I Need Money Now! – Or, At Least, ASAP!

moneyOK, if I Need Money Now, what would be the best way to get it?

If I needed money today or tomorrow, I would call one of my family, or perhaps a close friend and ask to borrow it, .

Things get tight for almost everyone at times, and there is nothing wrong in asking for help.

I remember when I was unemployed living in New York with a Wife and Seven Children. Times got tough!

There was a time we actually had no money for our electric, and had to go without it for a week.

You are not alone!

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Borrow and get Money In Days!

Of course, money does not grow on trees, BUT there is a company that you may qualify with for a loan.

Lending Tree has a program where if they approve you, you can get a personal loan from $1000 to $50,000 in less than three days!

Lending Tree has helped over 10 million people, with over $6 billion borrowed.

They also have a four and a half star rating.

It seems like as long as your credit is pretty good, and you have a job, you will qualify.

Just be sure to check what the interest rate is before you apply.

Most of these what are called Payday Loans have very high interest rates, and are more designed for a short term loan period.

File your Taxes – Online is Fastertax forms

If you have not yet filed your taxes, do so right away. The only problem is you will not see the money for about three weeks.

I have used Turbotax for around six years now. They have a Start for Free option.

Additionally, Turbotax has something called, a “Refund Advance Program”.

As long as you are over 18, have a physical U.S. Address, and are getting back at least $500, you very well may qualify to have a portion of your tax refund advanced to you quickly.

turbo tax website

If you have children, you qualify for the child tax credit as long as they are under 18 and living in your home.

Even for just one child, you can get about $2000!

We used to get over $6000 every year, having seven children, it was such a huge help!

I remember the first time we received that $7000 plus check from Uncle Sam!

I told my accountant, who is also my friend, “wow, they actually give us all that money?”

Her answer was, “Isn’t America Great?” I agreed.

Have a Garage Sale and Sell Your Unwanted Things

garage with a car in it

Another way you can make a couple hundred dollars pretty quick is to have a garage sale.

Make sure you advertise, and put signs up around town so people will come by.

Lots of people love going to garage sales searching for bargains.

Don’t forget to advertise your garage sale online.

Most communities have a local website where you can usually advertise for free.

Where I live in Missouri, they even have a radio show where you can call in and tell them where and when your garage sale is.

Also if you have a car you are not using, you could try selling it.

Apply For Jobs using CareerBuilder

I suggest you sign up with CareerBuilder to save time applying to multiple companies.

Once you submit your resume and personal information to CareerBuilder, they have a neat feature that they call, “Quick Apply Now.”

With this feature you can apply to multiple jobs at the same time!

Make sure you answer all the questions about which jobs you are searching for, and which jobs you are qualified for.

CareerBuilder will send you job recommendations based on your previous site activities, searches, and your resume.

You can go thru this job list and decide which of the jobs are a good match for you.

Now just check off all the jobs on the list that are a match, and then choose the “Quick Apply All” button at the top of the page.

It is cool how you can apply to all these jobs with just one push of a button!

Drive for Uber or Lyft!

Depending on where you live, you can apply to Uber and Lyft and usually be approved in a couple days.

You will need to have a car with four doors, and be less than 15 years old.

Of course it cannot be all banged up and rusty. It must look decent inside and out.

It also must be mechanically sound.

You may need to drive to the nearest large city for it to be profitable for you though.

If you live in a town or city of under 20000 people, you will not get very many rides per day.

When I drove for Uber in Missouri, I would drive to St. Louis on Saturday and sometimes make over $300!

After you have been accepted as an Uber driver and give a ride, there is an option in the app where, as a driver, you can request immediate payment.

I was an Uber driver for a couple years and used that instant pay button many times.

For a Stable and Permanant Income. Learn Affiliate Marketing.

These days there are millions of people making commissions from affiliate marketing

wealthy affiliate logoBecause there are now over 4 billion folks online worldwide, having your own website to make affiliate commissions is the way to go.

We all are aware of how many retailers are going bankrupt.

In 2019 Payless Shoe Source closed all of its remaining 2100 stores in the U.S.A.!

Also in 2019, Dressbarn, in business for almost 60 years closed all of its 650 stores!

The Gap closed over 200 stores in 2019!

Avenue closed 222 stores in 2019!

I could go on and on and on.

But do you see the trend?

According to Statista.com Retail e-commerce sales in the United States are projected to be 600 Billion by 2024!retail statistics

People Love shopping online. It is convenient and the items are shipped directly to your home.

No more burning up the gas in your car, or fighting long check out lines.

Why not profit from this huge swell in Online Sales?

You can, by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketer.

Technology Makes the Online World Easy

Gone are the days where you need to learn Java or some other HTML coding to build a website.

Technology has done all the hard work for us.

Wealthy Affiliate offers Free Websites and Free Training.

I am currently paying about a dollar a day for the Premium membership which includes hundreds of hours of high quality affiliate marketing training.

A buck a day? Yep, that is all, and that is COMPLETE!

There are NO Upsells in Wealthy Affiliate.

You may be wondering, does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

So, what do you think about trend in buying things online?

Please leave a comment below and let me know!

4 thoughts on “I Need Money Now! – Or, At Least, ASAP!”

  1. Hi Phil,

    You have outlined some really good ways of earning money quickly. There are some other ways, such as filling in online surveys and data entry jobs. Doing these will earn you a small amount of money but quickly. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money, but it does take a long time to be successful.

  2. Garage sales are always a good way to make some extra money. I am not sure how many sellable ítems I have, but it would be worth checking it out and perhaps organize a garaje sale. Great idea!

    Does Career Builder offer 9 to 5 work or does it also include more flexible Jobs? Are there permanent and temporary work opportunities? What about Lending Tree? You mentioned to check the interest rates, and that thought was on my mind as well. Do you know what interest rate Lending Tree has?

    Affiliate marketing is also growing, I read that somewhere. Doing business online is certainly a trend and has a lot of future and potential. What advice do you have for people who are just starting with Wealthy Affiliate and who are beginning to create their online business?

    • Hi Christine. Career builder has all types of jobs FT Nd PT

      I do not know exactly how much interest Lending Tree charges. Probably depends on credit of each applicant. 

      I suggest that anyone who starts out for free with wealthy Affiliate follow the training  Exactly!!




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