Is PCH For Real? – I Believe it Is, Here’s Why

PCH picture

We have all heard of Publishers Clearing House, or PCH, and at times I too have wondered, “Is PCH For Real?”

I have been entering their contests for years, and I have done some research on them as well.

In this article I will show you the Proof of why I think PCH is real, and also show you another way to get some money that is much more probable than winning a PCH contest.

The Beginnings of PCH

Did you know that PCH started in 1953 out of someones basement?

According to Wikipedia, “Publishers Clearing House was founded in 1953 in Port Washington, New York, by Harold Mertz, a former manager of a door-to-door sales team for magazine subscriptions.

The company started in Mertz’s basement with help from his wife LuEsther and daughter Joyce.

Its first mailings were 10,000 envelopes from Mertz’s home in Long Island, New York, and offered 20 magazine subscriptions. 100 orders were received.

Within a few years the company moved out of Mertz’s basement into an office building and started hiring staff.

When PCH moved its headquarters in 1969, its prior location was donated to the city and renamed the Harold E. Mertz community center. The company revenue had grown to US$50 million by 1981, and $100 million by 1988.”

When Did The First Sweepstakes Start?

n 1967 PCH started its first sweepstakes in hopes to increase subscription sales.

This may be hard to believe, but the first prizes ranged from 25 cents to $10!

The entrants had a 1 in 10 chance of winning!

Things have changed!

I actually won a prize from PCH just a few weeks ago. It was a check for Ten Dollars.

My PCH AccountPCH token count

I have been entering PCH sweepstakes for many years now. As you can see I have over 15 Million Tokens.

You can sign up with PCH right here if you want to start entering their contests and sweepstakes.

Unfortunately tokens do NOT convert into dollars! Oh well.

As you can see I am at the Sapphire level which happens when you accumulate 5 Million Tokens.

The next level for me to achieve is Ruby. To achieve that I need 25 Million Tokens. I have quite a way to go!

The one thing I do use the tokens for is to enter specific contests. Sometimes they will have a new car sweepstakes that you can use your tokens to enter with.

One entry would be about 1000 tokens. So if you had one million tokens, you could use all of them to enter this contest and actually have 1000 entries to enter the contest.

The neat thing is you never lose your token count, it remains no matter what.

I never won those cars, but I keep entering their sweepstakes anyway.


As I mentioned I actually did my research to see if these prizes were actually awarded.

If you click on the tab on the top of the page, a tab entitled “Winners”, it takes you to this page.

PCH WinnersNow I did not take PCH word from this winners page

What I did do is take the name of one of the winners and do a google search to see what I could find.

When I saw that different news outlets reported this person winning from PCH I realized it was true.

So, it is true, do your own research and you will see. They really do give these huge prizes out.

Since you are never required to buy anything from them, I figure I have nothing to lose to enter their sweepstakes.

But keep in mind the chances of actually winning the Big Super Prize is around Two BILLION to One!

It usually only takes a few minutes to do each day, and hey, ya never know!

Steve Harvey in the PCH Gang?!

PCH and Steve Harvey

I like Steve Harvey, he is a really cool guy, and he loves the Lord. So I was pleased to see him as part of the PCH gang.

It seems that Steve joined up with PCH last year in July of 2019.

With such a popular face as Steve Harvey, I am sure it helped with the sales numbers with PCH.

PCH does still sell magazines and different kinds of odds and ends for the house.

Just check out these items very carefully before you buy them. A LOT of them are cheap plastic things made in China.

I bought an item last year made of cheap plastic and it did not even work the way it was supposed to.

Conclusion: PCH is Real, and So is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

So, yea, keep on entering PCH Sweepstakes every day, there is nothing to lose, However, if you want to make a monthly residual income from your own website, check out what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

The chances of you making a lot of money with Wealthy Affiliate are MUCH higher than with PCH!

Look at all these successful Affiliate Marketers Here!

By owning your own website thru affiliate marketing you too can be making a full time income from home month by month, year by year!

You can Join For FREE HERE and take a look around. Chances are, like me, you will agree that this is a great way to make an income right from the comfort of your home that replaces the income from your job.

If you would like to ask me a question directly here on this page, please leave it below in the comment’s area. Thanks!

Should I Leave My Job? – How Else Can I Make Income?

now hiring sign

There are many who are asking, “Should I Leave My Job?”

In this article I will explain the pros and cons of leaving your job, and some alternatives to working a 9 to 5 job.

Reasons For Leaving Your Job

There are many different reasons a person would want to leave their job, let’s look at a few.

1. The boss is a Jerk

2. The pay is not enough

3. The commute is difficult, or too far away (Traffic jams)

4. I just do not like my job

5. I want to do something different

6. I want to learn how to earn a living online from my home

There are so many bosses that are like this

boss pointing his finger at youSome bosses just are not nice, it seems like they get a kick out of intimidating you.

How can you look forward to going to work every day when you have this guy always pointing his finger at you?

“Get back to work!”

I am sure you have been looking for ways to make more money. If your present job is not paying you enough then you have been looking at other higher paying jobs and sending your resume to them.

But sometimes you just do not get another job, and now you feel stuck.

Then what?

The average commute time in the U.S. is around 26 minutes, or roughly 15 miles.

That is not too bad, but in bad weather it can be very stressful. In the winter we battle the ice, snow and freezing rain.

snow on road and trees

Oh, what fun!

Many people just plain out do not enjoy the job they are doing.

Here In America there are around 100 million full-time employees, and half of these, or 51%, are not enjoying their work.

That is 50 MILLION unhappy workers!!

unhappy man with hands on head

They do not really Love their jobs. Are you one of them?

When we look at the numbers worldwide it is even worse!

According to Gallup, approximately 85% of people in the world do not like their jobs and are considered, “Not Engaged!”

Maybe you just want to do something different instead of the ol 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday routine.

Reasons for Staying at Your Job

Obviously if your job is your only source of income you need to stay at your job until you find another one.

You may not enjoy your job, hate the commute, and are earnestly seeking other employment, but for now, it is paying the bills!

I have found that the safest way to replace your job is to start some side gig while you are working.

Some have tried out Uber, like myself.

I did Uber and Lyft for around two years. It was fun mainly because you meet people from all over the world.

I Ubered a Professional Baseball player and dropped him off at his hotel across the street from the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium.

Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball field

I also Ubered a Professional boxer twice when I was Ubering in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

But Uber does not pay you enough Once you add up all your costs for oil changes, tires, car repairs, and insurance, you end making about 8 to 10 bucks an hour.

