My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate. Scam or Legit?

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Price:  Free To Join

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Who is WA for? Novice to Expert

Introduction to Wealthy Affilitate

As an experienced Network Marketer I have seen a lot over the last forty years.

I had my own Waste Management business back in the 80s when I was in my twenties. I did real back breaking physical work for many years.

Gosh did I sweat a lot!

How I remember the many days I would be working outside in the freezing cold New York winters.

Back then the Internet was just in its infancy. There were no cell phones or laptop computers on every desk. We made money the hard way, real physical labor!Wealthy Affiliate Banner Ad

Nowadays the internet and computers are commonplace. I often wondered if there was a way to use the computer and the internet to make money with arms wide open

Fast forward t!o 2019. I know, that was quite a fast-forward.

I am no longer young and much prefer to make income from behind a computer in the comfort of my home than the old-fashioned way.

I had heard about affiliate marketing over the years and liked the concept of getting a commission for selling other companies’ products from my own website.

I did not have to create or own the products. All I had to learn was how to build a website, get traffic to it and convert it to a sale.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate.

This year I received an email from a person who lives in Singapore. Yes, on the other side of the world. Being curious, I opened it and was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.

But Does It Work? – Really?

Take a look for yourself and see.

How Much Does It Cost To Become a Member of Wealthy Affiliate?

You can start for Free.

I joined as a Free member and started the Free training immediately. One of the very first things I noticed was that there was no Hype anywhere.


I found that strange because when I was in Amway years ago, almost every meeting I attended the presenter would show the big checks he was making and talk about their fancy lifestyle.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the owner, Kyle did none of that.

To this day I have never heard him say anything about his wealth or lifestyle! I am sure he is a multi millionaire too!

Product Overview: What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a 15-year old online community where you have over 800,000 members including the ones who joined today, to the millionaires who joined years ago, helping one another on a platform where you learn from experts how to build a website, attract visitors to that website, and make commissions.

Amazingly, it is Free to join!

Here you learn from the owner Kyle in hours upon hours of detailed video teaching you exactly how to build your own website and get it ranked on Google.

You learn exactly how to do affiliate marketing from your website and how to build your website out.

Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate is also online helping people practically every day!

You can even private message him about anything and he will respond with his vast experience.

Some PROS About Wealthy Affiliate:

– Getting Started Training Which is Completely FREE!       Wealthy-Affilitate-CostWealthy Affiliate Membership options

– Great Video training and Courses

– 13 Interactive Classrooms

– Live Chat and Help

– 1 Free State-of-the-art Website

– Access to Experts


Some CONS About Wealthy Affiliate:

The Free membership does not allow you to build more than one website.

Your choice of Themes for your website is limited under the Free membership.

Although the Free membership does include your first ten lessons on how to build a website and publish it, if you want additional professionally done video training you need to upgrade to the Premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate membership options


Wealthy Affiliate is a completely legitimate business.

It also has no hype and NO huge up sells. Everything you need to succeed as a home based online affiliate marketer is included in your one low monthly fee.

Of course, you can remain free as long as you like.

But even the Premium Membership is only a Dollar a Day if you pay Yearly like I did.

Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free!  Kick the tires and take a test drive!  

See Real Results Here.  

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below in the comments area.  Thanks.






14 thoughts on “My Review Of Wealthy Affiliate. Scam or Legit?”

  1. hello i think this is the first time i have had so much confidence in affiliate marketing. wealthy affiliate just brings everything to perfection and it is indeed honest. it is your hard work that should pay you. definitely there is a price to pay for everything and you have to become a premium member to enjoy some of the extra benefits.

    • I sure do agree Jennifer.  I had such a hard time with every other program I joined online before I came to Wealthy Affiliate.   The training is spelled out in DETAIL, and is easy to learn and apply.

    • Hello Jennifer, I hope now you are a Premium Member and/or more. I’ve started with W.A. within the month and have excelled with all the training , videos, and support of other WA affliates.When I became a Prime Member that is when I noticed the change in my profile, more people interacted with me and much more support.

  2. I thank you for sharing the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate in your blog post today, I like how you shared the good and the bad and not just the good like many posts I have read. Even the free membership sounds like a good deal for someone interested in some basic training, but I was wondering is the basic free membership enough for me to get my own online business online and be able to be successful?


    • Thanks Jeff for your comment and question.  Wealthy Affiliate offers anyone a completely Free Starter Membership that not only gives you Two Free Websites, but the opportunity to earn commissions if you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  So, yes, you can make money with the Free Membership, but IMO you can make MUCH MORE money if you upgrade to the Premium Membership.

  3. Hi Phil, 

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you! I joined with a starter membership and after a week, I had already completed the free trainings and was curious enough to try out a premium membership. 6 months later and things are really getting interesting! My website is ranking and I’m getting visitors. I have a few affiliates even! Next goal would be of course bringing in commission. It’s kind of slow and takes some hard work and patience but so far, I am really happy with the premium membership. I know I would not be where I am now in this time if it weren’t for WA. 

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Anna, and thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate.  This is some of the BEST training at a low price that I have ever seen!

  4. There is so much to learn from wealthy affiliate and I have been gaining much since I became a member. I love the fact that this platform is one big family and so much is passed to the users for a really cheap fee. I am still in my training process which is going smoothly from getting help from its founders and also your fellow member. So many scam sites are out there but WA stands out.

    • Hey Bella, thanks for that comment.  I agree Wealthy Affiliate has so MANY friendly and helpful people that are willing to share with you and help you to succeed online.  And ya, the price is RIGHT.  

  5. Actually, if there was one thing I like the most about this platform here on wealthy affiliate is the fact that it provides an avenue for any kind of person to really develop their selves well. Wealthy affiliate is the best platform for any one to be in at all. It can really help us to get started with everything that has to do with affiliate marketing. Thanks

  6. I have tried and failed to build my own sites and also paid hundreds to get it done for me to only get scammed. But with WA, they teach you step by step and no way scam you of your money. The first 10 video tutorials are free, and you get your blog set up and running all for free. I saw the value of this site straight away and am now a fully paid member and definitely not going anywhere else to build sites for my USP’s.


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