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Are you looking for some legitimate work from home opportunities?

There are so many online work from home opportunities, but which ones are really legit?

My Number 1 Recommended Work From Home Opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a 15-year-old Affiliate Marketing Online Platform that teaches you how to create an online income thru Affiliate Marketing.

Local Work From Home Opportunities

Many decent work from home opportunities are right in your neighborhood, or close by.

Just insert the town you live in with the zip code and you can come find many opportunities!

Work From Home On Your Computer

Look, I am going to be very frank with you.

You are just wasting your time looking at the thousands of different companies online that will pay you to fill out surveys, or watch videos, or test some products or website.

I have joined quite a few and every single one of them made me less than $100 per month.

If you want to waste your time like I did and find out the hard way, you may.

No doubt, You, like me have been searching for a Legitimate way to Earn a Full Time Income From Home.

Did you know that there are over 4 Billion people online today?

Many of these people are ready to purchase.

Online purchases are increasing every year!

Online is the way to go my friend.

Working At Home Online – It IS The Future

Look, the fact is, there are over already Millions of people making full time income online, right at home, from their computer.

Here are some of them.

The question is not really CAN I make it online, it is really WILL you put in the work to make it happen?

Anyone can make it online, why?

Technology, that’s why.

Twenty years ago, man, even fifteen years ago do you know how hard it was just to make ONE website?

TODAY, because of technology you can have your own website up and running in less than a MINUTE!

4 Simple Steps in Building your Own Money Making Online Business

I know you have heard of blogging, that is the most popular and cheapest way to make your website stand out.

For a more in depth article on the steps to build your website, check out Wealthy Affiliates Simple Way.

1. Pick a Niche

A Niche is simply a french sounding word for a specific area of interest that you can make money off of.

Perhaps your hobby is guns.

gunYou have dozens of guns. All kinds, and you know a lot about them.

That would be your niche.

Keep in mind you want to choose a niche that you are very interested in and would love to write about.

Because if you want to succeed online, you will be writing a lot.

2. Build a Website

As I mentioned before, today it is a snap to get a website, a good-looking one too!

Technology has done most of the hard work for us in making a website. No need to understand coding.

All we need to do once we have our websites framework is to build it out.

The way we build it out is by writing helpful content about our chosen niche.

You want to be writing at least two or three articles per week.

The reason for this is that you want Google to start to rank your website.

3. Getting Rankings with Google SEO

All of us online marketers are doing all we know to get our websites on page one of Google.


When you do a search on Google, how often do you click on a result on page two or three of Google?

Very rarely, just like the rest of the world.

Once we learn SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and use it every day, it is only a matter of time before Google starts to Love our website and puts it on page one.

There are, however MANY tricks to do this, and we must learn each trick.

Google works with what is called Algorithyms.

No, this has nothing to do with AL GORE. SMILE

It is a series of metrics or rules that Google feeds into its computers to choose which website is the most helpful in answering the users search query.

It all starts with a search.

Lets say I want to buy a Ninja Food Processor. I type in “Ninja Food Processor” into Googles Search Engine.

Up pops the results. Usually the most helpful website is the very first result or ad on Googles first page.

Ninja Food Processor

Now if your Niche happens to be Kitchen appliances and you have applied good SEO techniques to your website, one of these results you see on this page just might be your website.

4. Finally, you Make Sales on Your Website.

The reason you can make sales on your website is because you have already joined up with a few companies that offer Affiliate Marketing Commissions.

Amazon is a good example of a very common company people use to make affiliate commissions.

picture of amazon logo on a smart phone

As long as you have a website, Amazon will allow you to join their affiliate program. Amazon creates an affiliate link, and every time you post a picture of a product you want to sell on your website, you insert your affiliate link into it.

Like this.

Amazon Laptops

When you click on my link for this Laptop sold on Amazon and buy it, I get a commission.

It is as simple as that.

Millions are doing it right now, and they are making millions. And SO CAN YOU.

How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing? – Is it Expensive?

For my Number One Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program that costs me less than a buck a day, Why not take a look at Wealthy Affiliate?   You can even join for Free!

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If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. making money from home has been my dream for a long time now. i went through many fraudulent platforms before discovering wealthy affiliate. your steps are simple and specific. thanks a lot for this post

  2. Hello there Phil, 

    As a person who has been earning online through wealthy affiliate, I can definitely confirm all that you are saying here is correct.

     I joined the platform about 5 years ago and have been there up until now. Through following the steps you have listed in your post and the training offered there not to mention the help of the community members there, I have created a full time online business that pays me a full time income without having to commute to work.

    I have to say that this is definitely what I wanted and I cannot imagine doing another type of job. I definitely recommend it and I am sure lots of people will benefit from this.

    Keep up the good work here and good luck with your endeavors. Cheers. 

  3. That was very sweet and shot, straight to the point. Your explanation is straightforward to understand, and it is straight forward. Just a question, as a new marketer: “when is it the right time to apply for and affiliate programs, where I would stand a good chance of acceptance rather than rejections”?. The reason I ask such a question is that as a new person starting this journey, you are so energetic and see yourself moving every day. One day you think now I need to make money and start applying to a few affiliate programs, and all of them decline your application. It discourages the majority of newcomers because they were never told when to ask and expect rejection. Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Lucky, and thanks.   It makes no sense to apply to affiliate programs if you are not getting traffic to your site, it generally takes about three months for any significant traffic to pour in.   I would apply to Amazon after three months or so, they basically accept anyone who has a decent website.  


  4. Hi there! I really like your post! Wealthy Affiliate really is an inspiring business, and a way to make money, from home.

    I really like the way your text is positioned, you only use 2, 3 lines per paragraph this is very good for reading!

    Also lovely images on the article and well positioned.

    About the article, I really do like Wealthy Affiliate a lot. I like the part where you talk about the 4 simple steps of making an online business successfully. 

    Picking a niche shouldn’t be so difficult, because people always have a dream or are expert in something and they should use that as their niche, like you said. 

    And yes, it’s very easy to build a website nowadays, too, so I agree with that!

    I like your link of Wealthy Affiliate at the bottom very much is very appealing!

    Very well done, I hope this comment helps at all!


  5. Hello Phil, just like you, I have tried surveys, typing CAPTCHA, playing games, watching videos, clicking on ads, filling out forms etc and I got really frustrated because I wasn’t even making up to $10 after all the stress I went through.

     I then found a legitimate work from home opportunity which is capable of creating a full time income for me. This is blogging and affiliate marketing. This is certainly the way to go to make money online and it’s exactly what I am working on.


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