It is not worth it in my opinion, seeing you are driving your car into the ground and putting 50K miles on it per year!

More than likely the fact that you did a search for “Should I leave my job”, means you do not like your job. But what else can you do if you do not find another job to replace it?

You could try Affiliate Marketing and learn how to make money online from home.

Can I really Work From Home and Replace My Jobs Income?

The good news is, YES!

Many are doing it as you are reading this!

It is called Affiliate Marketing, and the cost to get involved can be as low as one dollar a day!

dollar bill

No way! ONE dollar a day to start your own business online?

Yes, check it out!

That one buck pays for ALL the Affiliate Marketing training, ALL the Search Engine Optimization training, ALL the website building Training, and Also includes State of the Art Hosting for up to Ten Websites!

It’s A Scam!

I know what you are thinking, scam. Hey I cannot blame you. Just like you, I have been scammed many times on some online internet get-rich-quick program.

Over the past 30 years I have seen so much unethical and illegal scams online, as I am sure you have too.

I would guess that over 95% of all programs online are scams, or at the least unethical.

You know what bugs me the most about these programs?


It’s like when you go thru the drive thru at McDonalds and you order a cheeseburger, the employee asks you, “Would you like an apple pie with that?” That is an up sell. McDonald's

An online up sell is when you decide you like a program and join it. It looks great. The price is low.

Then when you pay the initial fee of say, 30 or 40 bucks, up pops a window saying something like;

“For the next 30 minutes if you UPGRADE to Silver for only $999 you will get the super duper training!”

Some even keep upselling to crazy prices. I have seen upsells of Twenty Thousand Bucks!!

Not so here at Wealthy Affiliate. There are NO upsells. Your Premium Membership includes all the training and hosting.

Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

Wealthy Affiliate logo

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I started as a Free Member and started my free affiliate marketing training.

There are 30 Free Affiliate Marketing Training Modules to get you started.

They even toss in a Free Website and teach you how to build it out.

Conclusion, Should I Leave My Job?

In my opinion if your job is your only source of income, no, stay and keep looking for another job.

Or you can start a side business, either online or offline depending on what skills you have.

We are all getting older, so eventually we will not be able to do as much physical activity as we used to.

That is why I highly recommend learning affiliate marketing as a side income.

Eventually as the income builds you can leave your job and work full time as an Affiliate Marketer from your home.

Start for FREE and take a look around. Keep your credit card in your wallet! You can remain a Free Member for as long as you want to!

If you have a question or comment, please leave it below. I would Love to hear what you think about my article!

I Lost My Job What Now? – I Need Money! -$$

man sitting at computer

In the meantime you might want to take a look at how to make money online from your home.

Many are doing it right now!

Lots of folks today are saying the same thing right now, “I Lost My Job WHAT NOW?

Well, take a deep breath, whisper a prayer to the Lord and relax!

You will make it thru this time my friend. I went through it about three or four times so far in my lifetime.

I have learned that many times when I got laid off from a job, something better was waiting for me!

Your dream job or business may be right around the corner!

corner of a yellow house

File For Unemployment – Do It Now!

Thank God the Government has provided this safety net for those who have lost their jobs!

Check Here right now to see if you qualify to receive Unemployment benefits from your state.

In most states you have to have been working for at least six months and up to a year to qualify for the unemployment benefit. It depends on the state that you live in.

I remember some years ago I had been laid off from my job and I qualified for unemployment and actually collected it for over a year.

At the time I had a wife and five children, so the payments really came in handy. They were paying me $400 per week, which for many people that is not too much, but I was very thankful to be getting it.

I was unable to get employment for a long time, so I decided to go back to school and learn a new trade.

Amazingly, since I was unemployed, I qualified for another program that paid my tuition for the entire course for the years training.

I started going to a business school full time to learn computer repair and networking. After about 8 months I received my computer repair certificate and started my new career.

All the time I was going to school I was receiving my $400 per week from the states unemployment insurance program.

Other Ways to get Money Right Now


Have you filed your taxes yet? As of tax year 2019, If you have children you may qualify for a child tax credit and receive up to $1400 per child. It depends on how much income you made during the tax year.

Other ideas to make quick income right now could be to take a loan out. Or look around your house or garage and see what things you can sell.

Of course keep looking for another job, or even take almost anything if you need money right now. Career Builder is an excellent online resource that can help you find a job, and apply to lots of jobs with just one click.

Go to your local town and knock on business doors one by one and see if they need help.

Desperate times call for desperate actions. Do whatever you have to do to provide for your family.

I call it survival mode. I am actually in survival mode right now as I type this article. Why?

We are in the middle of what I am sure you heard of as the Pandemic of 2020, or the Corona Virus. We are self isolating.

I have not been working for about six months anyway, so for me I am basically just doing the same thing I have always been doing from home.

I help with the household chores, cooking, cleaning, shopping, writing, and tending to my nine ducks and one rooster.

ducks swimming

Borrow from Family or Friends

family in a field

I know, the LAST thing we want to do is ask our family or friends for money. It sucks. But if you know someone who your are friendly with and has money to spare, why not ask them? In all likelihood they would be glad to help you

You would help them if they were in your shoes, right? Go ahead, and give them a call. You might be surprised.

There has GOT to be a Better Way!

Thankfully there IS a better way to provide for ourselves and our family, and it is the way of the future.

It is called Affiliate Marketing.

While you are in the process of filling out job applications and applying for government unemployment benefits, why not check out what the online world has to offer?

With over 4 billion people online in the world today of whom most make purchases online, why not get a piece of the pie?

a piece of pieThe way we get that piece of pie is by implementing what is called Affiliate Marketing.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

To summarize; it starts with your own website and professional Hosting Platform.

Once you make your Website go Live, you start to write about the specific market that you are interested in.

You choose a niche, or specific part of the market that you are passionate about and have a lot of knowledge in.

If your interests are fishing, then you start telling the world all about fishing gear, how to fish, and what kind of boats you recommend.

Then you find companies that sell those boats and fishing gear and sign up with them as an affiliate.

Once they accept you into their affiliate program they give you a commission every time you make a sale for them from your website.

It is clean, simple, and eventually becomes almost automatic!

Imagine waking up whenever you want because you fired your boss a couple years ago. You walk over to your computer with your morning coffee in hand and turn it on.

Much to your delight you see a few sales had come in while you were sleeping!

