Network Marketing. Is It Really The Best System?

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What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a way to market a product or service through a network of associates.

Before the introduction of computers and the internet, most network marketing was done by word of mouth and paid ads.

You know, your circle of influence, or in other words bugging your friends and family.

Thankfully because of technology thru the internet and our home computers we can succeed in network marketing thru email, sales funnels, google ads and social networking without bugging our family and friends.

Finding A Reputable Company.  Scams Everywhere!

Do your homework. One of the very first things I do when researching a company is google the owners and google the company.

If there are a lot of people with bad things to say about the owners or the company, you can be pretty sure it is not a company you want to associate yourself with.

It is true that no matter how good a company and its owners are, there will always be the lazy folks who give a bad review and say it does not work, when in reality they just did not put in the work to succeed.

In any business if you do not put in work, you will fail. So if there are only a few reviews that are bad, make sure you read each one to determine if what they are saying is the companies fault, or their own lazy selves fault.

How are their financials? Are they a debt free company? How old is the company? I would not advise you to join any business that is less than ten years old. If they are older than ten years, then they have got to be doing something right.

The Marketing Plan.  You Really Did Not Take A Look At That?

You MUST find out about their marketing plan. The worst thing in the world is to spend time and effort for years building a large network just to wake up one day and find half of your associates GONE!

Which means half of your MONEY is now gone. Your check drops from four thousand a month to two thousand a month.

How does this happen? Some companies have what is known as “Breakaways” in their marketing plan.

Basically a breakaway is part of a marketing plan where if you enroll someone who does better than you and they build a much bigger network than you, they break away from you and you lose all of that volume overnight!


Initial Cost To Join The Program.  Many Are Under $100.

Another big red flag for me is when the price to join is $500 or more. There is absolutely no reason a company should charge that much for a new associate.

The main reason they do this is because a lot of companies try to lure you in with INSTANT commissions on enrollees fees, big commissions right off the bat.

They know most people are impatient and want to make money fast. So they charge folks big money where the person who enrolls them gets usually a fifty percent commission.

Of course they try to convince you to join so when you enroll others you too can get these big commissions. In my opinion this is very unethical, and looks more like a scam to me than a good company.

Stay away from these. Most good companies you can get in for under a hundred dollars.

How Do I Start In Network Marketing?  Can I do It Online?

The first goal after you find a good company is to try out the products yourself so you will know firsthand the quality of what you want to market.

Most companies will offer a very large discount on a selection of their products for first time associates. To be sure, the company realizes the importance of their sales associates knowing by experience about the products.

Just a note, if you don’t like the products just quit the company and find a company where you like the products. It does not make any sense to try to sell something to somebody else when You don’t even like the products.

If you like a number of products then you move on to the next step.

You need to find out if you can market their products online.  Some companies have very strict rules about this.

How Do I build A Network? Bugging My Family?cartoon man sitting at a desk and a hand holding a bag of money is coming out of his computer screen

Usually the person who brought you into the program is called your sponsor, or enroller.

That person will be the one who trains you or coaches you. The problem is if they are new themselves then they can’t really help you much.

Most Network Marketing companies have what is called an up line. The up line is just what it sounds like. They are the enroller who enrolled YOUR enroller, and so up the line it goes.

There will usually be decent online videos and training that you can get for free, and then they will have meetings you can attend as well as a yearly convention.

The really good network marketing companies have learned to make use of the internet to find new leads. Some companies will buy TV advertising which does not actually give the name of the company, until you research them and find out for yourself.

This is a red flag for me as well. If the company is so good, then how come they do not tell your their name right off the bat? It’s like they are trying to trick you into joining them.

A lot of these network marketing companies will still try to push you to sell to your friends and family. I don’t know about you but I am not interested in doing this, unless I know certain of them who are business minded and are looking for opportunities.

Can You Make A Living In Network Marketing?  If You Are Super Outgoing, Yea.

For sure you can make a living doing network marketing. If you are in a good company and are persistent you will do very well.

But most people give up because they get tired of doing all these meetings, and going to meetings and watching hundreds of your down line quit after a while.

That is what happened to me.

I remember having a conversation with my up line and they said this. “Phil, after you have gone thru your friends and family you have to go up to the next level, cold calling. If you are not willing to do that, you will never make a living doing network marketing.”

I was not willing to cold call. It just did not fit with my personality.

Is There A Better Way To Make An Income Online?  Yep.

Thankfully there is a much better way to make money online, and it is called Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you never have to bug your friends and family.

The reason is you learn how to create your own website and draw traffic to it. Then when people buy products off of your website you get a commission.

In a nutshell that is really how simple it is. You do not have to buy a bunch of anyone s products, you do not have to ship any product to someone. You don’t even have to call your customer on the phone and try to sell them anything.

Your customer already has a need and a mind to buy exactly what you have for sale on YOUR website.

Work It, Do Not Play With It.  NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!

There is hard work and a lot of training involved but it pays off. After a few months you start building a constant steady flow of visitors to your website and the sales start pouring in.

Then you go on to build a second website and draw traffic to it, and so on.  After a while you have multiple income streams pouring into your bank account even while you are sleeping.

Is it worth the hard work and training? I think it is. To not have to answer to a boss Monday thru Friday.

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