Is There a Way to Make Money Online Without Having to Pay Anything?


No. So, again, Is there a way to make money online without having to pay anything? No way Jose.

However, there is a site called Swagbucks that you can join for free and make a few dollars a month by searching. However, technically, you had to buy your computer or smart phone to get on the internet, and pay your internet provider every month

So it is still not free, and even if you go to McDonalds and use their internet, you spent money in gas to get there.

There is really no way to make money online unless you are willing to spend at least a little money.

Now, there is a way to make money online by just paying a dollar a day!

In Fact, I am writing this Blog right now from the very Hosting Platform that I only pay a Dollar a Day!



Think about what it costs to go to a four-year college nowadays! It sure ain’t no dollar a day!

Even if you went to college online it would cost you more than a dollar a day!

Think about what it would cost to start your own local business in the town that you live in. It ain’t no dollar a day!

There is just no way that you can start an online business today on the internet with a website for FREE!

It will never happen.

OK, so you may be thinking. I would be willing to invest one dollar a day to make money online.

But will this actually work?

Making Money Online – There Are Investments

Probably the greatest investment that you will be making to learn how to make money online will be your time.


The first thing we need to do is to invest our time in learning how to actually make money online. There are many different ways to go about this.

Some people devote themselves to making YouTube Videos to gather viewers to their channel, and after 10,000 views, the ability to get paid begins.

Others like myself have created a website and are using affiliate marketing to make an income.

The fact is, the more time we take to learn how to implement all the marketing techniques to our website, the faster we will be making money from them.

Even if we spend three hours a day, which is about 20 hours a week, that is really not so much time to learn how to make money online, even if it takes a year or two.

With most Universities you have to go to school for four years, usually about six hours per day, and then go home and do a couple more hours of homework. And even after four years you are not guaranteed a good paying job.

However, with our Online business, for the most part, once we build our website, the maintenance is very small to keep that monthly income coming in.

And as long as we do the proper maintenance to our website, its value and traffic just keeps increasing every year.

Did you know that after a while you can actually sell your website?

I have heard that the value of a website can be four times its yearly income. So if you make 25k every year from your website, you could actually sell it for 100k!

Investing Money into Your Online Website Business

Yes, sorry to give you the bad news, but you will have to invest some money to get your online business going. How much depends on which Online Platform and Hosting you decide to go with.

Some online platforms charge $200 to $3oo per month, and even higher!

Be careful before you commit with any company. You need to do your homework!

You want to Google the name of the company first to see what people are saying about it. Of course the members are mostly only going to say good things about it, so read some of the negative reviews too.

Make sure the company does not have expensive up sells.

I will give you an example of what an up sell is using Wendys Restaurant. You drive up to the drive thru to order your cheeseburger, and the employee asks if you would like fries with your order. That is an up sell.

Wendy's restaurant

Now that is a very small up sell, they end up making maybe two or three dollars more.

However in the online world when it comes to up sells you can REALLY get ripped off! So be careful.

I have seen online platforms that you join for perhaps thirty or forty dollars, and then before you pay you get these promotions offering you to buy their awesome super duper MAX Professional training for only $299!

Amazingly, even if you are convinced to buy this, it still does not stop there! I have seen some programs where they try to get you to buy their Guru Black Belt Training Program for “only” $19999! Yep, Twenty Thousand Bucks!

So, be very careful, do your research before you commit. If they offer to join for free, go ahead, that will give you a chance to really check them out and find out how much their up sells are.

The sad thing is that with a LOT of these programs they hold back critical training that you actually really need to succeed in the online world, so you end up almost feeling FORCED to buy these up sells.

But don’t do it! There are a couple good programs out there that are very affordable and include all the training you need to succeed without ANY up sells.

I know, because I am a member of one of them.

My Dollar a Day Online Business!

Yep, that is my price, complete with all the training I need to make it online. That includes Ten Websites and State-of-the-art Web Hosting, as well as many other freebies.

They are a really cool 15 year old company called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate logo

They are my Number 1 Recommended Online Platform, bar NONE! Many are making good income as we speak!

They will even let you Start for Free as a Free Member so you can check them out and look around.

That is what I did, and I liked what I saw. They give you Twenty Free Affiliate Marketing lessons along with One Free Website.

If you have a question or comment please, I would Love to hear from you! Just leave it below in the comments’ area. Thanks!

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