You think to yourself, man, this is the life.

Then you remember that job that you used to have to drive to five days a week, that 25 mile one way commute!

You remember your boss always pointing that long, bony finger at you!

boss pointing finger at you

Man, you think, I must have been CRAZY! No, you just were caught up in the nine to five grind, working for the man.

Until you read this article that talked about Affiliate Marketing!

Oh how you thank God for that day when you thought to yourself, I am going to check this out.

Now you are looking back, and then your wife walks into the room reminding you that you need to book the hotel at the Montego Bay Resort for next weeks two week vacation.

montego bayYou realize that all the hard work you put into building your website has finally paid off big time!

You are now one of those many who are making MORE than a full time income from their laptops!

WELCOME to the Wonderful World of Affiliate Marketing!

Kick the tires, and come on in, the water is just fine!

If you found this article helpful, tell me by leaving a comment in the area below. Go ahead, ask any question! Thanks for reading!

Build Your Own Website FREE! – Get Yours NOW!

computer laptop

This is such a great time to be on the internet!

Technology is so advanced now that to build your own Website Free is a very common and easy thing to do!

Here is the site I am using. I started for Free and they offered me two free websites right off the bat!

But this is a special going on right now and will soon expire. When it does you will only get one free website.

But honestly one Free website is all you need to make a full time income from the internet .

Look at the hundreds of folks who are already successful making money on the internet from a 15-year-old Affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate!

These are Exciting Times!excited woman

Over Four Billion People are on the Internet Worldwide!

And MOST of them like to buy things from the internet!

All we have to do is build a website that attracts these people to it, and then they make a purchase!

And then, Cha Ching! We make commissions!!

cashThe reason you and I are here right now is because we want to work from home, right?

Times have changed and are still changing!

Today we do not HAVE to leave our homes and work a 9 to 5 job anymore 30 or 40 miles away from where we live!

The internet has opened up the wildest opportunities for those willing to make it happen and work hard for it!


monkey thinkingImagine waking up whenever you feel like it, walking over to your laptop in your living room and turning it on to see the commissions you made while you were sleeping!

This is actually happening right now!

Just Imagine, Working from the comfort of your OWN HOME.

NOT having to ask permission to take a break, or eat a snack.

NOT having to ask permission from the boss to take a vacation.

Just Imagine, NO more Commuting back and forth to work five times a week!

Just Imagine, NO more Low Paying Jobs!

AND THE BEST PART! Just Imagine, NO MORE ANGRY BOSSES pointing their long, bony fingers in your face!

Boss pointing finger at you

PUT that finger down! LOL!

I am working from home now!

Step 1: Get Your Free Website!

I will show you exactly how you can not only build your website for free, but how to make money from it!

The first step is to get your free website.

Click here NOW to get it!

Once you enter the information and make your profile, you are ready to GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE!

I suggest you start the FREE Training right away, and as you will see, in lesson four is where you create your Free Website.

Here is lesson four if you want to take a look at it right now!

OK great! Now you have your Free Website!

As you saw in the link above, it takes literally LESS THAN 30 seconds to build your very own website!

Technology has advanced so much that we no longer need to be a computer geek to build a website.


Now How to Build that Website?!

The same site that gives you a Free Website ALSO gives you twenty Free Learning Modules on how to build your website and learn how to make money from it!

I suggest you continue on with the training. Look at all 20 FREE lessons on how to make money from the internet.

Once you have your website, you want to start to make it look pretty.

This is my website, do you think it looks pretty?

Making it look pretty is good, but if nobody ever sees the website they will never know how pretty it is!

Driving Traffic to Your Free Website

Nobody is ever going to buy a Mcdonalds franchise and put it in the middle of the woods where only the birds and the bees see it.

No! Mcdonalds always puts their restaurants where there are a lot of people who can see it.

Why? The more hungry people who see it is the more likely they will stop in and buy a cheeseburger!


The same goes for your website.

The goal is to make your website appear on as many peoples computers as possible!

The way we do that is by making your website optimized for the search engines.

Google is the most popular search engine. We all do it, and sometimes more than once every day.

We are thinking about buying something, lets say we want to buy a bunch of different colored balloons.


We go to Google and type in “Balloons”, or “Balloons near me”

This is what we will see in Google.

google balloons Usually there are paid ads as the top few results, but as you scroll down a little you get to the other websites that have found a way to get onto page one of Google Free!

THAT is called Organic Traffic, or getting your traffic to your site for FREE!

That is exactly what we teach at Wealthy Affiliate, how to optimize your website so it comes up on page one of Google.

Which Marketing Method is Best Though?

Affiliate Marketing is the most solid way to make monthly recurring income from our websites.

One of the most popular companies that will accept you into their affiliate marketing program is Amazon.

amazon logo

Amazon is the largest Internet company by gross income in the world.

Amazon is also the second biggest private employer in the United States.

In 2015 Amazon passed Walmart in Gross Sales Revenue!

With such popular name recognition as Amazon, and its yearly sales, it is a very good idea to sign up with them as an Affiliate Marketer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing method where someone who owns a website applies to a company to become an affiliate.

Once that company accepts you they provide you an affiliate link to put onto your website.

You can have that link embedded into a picture like I just did in the picture of the Amazon logo.

Click the picture and it takes you to the Amazon website.

Now go shopping! Make sure you make a lot of expensive purchases now!

The more you buy, the more I make!

And the same thing will be with you as soon as you sign up with Amazon as an affiliate.

The really cool thing is that as an affiliate we do not have to MAKE any products!

We do not have to STORE any products in our closet or garage!

We do not have to SHIP any products!

We do not have to even COLLECT MONEY from those who buy from our websites!

Amazon does ALL OF THAT FOR US!

Then Amazon sends us a commission check!

Clean and Cool!man sitting at computerKeep Your Wallet Closed!

There is no credit card needed to join as a Starter Member with Wealthy Affiliate!

Your FREE membership includes One Free Website and twenty FREE Professional Affiliate Marketing Learning Modules on how to build your website and get it ready to start making daily sales.

Start NOW for Free!

Wealthy Affiliate is a 15-Year-Old Highly Professional Affiliate Marketing Company that is DEDICATED in making all those who join SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Marketers.

Their Reputation in the Online World is STERLING!

Check us out NOW for FREE!

If you enjoyed this article, or hated it, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

How To Work From Home and LOVE IT!


Yes, there is NOTHING more enjoyable than doing something that you LOVE to do!

