Six Figures Mentors. My Review, Scam?

So this morning I was going thru my emails and saw this one, and decided to take a look. Initially it did not say it was from Six Figures Mentors. Here is what it said.

“The DigiTimeFreedom Team

To: Phil Salisbury Nov 26 at 10:03 AM

Hi Phil

It is Kent Carin and Joseph Balois here from”

I did not remember signing up to get emails from them, but knowing me I did and just forgot. lol. So I opened it up and started to read. I am never afraid to look at any program because I have seen a LOT and know the red flags.

Red Flag Number One

When researching any program, as I skim thru the site, one of the first things I do is read the About page, so keep that in mind when you are making your About page, it is very important. People want to see if they can connect with you.

As I read down I learned that their program, even though their business name is called Digitimefreedom, was actually a program called Six Figures Mentors. It began less than two years ago, red flag number one.

I know just because a program is less than two years old does not mean it is a bad company. Even the good companies have to begin at day one, day two, year one, and year two. But it always makes my eyebrows raise a little when I see a company is only two years old, well, at least one of my eyebrows was raised.

eyeRed Flag Number Two

Then I read something about Website Creation that said something like this;

Are You Finding it difficult with all the technical language? Accelerate your progress by hiring our expertise.


You can Get your website designed by a professional web developer.

Okay now I am seeing two red flags, and the second red flag is a deeper color red than the first one. Red flag on a beach

As I keep scrolling down I am wondering how much all this is going to cost. It already costs about $40 just to join SFM, and here we go with the additional costs!

It goes on to say that there is an SFM Members only offer, that is “Only” FROM £1500, which in dollars is around $1900! Wow!

And then they mention that this is the minimum cost which may be higher depending on the complexity of the website. Another wow. So, I keep reading to see if there may be yet MORE costs to build my website, called external costs, if there are any additional paid apps requested.

At this point I have already lost any interest I had in this company, but decide to keep reading out of curiosity.

The Last Straw. Red Flag Numero Tres, or in English, Three

Did you ever become involved in a program without first fully researching it, and only to find out that your paid membership does NOT include all the training or products you need to be successful?

Don’t you just hate that?

That is what is known as an Up Sell. Upselling is defined as a sales strategy where the seller will give an opportunity to you to buy additional related products or services, usually just to make a larger sale.

All of us have experienced an up sell whenever we go to a drive thru at a fast food restaurant.

The one making the sale to you already knows he has you hooked to buy something because you are at the window placing an order.

The up seller knows he is going to make a sale. So to make more money out of this sale they suggest buying an additional item that you did not order, like fries, or would you like that Super sized? bowl of french fries

Most of the time it does not bother me when someone does it because I know they are trained to do it, and they are just obeying their boss.

I usually just politely tell them get lost, lol, no just kidding, I say, no thank you.

But then when you are buying things online, especially if you are trying to make money online by using the internet, the seller can smell an opportunity.

As far as I am concerned large up sells are unethical. They may be legal, but as far as I am concerned it is a very shady business practice and I am turned off when I see it.

So, How BIG are Six Figure Mentors Up Sells?

Here is a screenshot, take a look. screenshot of six figures mentors up sells

I know the numbers are a little small, but if you look at the last one on the bottom left, the cost of their Black Program Up Sell is Twenty Thousand Dollars!

Oh My!

Even their Elite membership costs $2500 per year. Wow! Imagine paying all that every year?

The sad thing is, that if you are anything like me, you really do not have a lot of money to invest.

I can remember two times in my life when I was involved in programs where they actually had the nerve to tell me to just put it on a credit card.

The nerve. Salesmen like that I can do without. But they are here all over the internet! Beware!

Conclusion. Is Six Figure Mentors an Awesome Program?

Well, obviously I did not join the program, but what I read about them gave me all I needed to know to stay away from it.

I have no doubt the training is very good, most of the trainings are, but the problem is the cost. As far as I am concerned It is a highly unethical program.

