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Are You Self Employed Now?

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I have been self-employed for almost half of my life, I know the good, bad, and the ugly. HOWEVER

There are many benefits to being self-employed. The most important one being, you will make more money as long as you do the right thing.

I have made $5,000 in one week more than once, and have had $1,000 days many times. When you taste that kind of daily income, it is HARD to go back to a $15 or $20 per hour 9 to 5 job!

If you are self-employed, you know what I am talking about! Who wants to work for others?

Time Freedom!

Time freedom is another wonderful thing that the self-employed enjoy, unless your business owns you. I have heard of horror stories of Restaurant Owners whose Restaurant owns them!Inside of a Restaurant with tables and chairs with people eating

There is a lot of work time put into making a Restaurant successful, sometimes a workday can be 15 hours per day, six or even seven days a week!

When I was self-employed, as long as I had decent income I could go on vacation anytime I wanted, and I did just that many times.

No need to ask the Boss for permission to go on vacation, cause I AM the Boss!

Most recently I drove for UBER and LYFT as a contractor, there was a lot of time freedom, but the money wasn’t very good.

Work Online From Home

This is what I have decided to do from now on as my choice of self employment.

The Online world is filled with over 4.5 Billion people with an internet connection!

That is a HUGE Market!

All we need is a couple thousand of these people visiting our website every day for us to replace our full time day job.

Sounds like a dream, but it is a reality! man sitting down at a desk in front of a computer screen that has a hand reaching out of it holding a bag of money

There many people who are making a full time income by selling things from their own website as affiliate marketers.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when you get a commission from a product you sell on your website that is produced by another company.

You do not own the product. You do not ship the product, and in most cases you do not collect money for the sale of that product.

You simply apply to be an Affiliate of a company, like Amazon, they approve you, create a link for you that has your I.D. in it, and then you paste that link into your website usually as a banner ad.

When someone visits your Website and clicks on your Amazon Ad, you get paid.

I am involved with a company that is at present giving us Affiliate Associates a 48% Monthly Residual Income.

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Being Self Employed is not for everyone.  Some people are content to work for someone else.  Working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 is not a problem.  There is nothing wrong with that, especially if you Love your Job!

But for a lot of us, working from home is a better way, especially if you are older, like I am.

I am especially looking forward to the time freedom that comes along with making money at home.

Here are over 100 examples of people involved with our company who have already achieved a monthly, residual income from home.

Over 100 Examples of SUCCESS!

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