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Hello there. My name is Phil and I would like to share some things I learned from being involved in a residual income business opportunity.

I first joined this company around 1997 when I was living in New York. The company has been around for over twenty years and its name is Melaleuca.

I no longer build a business with them but I still purchase their products because of their exceptional quality.

I remember being in church one Sunday and my good friend Eric walking up to me and asking me if I would be interested in learning how to build a Residual based Business from my home.

Because he was my friend and I was already a business owner, I said “sure, I will take a look.”

So one evening we drove over to his up lines house, Randy, who was also Erics enroller. We went into Randys home and sat down at his kitchen table.

He was a very friendly fellow and very knowledgeable about the company. He opened up a booklet and began to show me pictures and information about the company.

Randy explained that Melaleuca is a debt free company and one of the fastest growing companies in America at the time. What really intrigued me was their business model of attracting customers.

In Melaleuca, they have ZERO dollars put aside for advertising on TV or Radio, etc. At least at the time in 1997 it was that way. Perhaps since then it has changed.

Word Of Mouth Advertising

What I found interesting is that instead of having a huge budget for advertising like most other companies have like Proctor and Gamble, they took all that money that they would have spent on advertising and gave it to their active business builders!

I was blown away! I had never heard of any company just giving their entire advertising budget to their business builders, it was quite an exciting concept to me.

Randy explained that the business builders who shared the Melaleuca products with their friends, family and acquaintances were paid a monthly residual income every time someone bought the products.

He said because Melaleuca has so many products that everybody uses every month anyway, that all you were really are doing is switching stores.

The prices were not that high either, I was kind of surprised about that because I used to be in Amway and if you know anything about that company the prices are very high for many of their products, at least it was back in the eighties.

Melaleuca.  Just Amazingly High Quality Products!

Randy told me that there was an opportunity to get all these high quality products at a large discount every month if you just commit to buying a certain amount every month.

That made sense to me. The discount ranges between 30% and up to 50%.  He then explained that the reason that the company could afford to sell their products at such discounts was not only because they had no advertising budget, but also because they manufactured all of their products.

That also was quite impressive to me.

Melaleuca has two main centers for the production of their products. One of the locations is in Idaho where their headquarters is, and the other one is in Tennessee.

Then Randy showed me some products, like hand creme called Renew lotion. It seemed to be a very good lotion and had a pleasant scent.

He explained to me that the name of the company, Melaleuca, came from their very first product, which came from a tree called Melaleuca alternifolia, which apparently is only found to grow mainly in Australia.

The oil from this tree, which is also commonly called tea tree oil, has certain exceptional properties. Tea tree oil has been used as an alternative medicinal treatment for almost a hundred years in Australia.

The oil is very good for treating insect bites and killing germs. We still use it today along with the Renew hand lotion, they are both awesome products.

Building a Residual Income

As is quite obvious by now, I did sign up with the company that night at Randys house and began to learn what the next steps were to build this business.

I will mention that at the time it only cost $29 which I was quite impressed with. I just checked, and amazingly it is still $29 to join! To join Sam’s Club it is $45 a year right now.

The training to build a Melaleuca business is very good, and focused on introducing the company to immediate friends and family. This was called the Inner Circle.

I did this and became quite successful. Though I will admit I was kind of shy to talk to my family and friends about it. What they do is have one of your up line go with you to do the meetings for you the first couple weeks which was a really big help, and eventually I started doing my own meetings.

To make a long story short, which I don’t think I am doing a very good job at right now, I did enjoy a measure of success with Melaleuca.

Unfortunately over 90% of the group we created, which was over 400 memberships all eventually quit over a period of about a year.

To be clear, I did not personally enroll 400 people. I enrolled about 30 over a two-year period. But the people I enrolled also enrolled people, who enrolled people.

In Melaleuca you get paid 7% on Seven generations of your customers, which is pretty awesome.

So Why Did I Stop Building A Residual Income With Melaleuca?

As I mentioned I saw over 90% of my group quit over a years period, and that was pretty discouraging. I admit I did not continually bring in new people, which is what most Melaleuca reps would tell me who are still involved.

They are correct about that, but see, after you go thru your friends and family, who else is left? Strangers, and I was just not comfortable approaching strangers or cold calling them on the phone.

At that time the internet was growing very quickly and I saw many using the internet as a way of making residual income from a website, or using email marketing to grow a list to encourage other business builders to check their business out.

I longed to use the internet to reach the strangers I was shy to approach and talk to. I remember talking to my up line about it and at that time there was no real way to use the internet to find customers outside my circle of Influence.

Finding The Answer Thru Affiliate Marketing

As the years rolled along I never lost my desire to find a residual income business opportunity that worked without me having to cold call strangers.

This year, 2019, I found what I had been looking for with a company called Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

With the WA program, I cannot say enough good things about it. Not only does it teach you to how to build a website that gets traffic and sales, but there is an amazing helpful, and friendly online community that guides you every step of the way!

Everyone can start as a free member for as long as they want to. I started free and started the training which I did not have to pay for either.

Finally I saw the benefit of becoming a Premium member and joined for only $19 for my first month.

If you would like to join for free and learn how to build your very own website that will eventually produce a steady, unceasing solid, residual income even while you sleep, come take a look!


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