Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Or What? I Know.

Well, that’s what you want to know right? Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Or What? As I said, I know.

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Believe it or not, almost 1,000 people a month ask the same thing. They want to know, so they do what you and I both do.

We go to Google and punch it in. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Or What? We are doing our due diligence, researching what SEEMS to be something good.

But IS it good?

The short answer is Yes, it is not a Scam. But that is not enough to know, right? So MANY other questions pop into our heads. Does it Work? How much does it cost? Are their Up Sells? How old is the company?

Is it just HYPE? By the way, I HATE Hype. I used to be in AMWAY, and Melaleuca, so I know Hype.

So, Is Wealthy Affiliate Just a Lot of HYPE?

As I said, I have been in both Amway and Melaleuca, and they both have lots of Hype. What do I mean by Hype?

One good definition of HYPE I like is HOOPLA! Wow, and I think that is accurate.

I understand if you think you have found a really good program you get excited. I get that. I have been very excited at times about programs. But excitement alone does not convince me, I don’t think it convinces you either.

Of course, by now you can accurately guess that I am part of the program. Yes, one day I too checked out Wealthy Affiliate, just as you are doing now.

The First thing I was shocked by, and I really do mean shocked, was that there was no Hype! I so loved that. I kept waiting for the owners to start showing all their fancy homes, boats and BIG CHECKS. But it never happened.


I was like, huh? I was so used to Hype that it was a real pleasure not to me attacked with it.

So, YOU Say Wealthy Affiliate Is Not a Scam, Why Should I believe YOU?

Don’t. But, I will tell you what I did. One thing I will do to seriously check out any program is to kinda pretend I am signing up so I can just look around. lol. Yea, that’s me, I sneak in and SPY on them. LOL.

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So, that’s just what I did. They said keep your credit card in your wallet, and believe me, I DID JUST THAT.

I slapped my email into their form so I could “Get In” and look around. Here is what I found.

Once I was IN, NOW I am Going To See First Hand What’s Up

Yep, I was in, looking around all over. I saw it said I did not have to give them any money to start the training. OK, Free training, why not?

so I started the Free training, and then on lesson number 5, it said I could get my own Website up and running for Free.

I thought that was pretty cool, so I got a Website up and running. This what the ten Free Lessons Look like.


So, this guy named Kyle, apparently is one of the owners, and he is the one who makes all these training videos. Naturally I was waiting for this Kyle guy to start boasting about how much money he makes, but He didn’t. That puzzled me.

I mean, right there in lesson number two was his opportunity to start flashing his BIG paychecks, in the training called, “Understanding How To Make Money Online.”

OK, Kyle, go ahead and Wow me! I kept waiting, and waiting. I Went thru all ten lessons, and no Hype!

I truly was amazed. I mean, Wealthy Affiliate has been around for almost 15 years now. I am SURE, as one of the OWNERS he is just rolling in money, so why isn’t he boasting about it?

I Dunno, Maybe YOU Like Hype? It Just Rubs Me the Wrong Way!

After the free training I noticed there was an offer made to me to become a Premium member for $19 for the first month.

Well, I did like what I learned in the training, and I liked the fact that they give us two free websites from the get go. So, I was like, yea, You got my nineteen bucks. I have lost WAY more than that in other programs.

So, as a Premium member it opens up like TEN TIMES the amount of training, that is so much that it looks like it can take months to complete it all. I liked that cause I wanted to learn as much as possible on how to promote my website.

Why Not Just See For Yourself?

Yea, so why not check it out for yourself? It is Free to check m out Here.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the comments area. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Or What? I Know.”

  1. Thanks for this brilliant review, Phil. 

    You really have broken down exactly what to expect from Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner and it’s great to see your personal journey. 

    I haven’t found another program better yet, it really does have everything you need to start an online business! Glad you’re enjoying it so far

    • Thanks Mike, its such an inexpensive , professional, helpful and amazing platform to learn affiliate marketing without any of those high priced up sells!

  2. Hi Phil! Making money online is kinda a dream for me. I really want to but up to this point I’ve only found hyped products that haven’t given me results. These lessons you’re talking about sound cool and the price is affordable. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for this suggestion.

  3. Hey Phil! I thought that hyped promotions was a must for all these sites that offer a way to make money online. I’ll have to check this platform you’re talking about. It talks very well of them if their site really works and it has no hype. I’ll also go through all those 10 lessons you mentioned. Thanks.

    • Yes Abel, Hype seems to be the M.O. of most of these online companies.  I never liked it, and it was so refreshing coming here and seeing such humble and helpful people succeeding online. 


  4. Wealthy Affiliate is still the best online business website that I have come across since my stay online, I came across it not long ago and I enrolled for the 7 days free trial which actually convinced me that it’s a safe and lucrative website. The platform is a very friendly one and you can also get in touch with Kyle who happens to be the founder. I strongly recommend.

    • Yes, to be honest Andrea, Kyle, who is one of the owners, really impressed me from day one, not only does he not boast about his success but he is just so sincere and helpful.. It truly is amazing that we have access to the OWNERS here to ask our questions.  Wow.  


  5. Hello Phil, I must say that this review is very helpful and informative. To be honest, I was thinking Wealthy Affiliate is a scam but from the moment I stepped into the platform, I changed my mind immediately. It is sad that most people think this can make them money overnight, in this platform, we have everything we need to succeed but we MUST work.

    • Thanks Dani, yes this is no get rich quick scheme for sure, as you said, we must work hard and be patient.  The amazing thing is when you have been here a while, you  read the Multitude of people who have already achieved success here by following the training, it is a BIG encouragement!


  6. To be sincere, when I got to know about Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t believe everything I read from its review but when I got to know you can opt in for seven days free trial, I checked it out and I was amazed. I have so many friends who are members and they are making lots of money like i do. I’m into affiliate marketing, I got trained at WA University. Its a good idea to be a part of this great opportunity.

    • Yes, I too liked the fact that I could just check it out for a whole week for free.  I sure liked what I saw, and still do!

      Thanks for your comment, 



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