Many may wonder, can I really Work from Home and Love it?

Yes! MANY are doing it right now!

I will do my BEST to show you HOW!

Do You Love What You are Doing Now?

I think there are many that are not enjoying the work that they do.

But that can change.

First, what are you PASSIONATE about?

Write down what comes to your mind, at least three of your passions.

We are going to try to show you how you can work from home doing what you LOVE to do!

But first lets look at some statistics.

Worldwide, Most Hate their Jobs!the bossIs this your Boss?

How do you feel about your job and your boss?

In the United States, there are about 100 million full-time employees, about half of these, 51%, are not really engaged at work.

That is almost 50 MILLION unhappy workers!!

They do not Love their jobs. Are you one of them?

Worldwide it is even worse!

According to Gallup, 85% of people in the world do not like their jobs and are considered, “Not Engaged!”

That is a LOT of unhappy folks!

Working from Home – Is it REALLY POSSIBLE?

According to U.S. Census data, about 5.2% of U.S. workers worked at home in 2017

That is a whopping 8 million people!

I always like to say, if THEY can do it, so can I!

In fact, I am doing it right now! And YOU CAN TOO!

And this trend of working from home is only going to increase.

Take a look at this graph.

graph of people working from home showing an increase

So if we look at the year 2000, that is 20 years ago, less than 3.5% of Americans were working from home

In 2018 it was over 5%. And it will just keep going up because of computers and the internet!

So HOW Can I Work From Home?

Let’s discuss exactly HOW WE can work from home, and Love what we do at the same time!

First lets see some of the benefits of working from our homes.

• No more commuting to work all those miles fighting traffic.

• No more boss to answer to.

• We may take a break at ANY time for a snack, or to walk the dog, or just go outside and get some sun.

• Go on Vacation Anytime you please without having to ask anyones permission.

• Make commissions online day and night, even when you are sleeping or on vacation!

Sounds like a Dream, right?

It is a reality for many right now!

I am certain it is clear that we will need to be working from a computer from home.

Most already have a computer. If yours is old I suggest you go buy a Laptop for around $300

This is a very small investment, and you want your computer to run FAST.

No need to worry about what brand to buy, these days the quality of all laptops is just outstanding!

I am a computer guy, and you may want to read this article before you set up your website. It is some important tips about computer virus’s and how to get rid of them. VERY important.

Just two weeks ago I had a virus hit my computer and I destroyed the virus in less than two minutes! I know how.

Building a STRONG Affiliate Marketing Website

This, my friend is the HOW. Yes, with affiliate marketing you can finally market your passion and do what you LOVE!

Do you love to cook? With affiliate marketing you can make daily income by selling other companies products! Or take your recipes and make an e book and sell it!

Is knitting and sewing your passion? You can become an affiliate of Walmart or Amazon and make daily commissions!

amazon logo

Since Amazon sells almost everything, you can sign up with them to become an affiliate marketer.

As long as you have a decent looking website, they will accept you into their program.

Amazon only requires that you make three sales for them in a six-month period.

Even if you do not make their sales quota, they will let you apply and usually accept you for another six months.

Amazon pays between 4% to 8% commission based on your sales volume.

While that may not seem a lot, it can really add up once your website takes off and starts making hundreds of sales per day.

And that is just from ONE companies affiliate program!

There are thousands of other affiliate programs you can become involved with and make commissions!

But you need a website first.

How To Build an SEO Website

What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is techniques and practices that we implement on our websites to get ranked HIGH in Google.

The higher we rank in Google, the more visitors to our website.

The more visitors to our website, the more sales we make!

With the Affiliate Marketing company I am presently with, they will teach you everything you need to know to get your website up and running and on the first page of Google!

google logo

Once we learn the tricks and techniques to get Google to notice our website, we will find our sites on the first page of Google.

Here are some Highlights of what we know about SEO.

• Which Keywords to use that get lots of searches every month

• Which Web Hosting Company to use to make our sites open fast. A slow website never gets Googles attention!

• Which authority sites to link to in our Blog Posts to make our website an Authority website.

• How to use back links to impress Google and rank us on page one.

• How to use images, what kind, and how many. Google likes images, but the images also must be optimized.

• Exactly how MUCH we need to write for our websites to show Google our authority on the subject we write about.


Will This Work for Me though?

It sure will! Just take a look at these people who are already making incomes from their websites!

A Final bit of advice, from my heart.

You are going to HAVE to be patient! Especially if you are a Newbie.

There is nothing wrong with being a Newbie. Nobody was born with Internet marketing skills.

Every SINGLE one of us had to learn it, and so will you.

For every single website ever made, know that it will take time to get recognized by Google.

What do I mean?

Google is in the business of providing helpful, quality content and information to those who use their Search Engine.

Statistically, Google knows that most people who build a website lose interest and quit after just 3 months, or some even go as far as 6 months, and then quit.

Please make a commitment to work your website for at least ONE YEAR.

Because the folks at Google know most quit with their websites, they purposely do NOT rank anyones website for at least three months, or even six months.

In a way, they are just waiting for you to do like most people do, to quit.

So determine with yourself NOT to quit. Learn the training and IMPLEMENT it!

Know, that just like these hundreds of examples, you too can, and WILL succeed!

Believe in yourself! This is NOT rocket science we are learning. Anyone can learn affiliate marketing.

As Winston Churchill famously said,

“Never, never, never give up.”

winston churchillIf you enjoyed this article, please leave your comment below! I would LOVE to hear what you think!

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies n’ Red Necks.

horse and man

That’s right. We gonna teach you dummies and Red Necks some stuff!

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies and Red Necks!

All right all you dummies and Red Necks, these here marketing lessons are for YOU!

So pay attention!

Lesson number 1

First thang is ya need what those smart folks call a computer. laptopLook at this here picture, that is a computer.

Ya ain’t gonna make no money without a computer, got that?

A computer is an “E” lectronic Device that processes information.

You can buy m at Walmart for under three hundred bucks, on sale.

It don’t really matter what brand. They all good, hear?

And buy what they call a Laptop, they better than those eye pads. Bigger too so you can see what ya write.

And no, do NOT even THINK about trying to build no website on your Apple Eye Phone!

Them letters are just TOO little to see. letters

So forget about that, put your eye phone away and use it for talking, not writing!

And stop worrying about HOW these “E” lectronic devices work.

They just do!

So stop trying to figure out why or how these computers work, they does and that is all you needs to know.

Got it?


