazon, Amazon processes all the money details and payments, ships it out to you, and guess who gets paid?

Amazon gets paid, of course, the manufacturer of the computer gets paid, but guess who else gets paid?

Yep, the Affiliate Marketer whose link you clicked that sent you to Amazon.

Depending on the Affiliate Marketers Sales Volume, they likely got paid anywhere from to 4 to 8 percent commission.

Now, remember, this Affiliate Marketer is just like you and me. All he does is maintain a website that THEY own.

They do not MAKE computers, they do not even SELL computers, the website did the selling, many times when the Affiliate Marketer was sleeping!

The Affiliate Marketer did not even have to store a garage full of computers and ship it to you! Amazon did all of that!

And the Affiliate Marketer STILL got paid.

THAT, my friend is Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell. Simple, yet Powerful!

The Benefits of Owning a Website

There are perhaps millions of ways to make SOME money from the internet. But most are a complete waste of time.

Please do not spend your time filling out surveys that pay you two cents per survey! two pennies

You will spend hours and hours to make perhaps twenty bucks in a month, if that.

You need to get your OWN website to make a full time income.

See, you MUST have something that belongs to YOU. That you OWN. That nobody can take away!

That is called a Domain. You pay about Fifteen bucks a year to own your own Website Domain, and NO ONE ELSE can use that name domain of your website except YOU.

It is YOUR property, and nobody can take it away!

It really is like owning a piece of real estate. And it is just amazing we only pay about $15 per year for our website domains.

I currently own four website domains, and I am building three websites.

Conclusion on How to Make Money From a Website

When we go online to look for ways to make money, there are probably over a million different sites to look at.

We both know that the vast majority of these are scams.

Why not just go with what works?

The Link above proves that many are making full time income from Affiliate Marketing.

Many are making six figures.

All for about one dollar a day, why not check it out?  

If you have a comment or question, please leave it below.  Thanks!

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