How To Make Passive Income Online – A Dream Come True!

What Is Passive Income?

How to make Passive Income online is our goal in this article.

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Passive income is money that you receive that does not require any effort to earn or maintain. Or in other words, it is income that the earner does little effort to grow.

Examples of Passive Income

Here are some decent examples of passive income.

1. Rental income.

This is income that you usually receive on a monthly basis from a real estate property that you own. Of course, your renters have to pay that rent every month for it to continue month after month.

It also requires maintenance which would take away from some of your monthly profit. Also, it is not the best way to earn passive income since it is not guaranteed month after month and requires you to put money into it when say a refrigerator goes out.

We would like to have an income that comes in every month without these headaches, right?

2. Selling Life Insurance.

Everyone wants to sell Life Insurance, right? You don’t? No, I don’t either, but it is an example of a passive income.

The agent sells a life insurance policy and gets a monthly commission every month. Again, it depends on the person paying their premium every month. If they cancel the policy then your commission goes bye-bye.

3. Patent Royalties.

You have an awesome idea for some product. You research it and build a model and apply for a Patent. If you get it after paying all the fees to obtain a U.S. Patent, then you have to market it.

IF you are able to somehow market it, then every time someone wants to purchase your product, you get a royalty.

Now if you are anything like me, you just are not smart enough to invent something, but that’s OK because we have something to show you later that does not take the intelligence of a brain surgeon.

4. The last example I will explain is called Network Marketing.

Most network marketing companies allow your to make an income off of every sale that your personally enrolled customers make.

It also allows you to make a small percentage of income off their personal enrolled, and sometimes even goes gown to seven generations or more.

I was once involved in this type of business and they really have some very good products. The fee to join was very small and there was no HUGE up sell to begin the business.

They just asked you to try a lot of the products so you would be able to tell others how good they are. It worked very well for a couple years.

The problem was that most of the people who joined wanted to make an easy monthly income, so eventually they lost interest and quit, and eventually my entire organization quit except for about ten people. It was not a secure monthly income for me.

Affiliate Marketing.  Absolutely the BEST Passive Income Stream!

As we hear almost every month of some famous retail store going out of business we realize that the worlds way of making purchases is changing.

In times past we all had to put our clothes on, walk outside and get into our car. Then we have to drive to town to the store where we want to buy what we need.

We have to get out of our car, and if it is raining we pop open our umbrella. If it is during winter time and we live in a northern state hopefully we do not fall down on some black ice as we make our way to the stores entrance.

Times sure have changed with the introduction of the internet and computers! When times change we must also change. Why not try to profit from these changes?

And that is why you are reading this right now. You as well as I want to learn how to make money from our laptops or other devices. We have all heard of the millions of people who have learned to market on the internet and make money.

How do they do it? That is the question everyone is asking. I asked that question myself many years ago, and probably just like me your have already tried many programs that just did not really help you to succeed.

Until now. I know what you are thinking, I thought the same thing when I began to check this program out. Its just ANOTHER one of those Greedy sites owned by some greedy millionaire who just wants more and more money, MY MONEY.

What’s So Good About Affiliate Marketing?  Wealthy Affiliate Logo

OK, so what is so good about affiliate marketing? Basically it is great because you do not have to create your own product.

All you do is build your own website and refer people to it who already are going to make a purchase.

Then when they make a purchase you get a commission. You do not have to store any products in your garage.

You do not have to pack and ship any products. Hey, you don’t even have to bug your family or friends about it!

For many of us that is one of the best things about affiliate marketing!

What Do I Have To Do?  Just Be Willing To Learn.

Good Question! My advice? First you are going to have to be patient, do NOT expect to be making thousands every month right off the bat, it does NOT work like that.

If you want a solid monthly residual income coming in, or passive income you MUST be patient and persistent! With this program it gives you all you need to achieve success! Follow all the training and you will succeed!

How Much Does It Cost?  That is Always The Bottom Line With Me.woman looking up with eight question marks around her head in the air

That is always one of my first questions. It is free to join and then It is about $19 to join for your first month.

After that it is $49 per month, or if you pay for the entire year I think it comes out to about $29 per month.

Now hear me. There are NO UPSELLS! That’s right. There are no master mind expert Gurus training that cost $997 or even as high as $19.977 to be successful.

This is what I love about this program. Everything you need to make a monthly passive income online from affiliate marketing is right in this program. All the training you will ever need is INCLUDED in your monthly subscription!

Why not take a look and join today for FREE? May God bless you! Click here to check it out.



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  1. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Making money online has led too many people into falling for scam and fake platforms. I am trying to start my online business via affiliate marketing since I registered with wealthy affiliate and your article will help me a lot. Thanks once again

    • You are very welcome Benny, glad you started with Wealthy Affiliate, It is the easiest way IMO to a life of Passive Income.


  2. I have been trying to figure out for many years now on how to make passive income. However it hasn’t happened yet. I do think that WA offers one of the best opportunities to make money online if a person has patience and wants to learn. When it’s all said and done I truly hope that WA will guide my way to making passive income online.

  3. Yes! Passive Income is a great way to make me retire faster. Previously, thanks to this post. This post opened my eyes to be able to see new things and new opportunities. Especially if I have a small capital. Maybe renting out a house can be a solution. However, people like me who still work 9 to 5, will surely experience difficukty,

    By the way, I will try to advise you on learning affiliate marketing. Because I really want to change my destiny. How recommended the wealthy affiliate program to you?

    Once again, thanks for your post!

  4. Hello Phil, Thanks for writing your guide to Make Passive Income Online – A Dream Come True. Yes, we can earn passive income in many way your examples are very helpful. Now I reach on affiliate marketing and it is the best source of earning form home via our website. Thanks for your help now I am doing my training from wealthy affiliate as well as running my own business with the help of training. Thank you very much.



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