Now, lets go on.

Ya Needs a Website

Lesson Number 2

Now I know yer a dummy and a Red Neck, not a good combination, but I hope ya at least know what this is.

Do ya?

Well, a Website is one of those here thingies that ya see on yer computer screen when ya go and click on one of those thare link thingies.

Ya got that?


Too bad.

What you are reading IS directly FROM MY website, OK?, good, so that’s lesson two.

Lesson Number 3

We wants to learn ya some Affiliate Marketing cause that’s what everybody is doin, so you should too.

Does it work? Take a looks at this.

Did you looks at it?

No!? Git yer butt back up thare and click that thare link on so we can move on!

OK, that’s better.

So you see Affiliate Marketing is Working for lots of people.

So if it’s working for them, it will work for us dummies and red necks. Got it? good!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is when you earn a commission for recommending a product.

Someone visits your website and buys something.

You get a commission.

You do not have to make that product or keep hundreds of them in your garage.

You will not even have to collect money from them when they buy it, or ship out any products.

The company that markets the product does all of that for you.

An example would be like Amazon.

amazon logo

Ha! If you click the picture of the Amazon Logo above and go shopping, I makes a commission!

Why thank you!

Yep, and so can you, that is how it works.

I advertise for Amazon on my website.

Someone clicks the link and buys some things.

Amazon pays me a commission.

The commission rate depends on how much volume we sell for Amazon.

Yes, many makes a full time income just for selling things on their website just for Amazon alone!

But there are thousands of other companies that also will pay you when you become an associate.

Search Engine Optimization

Lesson Number 4

Would you buy a Mcdonalds and put it in the middle of the woods where only the deer and bees see it?

I know if yer a red neck you would!

But how you gonna sell any hamburgers? Deer don’t have no money!

So we need to put that Mcdonalds where a LOT of people with money can see it!

Take a look at this here red neck in front of Mcdonalds!mcdonalds sign

Yes, home boy, we talkin bout YOU.

See, the same goes with yer website. If nobody sees it, how is anybody gonna buy stuff from it?

Make sense?



Anyway, chew on that for a while.

For us to get your website in front of other dummies and red necks, we have to do what is called Search Engine Optimization.

Sorry about them big words. Lemme explain.

See, when folks goes on what is called the internet, and they wants to buy something, like say, a twelve gauge shot gun, they usually goes to google.

They type in shotgun and hit search. Then Google does it’s thing!shotgun

You see a page that has what they call results.

Most people will click on the first or second result they see on that page.

You can imagine how much traffic these people are getting to their website every day JUST because, for some reason they are on the first page of Google!

How did they get on the first page of Google?

That is what we learn you about SEO, or search engine optimization, it’s what will put YOUR website on the first page of logo

Some stuff we teaches about SEO is using what is called keywords.

Some keywords are good, and some keywords are bad.

A good key word is a key word that a lot of people search every month.

Now keep in mind, a key word is not just one word, in fact it is usually a phrase that is two to five words long.

Got that?

No?  Too bad.

We have here a tool that will figure out all the technical things about searches per month for us automatically.

It is called Jaaxy.


Jaaxy will find the exact keywords that you need to get your website found on Google.

Anyone Can Succeed in Affiliate Marketing!

Yea, that includes you dummies and red necks. We can learn it to ya!

So why not just take a look at where I learned it from?

They all learned me affiliate marketing from a 15-year-old company called Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate logo

Keep your credit card in your wallet.

They don’t want yer money, not now at least. Hee hee hee.

But yea, take a look around for FREE, yea, that’s right, FREE!

Yer even gits two FREE websites just for looking around, along with over twenty free lessons on affiliate marketing.

Thank you, you dummies and red necks for reading what I gots to say.

Now go fer it!


I Need Money Now! – Or, At Least, ASAP!

moneyOK, if I Need Money Now, what would be the best way to get it?

If I needed money today or tomorrow, I would call one of my family, or perhaps a close friend and ask to borrow it, .

Things get tight for almost everyone at times, and there is nothing wrong in asking for help.

I remember when I was unemployed living in New York with a Wife and Seven Children. Times got tough!

There was a time we actually had no money for our electric, and had to go without it for a week.

You are not alone!

For a Long Term Cash flow which would become a permanent Residual Income, Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and learn Affiliate Marketing

Borrow and get Money In Days!

Of course, money does not grow on trees, BUT there is a company that you may qualify with for a loan.

Lending Tree has a program where if they approve you, you can get a personal loan from $1000 to $50,000 in less than three days!

Lending Tree has helped over 10 million people, with over $6 billion borrowed.

They also have a four and a half star rating.

It seems like as long as your credit is pretty good, and you have a job, you will qualify.

Just be sure to check what the interest rate is before you apply.

Most of these what are called Payday Loans have very high interest rates, and are more designed for a short term loan period.

File your Taxes – Online is Fastertax forms

If you have not yet filed your taxes, do so right away. The only problem is you will not see the money for about three weeks.

I have used Turbotax for around six years now. They have a Start for Free option.

Additionally, Turbotax has something called, a “Refund Advance Program”.

As long as you are over 18, have a physical U.S. Address, and are getting back at least $500, you very well may qualify to have a portion of your tax refund advanced to you quickly.

turbo tax website

If you have children, you qualify for the child tax credit as long as they are under 18 and living in your home.

Even for just one child, you can get about $2000!

We used to get over $6000 every year, having seven children, it was such a huge help!

I remember the first time we received that $7000 plus check from Uncle Sam!

I told my accountant, who is also my friend, “wow, they actually give us all that money?”

Her answer was, “Isn’t America Great?” I agreed.

Have a Garage Sale and Sell Your Unwanted Things

garage with a car in it

Another way you can make a couple hundred dollars pretty quick is to have a garage sale.

Make sure you advertise, and put signs up around town so people will come by.

Lots of people love going to garage sales searching for bargains.

Don’t forget to advertise your garage sale online.

Most communities have a local website where you can usually advertise for free.

Where I live in Missouri, they even have a radio show where you can call in and tell them where and when your garage sale is.

Also if you have a car you are not using, you could try selling it.

Apply For Jobs using CareerBuilder

I suggest you sign up with CareerBuilder to save time applying to multiple companies.

Once you submit your resume and personal information to CareerBuilder, they have a neat feature that they call, “Quick Apply Now.”

With this feature you can apply to multiple jobs at the same time!

Make sure you answer all the questions about which jobs you are searching for, and which jobs you are qualified for.

