I Want To Work From Home on my Computer

Me too!

I got so tired of those Multi Level Marketing Businesses! Finally, I just concluded;

I want to work from HOME on my computer.house in and among fall foliage

Now, I just need to find what KIND of work I will do on my computer to replace my full time income from my job.

I am sure that you do want to replace your J.O.B. right?

Computers Have Changed Everything!

I went to school some years ago to learn how to fix computers.

Of course, they explain to you first just what a computer is, and how it works.

I will give you just one sentence explaining what a computer is.

A Computer is a Hardware Device powered by electricity and designed to store and process data, usually in binary form, according to the instructions given to it by a software program.

There. Those are the basics.

Ones and zeros! On and off.

Wow! I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around how a computer can store things on its hard drive, and especially on those little Thumb Drives! thumb drive


But, like an Airplane, we do not have to understand how and why it flies to benefit from it.

So it is with computers.

They work.

Most of the time, lol.

Just Be Careful About Viruses

Yea, you can still get one no matter how good your antivirus program is.

I am an I.T. guy, so I know.

Why is it you can still get one?

Because all a computer virus is, is software, or a written computer language program that some jerk writes to take over and control your computer.

And they make new ones every day!

That is why we need to keep our antivirus programs up to date. You know, those updates?

Updates come because some I.T. guy who works for your Antivirus Company was just informed of a new virus that was written.

His job is to write a program to destroy this virus, and once he does that, he sends it out to us as an update.

But your Antivirus program updates itself automatically, so no need to go checking to see if it needs updating.

Here is a Free Tip.

And it is One of the most VALUABLE tips about computer viruses you will ever get from anyone.

I had to use this very tip just a week ago too!

I am sure at one time or the other while working on your desktop or laptop all of a sudden things started flashing and saying something like, “Warning, your computer has a virus”, or “Windows needs attention.”

The one I got last week actually audibly spoke to me saying, “Do not shut your computer off.”

They are smart, because they know that is how we get rid of them.

Yep, that is exactly how you get rid of these viruses, you do a hard shut down of your computer by pressing your power button down and holding it down for ten seconds until your computer shuts down.

Then turn it back on again.man using a laptop

Presto! Virus gone! You may have to do this two or three times, but keep doing it until it is gone.

Note! The quicker you shut your computer down the better!

Why? You do not want the virus to get its roots into your computer, if it does it could mean BSOD!

That stands for Blue Screen Of Death.

Basically its bye-bye to your computer, or at least you have to drop it off to a repair shop and pay a hundred bucks, but even then there is a good chance your data is gone.

So shut down your computer immediately when it starts talking to you or flashing all these messages!

You will be glad you did.

And, yes, it worked for me the first time I powered off, no more virus. Bye bye! Nope, not paying you any money for you to let me have my laptop back. Virus destroyed.

One More Free Computer Tip

two children playing on a laptop computerMake sure you do not have more than one antivirus program installed on your computer.

Just go to your programs file on your computer and read thru the list.

If you do have more than one installed, remove the other one or two. The reason is that they will fight with each other and slow down your computer.

And I know you don’t want a slow computer!

No need to buy an antivirus program these days either.

The free ones work fine.

Today when you buy a new computer, Microsoft has an antivirus program pre installed for free.

It is called Windows Defender, and it works very well. It’s the only one you need. Really.

OK, So, NOW we have our computers virus free and running fast, lets go on!

Working From Home From Your Computer

It really is like a dream, right?

No more commuting to work all those miles fighting traffic.

No more boss to answer to.

Take a break ANY time for a snack, or walk the dog.

Go on Vacation Anytime you please without having to ask permission.

Making commissions online day and night, even when you are sleeping or on vacation!

Yes, this is what computers have provided for many people today.

Along with the internet, it is very common now to work right from your home from your computer.

How To Make Money From Home

Ok, this is what we all want to know.

What exactly do I do on my computer to make money?

It all starts with owning your very own website.

You can get a free website here.

But even before that, we need to decide in what way are we going to make money from our computers?

What method should I use? Or, what company should I involve myself with?

Please do not fill out surveys for a whopping pay of two cents each!two cents

There are perhaps hundreds of these websites that tell you can make money filling out surveys.

And you will make money.

But $20 a month will never replace your job.

But, hey if you want to try it, you can. I did.

One of the more popular sites is called Swagbucks.

You can learn all about Swagbucks here.

If anything you can see it for yourself, perhaps you will end up making as much as $50, or even $100 per month, who knows?

Affiliate Marketing is the Future

Without question affiliate marketing is the future for all those who are looking to replace their income from their jobs.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is signing up with a company like Amazon to sell their products.

Now, to be clear, it is your Website that does all the selling.

You do not need to call anyone, or email them and try to convince them to buy something.

Your website is going to do all of that for you.

Once Amazon approves you as an affiliate, they will give you links and banner ads to put on your website.

When a person visits your website and clicks on your Amazon banner ad, and buys something.

YOU get paid!

It really is that simple.

No selling, no payment processing, no phone calls, no storing products in your garage. No shipping products or producing products.

You don’t even have to make a contact list!

For all of us former MLM Network Marketers, wasn’t that so much fun making a list of all your family and friends and one by one calling them about the latest and greatest Multi Level Marketing Scam, I mean, business!?

Oh, you DON’T miss that?

Neither do I .

That is why I Love Affiliate Marketing.

Conclusion: Try Affiliate Marketing for Free

With the High Quality Program I am in, you start for Free.

The name of this 15 Year Old Affiliate Marketing Company is Wealthy Affiliate.wealthy affiliate logoDoes Wealthy Affiliate really work though?

You decide.

Many are making four, five, and six figure annual incomes, from their computers, at home!

Yes, Affiliate Marketing WORKS!

See for yourself.

If you have a question or comment, please leave it below. Thanks!

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