Make Money Posting Ads or Links – Is it Possible?

I was surfing the net this morning and looking at things like world population of countries when I saw an ad that said, “Make Money Posting Ads or Links.”

I was curious so I clicked the link, and it took me to this page.

screenshot of internet ad

The Headline kind of screams at you, doesn’t it? lol. “Single Mom makes $12,500 per month From Home, and You Won’t Believe How She Does It.” Well, you are right about that last clause, I don’t believe how she does it! Haha!

I Believe what I KNOW WORKS!

If you look at the URL, it says, the weekly viral. If you google that name you just about get no information about this company, you have to scroll down and click the next link where it says to follow these three easy steps.

It will tell you to click here, and then it takes you to another website I have screenshot below

screenshot of internet ad

Here we are taken to a completely new URL called Computer If you do a Google search as I did for Computer Strength reviews, you will not find any. They switch the names of these scams so fast that nobody has the time to write a complete review about them!

The same is true with Weekly Viral. No doubt, they change the name of their scam programs at least every month so no one will know who they REALLY are. But Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Yes, we shall!

As you can see on the above screenshot it asks you to fill out their form to get more information, so I did that and this is the page it took me to.

internet ad

So, here Computer Strength, (we have yet to find out who owns this site, or its real name), has Congratulated me because there are Spots Available for me! Let’s scroll down a bit and see some more.

We scroll to a video that appears to be some news person talking about how popular work at home programs are now, like, duh, who does not know that?

Scrolling down we come to this page, that starts out, “Dear Friend”

internet ad, dear friendWow, now we are dear friends! LOL!

As you can see, as we read on, Nancy Watson, who at least admits it is a fake name, or as she says, her pen name because, as she says, the internet can be a crazy place! Yes, we know Nancy, we know.

If you look in the right column there are a few unverified testimonies on how great this program is and how these people made money, and how we should just “Do it”

Let’s scroll down a little more. They finally tell you up front what it is all about, link posting. They claim below, the following

How many links will you post a day? 15

Average money earned for each Link? $15

How many days a week will you work? 5

Daily Income: $150

Weekly Income: $750

Monthly Income: $3000

Yearly Income: $39000

internet ad

They make this sound so easy, don’t they? All because they just want your $67. Sad. Friend, if it was this easy to make money from home, don’t you think everyone would be doing this? Of course!

Just post 15 links a day five times a week at ten bucks per link? 39 Grand a year!! Oh My!

As you continue to scroll they keep showing their so called proof of many others making big money doing this. They also say this;

“Reason #1: Companies are desperate for more people to post links from home. When demand surpasses supply, wages are high. It’s the economic Law of Supply and Demand working in our favor… and… there’s an insatiable demand for this!”

The reality is that this opportunity is already HIGHLY saturated, not to mention that the ACTUAL amount of money people earn posting links is in pennies, NOT DOLLARS! So finally we come to the Big Close!

iNTERNET ADHey it’s just Sixty Seven bucks complete! Who doesn’t have sixty-seven bucks to make an investment that will give them a 39K a year income?! What a DEAL! If it were true, it sure would be!

But before we pay our low price of $67 for this awesome information, Let’s scroll down to the bottom of the page and see something called a “Disclaimer.”

internet adOK, we are going to click on Disclaimer and see what it says.

I will just paste word for word what the disclaimer says because it will be too small to read in a screenshot, starting from the second paragraph, it says;

“This is a paid advertisement. This website is not affiliated with any newspaper publication or online news source. This website is compensated for clicks and/or referrals that result in sales of the products(s) featured on this website.

For purposes of privacy, the creator of The Digital Resources, LLC program is using a pen name. This story is based upon the real life adaptation of the parties involved and may have also been modified.

The Company reserves the rights to the name and any uses of it as affiliated with the product. Any improper uses by unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.

2. Earnings Disclaimer: Earnings: Digital Resources, LLC cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. Potential income examples on this website are for example purposes only. Additionally, Digital Resources, LLC makes absolutely no guarantees or warranties of generating any kind of income whatsoever.

It is important to note this offer is absolutely NOT a business opportunity or a business. Rather, an educational platform where you can learn various skills about how to potentially make some additional income online.

As with anything, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Bottom line is if you’re not satisfied and/or the program is not working for you then simply ask and receive a refund.”

It is just amazing that we have to click on the tiny link called disclaimer at the BOTTOM of the page to find out the real name of this company, which is, Digital Resources, LLC.

After doing a Google search of this company name, I found this page.

ad agency screenshot

So, apparently Nancy Watsons real name is THOMAS J BAYLES. Now who is this guy?

Mr Bayles appears to be some kind of Real Estate Lawyer in Utah who started his business called Digital Resources about two years ago.

It is sad that this person who created this so called program is also a lawyer, so no doubt he made sure by putting his disclaimer at the bottom of the page, which almost nobody reads, and he knows that, by doing so he keeps everything, “legal.”

I do not doubt, especially because Mr Bayles is a lawyer that this program IS legal, but is it ethical?

With all the false information presented like making Ten Bucks each time you post ONE LINK, no, it is not ethical, and I somehow feel like Mr Bayles knows this too.

Conclusion: Can I Make Money Posting Ads and Links?

Sure, you will make money, a little bit. Certainly not 39K per year!

I have joined up with a professional online platform that actually has a success record of over fifteen years helping people make money online from home.

Here is the PROOF

And I will not HIDE the name of this company like Mr Bayles did. It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership Ad

As you can see, there is NO Credit Card needed to start as a Free Member which is what I did back in 2019.

I suggest you start your Free Training and complete all Ten Free Lessons on how to make money online today!

I hope you enjoyed my review on this program that claims you can make full time income posting links. Please ask a question or leave a comment below!

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