CareerBuilder will send you job recommendations based on your previous site activities, searches, and your resume.

You can go thru this job list and decide which of the jobs are a good match for you.

Now just check off all the jobs on the list that are a match, and then choose the “Quick Apply All” button at the top of the page.

It is cool how you can apply to all these jobs with just one push of a button!

Drive for Uber or Lyft!

Depending on where you live, you can apply to Uber and Lyft and usually be approved in a couple days.

You will need to have a car with four doors, and be less than 15 years old.

Of course it cannot be all banged up and rusty. It must look decent inside and out.

It also must be mechanically sound.

You may need to drive to the nearest large city for it to be profitable for you though.

If you live in a town or city of under 20000 people, you will not get very many rides per day.

When I drove for Uber in Missouri, I would drive to St. Louis on Saturday and sometimes make over $300!

After you have been accepted as an Uber driver and give a ride, there is an option in the app where, as a driver, you can request immediate payment.

I was an Uber driver for a couple years and used that instant pay button many times.

For a Stable and Permanant Income. Learn Affiliate Marketing.

These days there are millions of people making commissions from affiliate marketing

wealthy affiliate logoBecause there are now over 4 billion folks online worldwide, having your own website to make affiliate commissions is the way to go.

We all are aware of how many retailers are going bankrupt.

In 2019 Payless Shoe Source closed all of its remaining 2100 stores in the U.S.A.!

Also in 2019, Dressbarn, in business for almost 60 years closed all of its 650 stores!

The Gap closed over 200 stores in 2019!

Avenue closed 222 stores in 2019!

I could go on and on and on.

But do you see the trend?

According to Retail e-commerce sales in the United States are projected to be 600 Billion by 2024!retail statistics

People Love shopping online. It is convenient and the items are shipped directly to your home.

No more burning up the gas in your car, or fighting long check out lines.

Why not profit from this huge swell in Online Sales?

You can, by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketer.

Technology Makes the Online World Easy

Gone are the days where you need to learn Java or some other HTML coding to build a website.

Technology has done all the hard work for us.

Wealthy Affiliate offers Free Websites and Free Training.

I am currently paying about a dollar a day for the Premium membership which includes hundreds of hours of high quality affiliate marketing training.

A buck a day? Yep, that is all, and that is COMPLETE!

There are NO Upsells in Wealthy Affiliate.

You may be wondering, does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

So, what do you think about trend in buying things online?

Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Work Part Time From Home? – Yes! Please!

house among trees with red and orange leaves

So you want to work part-time from home?

Me too!

I mean, who wants to work 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday, year in and year out making our company rich?

Of course, the best way to start our own business is to begin part-time until it gets successful enough to replace our full time job.

Working From Home – A Dream Come True!

So, how long is your daily commute to your J.O.B.?

Ten miles one way?


How many potholes do you fall into every day?

Yes, it IS truly a Dream to work from home.

Currently I am working from Home Part-Time, and I LOVE it!

Of course, if you Love your boss, that is great!Boss pointing his finger at you

Sarcasm with a slight smile.

NOW PUT that long finger down!

As we work part-time from home and eventually become full-time, we will get to enjoy some awesome benefits.

• Taking a vacation without having to ask permission

How many times have you went to your boss and asked for permission to go on vacation a certain week, and that week is already taken by someone with more seniority than you?

Or, some jobs only offer one week off a year, even two is not enough in my opinion.

I worked for the two most popular ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, for two years, and I loved the fact that I did not have to ask permission from anyone to go on vacation.

I just shut the apps off, and went.

Of course, I was not working from home, but I was a sub-contractor working for myself.

• Take a break ANYTIME you please.

Better not try that at your job!

It is sweet to be able to walk into the kitchen and get a snack and relax for fifteen, or even thirty minutes when you work from home.

Nobody is looking at you out of the corner of their eye, or writing you up for laziness, or snapping at you to get back to work.

• The option to make as much money as you please.

When we have our own business we have the opportunity to make as much money as we want to.

We can even expand and hire people to do the work we are doing.

However, it is not so with our jobs.

Our jobs set our pay rate. We basically have no control over how much money we make.

We may get a small raise every year, but we will never get rich working for someone else, for sure!

We can always go searching for a higher paying job, but even then, their is a limit to how much they will allow us to make.

Choosing Part-Time Work From Home

All right, you may already have a Trade of some sort, if you do, you already know what part-time work you are going to do.


You should consider building a website though, because these days a Website makes all the difference in getting customers.

With your own website you are beating out your competition who does not have a website.

They will be wondering how you are getting so many customers!

So many of these customers are already spending hours online, looking, shopping, buying, why not get their attention with your very own website?

Yes, you really can get local customers who live near you to see your website!

If you would like to see an example of a Free Website, check it out Here.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that because of all of todays advanced technology, it takes less than a minute to make a website.

What we create in seconds today, used to take weeks and even months, and we needed to know how to use programming language and HTML.

Not So Today!

Now, if you do not have a Trade, more than likely you are looking for a way to make full time income from your computer thru your own website.

Let Your Website Do The Work

The internet along with Affiliate Marketing has forever changed the entire world with how we purchase things today.

Only 20 or 30 years ago it was unheard-of to buy something “Online”

Today, most of us shop online and make at least one or two purchases every week.

The opportunity for us to make commissions off of these sales is VERY REAL!

Millions make commissions by signing up to be an Amazon Affiliate, and a lot are making full time income just from Amazons affiliate program alone!

amazon logo

Today it is easier than ever to make a part-time, or a full-time income right from our computers, while sitting down on our couch at home.

It is a reality.

In the past many of us involved ourselves with some Multi Level Marketing company, or MLM, and worked hard to get recruits.

We bothered our family and friends until they became sick of us!

Not so today with Affiliate Marketing!

The people who end up at our websites were actually searching for an item to buy and landed on our web page!

We did not call them on the phone begging them to buy something from us.

We did not even send them an email! They came looking for US and found OUR website!

I don’t know about you, but I sure Love this new way of marketing!

Another thing is that our Websites also build up our contact list automatically!

We create a contact form for them to fill out by inserting an email address.

All done on our websites without us lifting a finger! Night and day, 24hrs!

Remember in MLM what they told you do in the first 24 hours?

Yep, write down your contact list. All of your family, friends, and acquaintances. That was fun, huh?

Start Part-Time, then go Full-Time

As we build out our websites and Google starts to rank us on their first page, eventually we will be making a full-time income to replace our jobs.