We are interested in MAKING money, not spending it.

I have found a program with only one up sell. You join as a Free member, and then after a week or so of watching ten modules where you learn how to set up two Websites, they ask if you would like to become a Premium member.


How much is this up sell?

I paid Nineteen Bucks for my first month.

For a whole month I had the opportunity to access ALL the training, and when I say ALL, I mean ALL.

There are NO more up sells for additional training. All of it is included in a small monthly membership that ranges from $29 to $49 per month depending on if you choose monthly or yearly.

What does this small price include? Basically everything.

As a Premium member you are allowed to build up to Fifty Websites that INCLUDE State-of-the-art Web Hosting, Research Tools for Keywords, and all the online support you can imagine.

The Online Community reminds me of Facebook, but much better because we are almost like family sharing the same goal, which is to build a strong, successful Website that makes us money night and day!

All Starter Members come on board for FREE. Keep your credit card in your wallet, you don’t need it. Come and take a look around. For more information click this text.

If you enjoyed my Review of Six Figures Mentors, Please comment below. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “Six Figures Mentors. My Review, Scam?”

  1. Hi Phil,

    I really enjoyed reading your review of six figure mentors. I had been considering signing up to this as I am looking for some extra income – ideally online. Have you any other ideas which I could use to earn some money? Your advice would be appreciated. Regards, Andrew

  2. hello there, i found this post about sfm particularly interesting knowing that i was a member with the same group and me personally i didn’t have a great experience because i feel like i was misled when it comes to the subscription but they are a legit company after all it’s just that their rates are a tad high, anyway keep up the good work with the site it is very intuitive  

  3. O.M.G. I could relate to this post wayyyyy too much.

    There was a sponsored post that kept popping up on my facebook newsfeed called “Black Box Mentorship” or something of that sort. After seeing it a few times I decided to delve a little deeper into it. First, they said that the training in the black box mentorship program was only $10. So I said, “well hey. let’s give this a shot.” and I paid the $10. This program only had 3 videos that didn’t give you much information. At the end of these 3 videos, the presenter then says, “now to get more out of this program and start getting $4000 commission each month, you’d have to pay a one time fee of $29” or something like that. At this time, I had no qualms about it because I wanted to learn more about the opportunity. 

    By paying the $29, I would then receive an email from a ‘sales representative’ who would set up everything for me. After speaking with him I learned that I had to actually buy the product that they were selling, which cost $4000. Listen, I currently don’t have that kind of money to invest and it’s even worse because I live in the Bahamas where import tax is EXTREMELY high. So by the time I got it, the product would be more than DOUBLED what its worth. On top of that, who knows what other charge they were going to slap me with after that.

    Suffice it to say, I lost around $40 but I learned that not every make money online scheme is beneficial or worth it. 

    Thank you for this article. It really gave me some insight into how to spot an illegitimate money-making scheme.

    • Thank You Tyranique for a GREAT COMMENT!, and for sharing your experiences.  Yes, we live and learn.  The problem is not so much is a program legal, most are, the real question for you and me, is, IS IT ETHICAL?

      Having three four or five HUGE up sells, and NOT telling us BEFORE we join about them is HIGHLY UNETHICAL,,  it stinks.  Thank God for an HONEST program that we can all join for FREE.


  4. Hello Phil, it’s always a joy to see that there people in the world wide web who actually care about the safety of those looking for ways to earn money online as there are numerous scams everywhere. Thanks for the tips you have given on this review. I enjoyed reading through this post as it gave me insights and made me smile too.

    True that there are lots of deep red flags, lol. Building a website is no brainer with WordPress. Getting started with making money online shouldn’t cause us to break the bank and we’re not even sure if we’d make the money. Not recommended for beginners and even experts! As a matter of fact, I hate upsells with the whole of my heart.

    I celebrate you!

    • Thank You Mr. Bilzy for some very good observations in your comment.  We are here to MAKE money online, not SPEND it.  



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