Key Words Are Key To Online Success


What Is A Keyword? The Key To Success

A Keyword is simply a very popular search word, or phrase.

The more times per month people search the keyword, the more it gets Googles attention.

After all, Google IS in the Search Engine business!  Their product is to give information for the person searching.

So, we need to learn Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which is what we must do to our websites to get Googles attention, or we will not succeed.

To do this, we need keywords.

It works like this.

You are looking to find the best ice cream maker around, so what do people do?

They go to Google and type in “best ice cream maker” and get search results.

The companies, or businesses that came up on Googles first page were the companies that used the exact keyword.

Simple as that.

We must use the proper keywords in everything we do online if we are to succeed.

To do this we need a Tool that will help us find target keywords to promote our business.

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