It will take a lot of work, for sure, but it is worth it in the long run.

Many of us work hard and study long hours for four years at a college, then look to work for somebody else.

Why not put a year or two in now Part-Time building your website to eventually become a work at home entrepreneur?

Learning How To Do It

Like anything new, we must learn. Here the internet comes in very handy.

There are YouTube videos on almost any topic you can think of.

How to fix your car.

How to make ice cream.

How to make money online.

Information is abundant.

But why not get all of your training and information from experts from just One Website?

That is exactly what I did when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. wealthy affiliate logo

For One dollar a day I have everything I need to succeed in ONE place!

• How to build a website

• How to become an Affiliate Marketer

• Learn Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, so Google will rank my site on their first page

• Lightning fast Web hosting on a platform that runs two copies of my website at all time, called redundancy, so that my site NEVER goes down!

• Millionaire Company Owners actually on the platform almost every day answering our questions.

• An amazingly helpful online community, over a million strong. The largest of its kind online 24 hrs a day to help us with any questions we have.

Does it Really Work Though?

That is a valid question.

See for yourself Here.

This really is the Ground Floor for Affiliate Marketers. The quicker we build our websites, the quicker Google will start ranking them, and for us to be making a full-time income from our homes.

The Time is Now!

If you have a comment or question, please leave it below! And Thanks for reading!

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership – Cost? – $0.00

wealthy affiliate logoYep, Seriously. Free.

And I am not talking about just signing up for free, almost everyone, including me, does that.

I am talking about month after month, year after year, you pay ZERO dollars! FREE.

The ONLY hitch, and yes there IS one, is that you Must first sign up as a Premium member for $19.

But after that, every month membership fees will be covered if you follow my instructions in this post.

After reading this article you will understand exactly how to get a….

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership.

The normal cost of a Wealthy Affiliate Membership is $49 per month.

As far as I am concerned that is a GREAT Price, considering all that it includes!

What Does a Wealthy Affiliate Membership Include?

• Expert Affiliate Marketing Training

wealthy affiliate screenshot

Every Friday night there is LIVE Training where you can get your questions answered.

Dozens of step by step Video training on exactly what to do and how to do it. Building websites, Search Engine Optimization, and everything else you need to make your website rise to the Top in Google!

• Expert Coaching when you have questions, even the owners are online answering your questions!

wealthy affiliate screenshot

It is practically unheard-of that the owners of ANY business would actually interact with Brand New Members on a daily basis!

But that is actually one of the Perks of being a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

• An Amazingly Helpful Online Community of over One Million Affiliate Marketers! Largest in the World!

wealthy affiliate community screenshot

• Professional Website Hosting included in all Premium Memberships.

And not just ANY hosting, FAST HOSTING! The average Page Load Time is only 1.3 Seconds!

Why is that important? Because it is a big ranking factor with Google!

There is no way Google is going to put your website on its first page if your site is slow.

What do you do when a website takes too long to load?

You close the page, and that is exactly what folks will do to your site if it takes too long to load.

wealthy affiliate hosting screenshot• Free Websites built on the most powerful platform in the world.

Years ago a website like you will be getting would take weeks, and even months to build.

Our websites here at Wealthy Affiliate are built in about 34 seconds. Isn’t technology wonderful?

• Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliates AMAZING Keyword research tool. INCLUDED in all memberships at no additional cost!

wealthy affiliate jaaxy keyword tool screenshotWe are online building websites for mainly one purpose, to make a full time income.

If we do not learn Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which is what we need to do to get Googles attention, we will not succeed.

To do this, we need keywords. A Keyword is simply a very popular search word, or phrase.

It works like this.

You are looking to buy the best coffee maker around, so what do many do?

They go to Google and type in ” the best coffee maker” and get these search results.

google results for best coffee maker

These four businesses made it to page one of Google, why?

Well one of the main reasons is that Google looked at the sites and saw they had the popular search term, ” the best coffee makers” in the very title of their article.

See the power of using keywords?

With Wealthy Affiliates amazing Jaaxy keyword research tool, you always get accurate results for the best keywords.

Jaaxy shows you how many of your competition is using the exact keyword, and your probability of getting ranked on page one of Google.

OK, I Get It. WA is Amazing!

Yes it is!

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member you have access to what is known as “Site Comments.”

Site Comments is where Wealthy Affiliate members go to ask for comments about their most recent posts, or to go and give comments about one of the members posts.

When you become a Certified Commenter, Wealthy Affiliate actually starts Paying you for your comments!

I made over Twenty dollars in two weeks, and that was just commenting on a part-time basis.

You are well able to make over $50 a month as a Certified Commenter, and even over $100 a month if you like.

That more than covers your cost of the $49 per month membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As long as you continue as a Certified Commenter, you keep getting paid, which pays for your membership, forever.

How Do I Become A Certified Commenter?

To get started all you have to do is enter your email address here.

Follow all the directions to get into the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

You will see a page that probably looks like this.

wealthy affiliate screenshot

In the left-hand column click on “Websites” Then click on Site Comments. You should see this.

Here you will be able to offer comments when you click on the blue button on the upper right that says, “Offer Comments”

So go ahead and click on “Offer Comments” You should see a page that looks like this.

welathy affiliate screenshot

Notice in the middle of the page to the right there is a button that says, “Edit My Interests”

Go ahead and click on that. Keep in mind, the more boxes you check, the more websites will be available to you to comment on, so the more that better.

Now just start offering comments.

You will notice that as you offer comments and get credits you are not yet getting paid for your comments.

That is because you are not yet a Certified Commenter.

You must first give 50 comments before you become Certified. You will still get credits which you can use to have people comment on your articles once you begin writing.

But the paid comments do not start until you are Certified. You should be able to offer 50 comments in just a few hours, it does not take too long.

Being Paid as a Certified Commenter

Once you are certified, you will start getting paid cash.

For every other comment you give, you get 25 cents, or in other words, give two comments, get a quarter.

It is not a lot, but it is very easy work, and kinda fun, and you learn a LOT about peoples products they sell.

And it does add up.

As I said, I made over Twenty bucks doing it in a period of two weeks.

I usually spent an hour or two a day, five days a week doing it.

If you do it more, you make more.

I did it more as an experiment to see how much I could make.

You Must Give Quality Comments

Keep in mind, you will NOT get paid if the person whose website you are commenting on disapproves your comment.

