Should I Leave My Job? – How Else Can I Make Income?

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There are many who are asking, “Should I Leave My Job?”

In this article I will explain the pros and cons of leaving your job, and some alternatives to working a 9 to 5 job.

Reasons For Leaving Your Job

There are many different reasons a person would want to leave their job, let’s look at a few.

1. The boss is a Jerk

2. The pay is not enough

3. The commute is difficult, or too far away (Traffic jams)

4. I just do not like my job

5. I want to do something different

6. I want to learn how to earn a living online from my home

There are so many bosses that are like this

boss pointing his finger at youSome bosses just are not nice, it seems like they get a kick out of intimidating you.

How can you look forward to going to work every day when you have this guy always pointing his finger at you?

“Get back to work!”

I am sure you have been looking for ways to make more money. If your present job is not paying you enough then you have been looking at other higher paying jobs and sending your resume to them.

But sometimes you just do not get another job, and now you feel stuck.

Then what?

The average commute time in the U.S. is around 26 minutes, or roughly 15 miles.

That is not too bad, but in bad weather it can be very stressful. In the winter we battle the ice, snow and freezing rain.

snow on road and trees

Oh, what fun!

Many people just plain out do not enjoy the job they are doing.

Here In America there are around 100 million full-time employees, and half of these, or 51%, are not enjoying their work.

That is 50 MILLION unhappy workers!!

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They do not really Love their jobs. Are you one of them?

When we look at the numbers worldwide it is even worse!

According to Gallup, approximately 85% of people in the world do not like their jobs and are considered, “Not Engaged!”

Maybe you just want to do something different instead of the ol 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday routine.

Reasons for Staying at Your Job

Obviously if your job is your only source of income you need to stay at your job until you find another one.

You may not enjoy your job, hate the commute, and are earnestly seeking other employment, but for now, it is paying the bills!

I have found that the safest way to replace your job is to start some side gig while you are working.

Some have tried out Uber, like myself.

I did Uber and Lyft for around two years. It was fun mainly because you meet people from all over the world.

I Ubered a Professional Baseball player and dropped him off at his hotel across the street from the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium.

Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball field

I also Ubered a Professional boxer twice when I was Ubering in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

But Uber does not pay you enough Once you add up all your costs for oil changes, tires, car repairs, and insurance, you end making about 8 to 10 bucks an hour.

It is not worth it in my opinion, seeing you are driving your car into the ground and putting 50K miles on it per year!

More than likely the fact that you did a search for “Should I leave my job”, means you do not like your job. But what else can you do if you do not find another job to replace it?

You could try Affiliate Marketing and learn how to make money online from home.

Can I really Work From Home and Replace My Jobs Income?

The good news is, YES!

Many are doing it as you are reading this!

It is called Affiliate Marketing, and the cost to get involved can be as low as one dollar a day!

dollar bill

No way! ONE dollar a day to start your own business online?

Yes, check it out!

That one buck pays for ALL the Affiliate Marketing training, ALL the Search Engine Optimization training, ALL the website building Training, and Also includes State of the Art Hosting for up to Ten Websites!

It’s A Scam!

I know what you are thinking, scam. Hey I cannot blame you. Just like you, I have been scammed many times on some online internet get-rich-quick program.

Over the past 30 years I have seen so much unethical and illegal scams online, as I am sure you have too.

I would guess that over 95% of all programs online are scams, or at the least unethical.

You know what bugs me the most about these programs?


It’s like when you go thru the drive thru at McDonalds and you order a cheeseburger, the employee asks you, “Would you like an apple pie with that?” That is an up sell. McDonald's

An online up sell is when you decide you like a program and join it. It looks great. The price is low.

Then when you pay the initial fee of say, 30 or 40 bucks, up pops a window saying something like;

“For the next 30 minutes if you UPGRADE to Silver for only $999 you will get the super duper training!”

Some even keep upselling to crazy prices. I have seen upsells of Twenty Thousand Bucks!!

Not so here at Wealthy Affiliate. There are NO upsells. Your Premium Membership includes all the training and hosting.

Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

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When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I started as a Free Member and started my free affiliate marketing training.

There are 30 Free Affiliate Marketing Training Modules to get you started.

They even toss in a Free Website and teach you how to build it out.

Conclusion, Should I Leave My Job?

In my opinion if your job is your only source of income, no, stay and keep looking for another job.

Or you can start a side business, either online or offline depending on what skills you have.

We are all getting older, so eventually we will not be able to do as much physical activity as we used to.

That is why I highly recommend learning affiliate marketing as a side income.

Eventually as the income builds you can leave your job and work full time as an Affiliate Marketer from your home.

Start for FREE and take a look around. Keep your credit card in your wallet! You can remain a Free Member for as long as you want to!

If you have a question or comment, please leave it below. I would Love to hear what you think about my article!

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