How To Start a Low Cost Business – $1 a Day!

Having our very own business is a dream a lot of us have.

I mean, who really enjoys working for a boss?

Put that finger down! lol

But who has all that money to start a successful business?

I think it costs about a million dollars to open a Mcdonald Franchise. mcdonalds sign

Many are asking how to start a low cost business?

Thankfully in this age of the computer and the internet, there are low cost business opportunities out there.

More about that later.

Starting a Business The Old Way

My very first business I ever started was back in 1987 in New York.

Back then I had a Ford Work Van and went around cleaning out peoples garages and basements.

I eventually became friends with about fifteen different contractors who hired me to clean up their job sites.

I had only spent about three thousand bucks on the van, and I made that money back very fast as my business exploded.

Eventually I bought another van and we went out two vans at a time six days a week. We made a lot of money, even enough for me to buy a house.

But eventually the business fell apart and I had to go get a J.O.B.

Starting an Online Business For Cheap

I eventually got caught up in the Multi Level Marketing excitement during the 1990s and did pretty well for a while with a company called Melaleuca.

That lasted for about two years until the entire thing practically fell apart. I went from having over 400 people in my down line to eventually only about 12.

Melaleuca is a very inexpensive way to get your own business though. I think to join as a member is still only about $30.

But what I hated about Melaleuca was that it was against company policy to use their name on any unapproved website, and other very strict rules they have.

They basically wanted to force you to bug all your friends and family, then start bugging strangers.

That was not for me.

My $1 a Day Online Business

So, you are probably wondering about my one dollar a day business, and how can that be?

I am still very pleased and shocked on how inexpensive my business costs me to run.

It all has to do with the quality training we receive here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am currently building three websites which includes not only excellent Affiliate Marketing Training, but Hosting for up to fifty websites on their State-of-the-art Platform.

wealthy affiliate logo

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we are taught to organically develop SEO techniques.

SEO is short for Seach Engine Optimization, the things we need to do to get our websites in front of all the people who are searching for certain terms.

What that means is, instead of paying some SEO Guru thousands of dollars to get our website on page one of Google, we learn how to get it on page one for free.

You have the option of checking out Wealthy Affiliate for Free

Here is the cost of the memberships. Forty Nine bucks a month, if you want to pay monthly.

Just a note. When you pay yearly, it comes to a Dollar a Day!

wealthy affiliate memberships

Can I Start My Own Online Business Today?

Yes, you may start your Free Membership right now.

For the first seven days you have access to about twenty highly professional affiliate marketing training modules.

You also can build two websites for free during this time.

I do highly recommend the Premium membership though, it includes over one hundred awesome training modules.

Here is a look at some of the training modules

This company has been around for almost fifteen years and has helped over a million people with Affiliate Marketing.

Here are some of the amazing RESULTS so far!

So come check out my dollar a day online business. I know you will be glad you did. Any comment or question please leave it below. THANKS.

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