Yes, the person does not HAVE to approve your comment, and if they do not, you will not get paid, so give good quality comments.

Another thing is realize that you are not being asked to critique the site or criticize the products the affiliate marketer is selling.

Remember, every single one of these comments, if approved by the affiliate marketer goes onto his site as a comment that every and any future visitor will be able to read!

So give positive feedback all the time. It is OK to ask a question or two as well, but keep it positive or your comment will not be approved!

Conclusion to Having a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership

There you go, you now have a free Wealthy Affiliate membership from getting paid to give comments on other peoples sites!

Free is good. wealthy affiliate logo

If you have not yet started your free membership, check it out here and start making your very own affiliate marketing website with all the GREAT benefits, FOR FREE!

Please let me know what you think about my article below! Thanks!

I Want To Work From Home on my Computer

Me too!

I got so tired of those Multi Level Marketing Businesses! Finally, I just concluded;

I want to work from HOME on my in and among fall foliage

Now, I just need to find what KIND of work I will do on my computer to replace my full time income from my job.

I am sure that you do want to replace your J.O.B. right?

Computers Have Changed Everything!

I went to school some years ago to learn how to fix computers.

Of course, they explain to you first just what a computer is, and how it works.

I will give you just one sentence explaining what a computer is.

A Computer is a Hardware Device powered by electricity and designed to store and process data, usually in binary form, according to the instructions given to it by a software program.

There. Those are the basics.

Ones and zeros! On and off.

Wow! I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around how a computer can store things on its hard drive, and especially on those little Thumb Drives! thumb drive


But, like an Airplane, we do not have to understand how and why it flies to benefit from it.

So it is with computers.

They work.

Most of the time, lol.

Just Be Careful About Viruses

Yea, you can still get one no matter how good your antivirus program is.

I am an I.T. guy, so I know.

Why is it you can still get one?

Because all a computer virus is, is software, or a written computer language program that some jerk writes to take over and control your computer.

And they make new ones every day!

That is why we need to keep our antivirus programs up to date. You know, those updates?

Updates come because some I.T. guy who works for your Antivirus Company was just informed of a new virus that was written.

His job is to write a program to destroy this virus, and once he does that, he sends it out to us as an update.

But your Antivirus program updates itself automatically, so no need to go checking to see if it needs updating.

Here is a Free Tip.

And it is One of the most VALUABLE tips about computer viruses you will ever get from anyone.

I had to use this very tip just a week ago too!

I am sure at one time or the other while working on your desktop or laptop all of a sudden things started flashing and saying something like, “Warning, your computer has a virus”, or “Windows needs attention.”

The one I got last week actually audibly spoke to me saying, “Do not shut your computer off.”

They are smart, because they know that is how we get rid of them.

Yep, that is exactly how you get rid of these viruses, you do a hard shut down of your computer by pressing your power button down and holding it down for ten seconds until your computer shuts down.

Then turn it back on using a laptop

Presto! Virus gone! You may have to do this two or three times, but keep doing it until it is gone.

Note! The quicker you shut your computer down the better!

Why? You do not want the virus to get its roots into your computer, if it does it could mean BSOD!

That stands for Blue Screen Of Death.

Basically its bye-bye to your computer, or at least you have to drop it off to a repair shop and pay a hundred bucks, but even then there is a good chance your data is gone.

So shut down your computer immediately when it starts talking to you or flashing all these messages!

You will be glad you did.

And, yes, it worked for me the first time I powered off, no more virus. Bye bye! Nope, not paying you any money for you to let me have my laptop back. Virus destroyed.

One More Free Computer Tip

two children playing on a laptop computerMake sure you do not have more than one antivirus program installed on your computer.

Just go to your programs file on your computer and read thru the list.

If you do have more than one installed, remove the other one or two. The reason is that they will fight with each other and slow down your computer.

And I know you don’t want a slow computer!

No need to buy an antivirus program these days either.

The free ones work fine.

Today when you buy a new computer, Microsoft has an antivirus program pre installed for free.

It is called Windows Defender, and it works very well. It’s the only one you need. Really.

OK, So, NOW we have our computers virus free and running fast, lets go on!

Working From Home From Your Computer

It really is like a dream, right?

No more commuting to work all those miles fighting traffic.

No more boss to answer to.

Take a break ANY time for a snack, or walk the dog.

Go on Vacation Anytime you please without having to ask permission.

Making commissions online day and night, even when you are sleeping or on vacation!

Yes, this is what computers have provided for many people today.

Along with the internet, it is very common now to work right from your home from your computer.

How To Make Money From Home

Ok, this is what we all want to know.

What exactly do I do on my computer to make money?

It all starts with owning your very own website.

You can get a free website here.

But even before that, we need to decide in what way are we going to make money from our computers?

What method should I use? Or, what company should I involve myself with?

Please do not fill out surveys for a whopping pay of two cents each!two cents

There are perhaps hundreds of these websites that tell you can make money filling out surveys.

And you will make money.

But $20 a month will never replace your job.

But, hey if you want to try it, you can. I did.

One of the more popular sites is called Swagbucks.

You can learn all about Swagbucks here.

If anything you can see it for yourself, perhaps you will end up making as much as $50, or even $100 per month, who knows?

Affiliate Marketing is the Future

Without question affiliate marketing is the future for all those who are looking to replace their income from their jobs.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is signing up with a company like Amazon to sell their products.

Now, to be clear, it is your Website that does all the selling.

You do not need to call anyone, or email them and try to convince them to buy something.

Your website is going to do all of that for you.

Once Amazon approves you as an affiliate, they will give you links and banner ads to put on your website.

When a person visits your website and clicks on your Amazon banner ad, and buys something.

YOU get paid!

It really is that simple.

No selling, no payment processing, no phone calls, no storing products in your garage. No shipping products or producing products.

You don’t even have to make a contact list!

For all of us former MLM Network Marketers, wasn’t that so much fun making a list of all your family and friends and one by one calling them about the latest and greatest Multi Level Marketing Scam, I mean, business!?

Oh, you DON’T miss that?

Neither do I .

That is why I Love Affiliate Marketing.

Conclusion: Try Affiliate Marketing for Free

With the High Quality Program I am in, you start for Free.

The name of this 15 Year Old Affiliate Marketing Company is Wealthy Affiliate.wealthy affiliate logoDoes Wealthy Affiliate really work though?

You decide.

Many are making four, five, and six figure annual incomes, from their computers, at home!

Yes, Affiliate Marketing WORKS!

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