Steps To Start A Business – Do Many Fail?

The steps to start a business can be many or few, depending on the type of business you are looking for. Is it a brick and mortar business, or will it be an online store or other type of online business?cartoon man building a stone wall

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I have started quite a few businesses over the last few decades. My first business was started in 1988, one year after I got married.

I started it from my home just using a work van. I would go to peoples houses and clean out their garage or basement. Sometimes there would be a whole house they wanted to be cleaned out.

I did that for about ten years, working with contractors and cleaning up their work sites. Eventually that business failed.

How Many New Start Up Business’s Fail, and Why?

According to the SBA (Small Business Association), about half of all new start up businesses fail in their first five years of operation. That ratio has remained consistent for the last twenty years.

Many fail because they lack funding for their business. They just run out of money. It does take money to make money.

Another reason a new business may fail is a lack of planning and making realistic goals.

The NEW way to Market Online

It is my opinion that you probably do not have a lot of money to get started in your online business.

That is OK, there are a few companies you can join for FREE that will train you, Give you a FREE Website, and help you build your website.

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Affiliate Marketing. Have You Heard About It?

One inexpensive way to start up your own business online is by getting involved with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a much easier way to make an income online than other old-fashioned, outdated ways, like MLM or Direct Sales.

There is no need for you to make a big contact list of all the people you know, and start bugging them about how GREAT your new business is, and how EXCITED you are to now bug them. I know, it sounds funny, but, ain’t it the truth?

I used to do that in an MLM for years, and man I hated doing that! Now, being online people come to YOU.

All your customers that will make you a full time income online are going to come thru your website. All of them will be strangers.

No need to make cold calls on complete strangers anymore! I Love that!

Here Are The Steps To A Successful Online Business Startup

1. Select a Niche.

Isn’t it fun talking about things you are interested in? You need to write down three hobbies, or things that you Love to do, or Love to talk about. You can make money online from just about anything.

This will make it much easier to write about since you have knowledge and experience in what you Love to do.

Then you want to do some research on the Niche you have selected to market. If you like fishing, go to Google and type in fishing poles and see what pops up. This will give you an idea of your competition.

Do not worry too much about competition, there are over four billion people online today, and the market is still open for all of us to become successful with our websites, if we build it right.

2. Build a Website   laptob on a desk

If you have never built a website there is no need to panic. With todays technologies most of the websites are prebuilt for you, and some you can even get for Free.

Now you want to decorate your website and make it look attractive to those who see it for the first time. That is referred to as your landing page. It is the first thing a customer sees when they click your website from some link.

3. Get LOTS of Traffic

Imagine someone opening a McDonalds in a small Mid Western Town in the Country that only has a population of 423.

Of course, McDonalds would NEVER do that! Mcdonalds restaurant

The funny thing is that every person who starts building a website starts with that website in the middle of some very small town where almost nobody sees it, or knows it is there.

The downside of having a physical business in a location where only a few people pass by it every day is you can not pick up the building and move it to a big city where millions of people will see it.

But the good thing with having a business online is you can do exactly that. You can eventually take your business and place it in front of millions of people!

The key in doing this is with SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. There are hundreds of little tricks you can do to get Google to like your website and rank it on the first page of their search results. Two Keys

These little tricks are all taught right here.

4. Get Conversions

Lastly we need to do things to our websites so that when people visit it they want to stay around for a while, and eventually buy something. That is called a conversion.

Posting a Video is a very good way to encourage people who land on your page to stay awhile. People prefer to watch a video these days than to do a lot of reading.

There are a LOT of other things you can do to get your visitors to your website to purchase, and they are all taught Here.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or how to build a free website, please leave a comment below! Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Steps To Start A Business – Do Many Fail?”

  1. Hello Phil, businesses fail a lot these days a result of lack of planning, low effort rate from the owner, little knowledge of that business, etc. Affiliate marketing is one very big means of making money online, but it has it rule to help you being money and so do people need to understand these rules before going into it. These steps listed are not to be overlooked as they contribute a lot to the success rate in affilate marketing. Best regards

    • Yes Benson, it certainly is true, all of us will fail at affiliate marketing if we do not follow these important steps

      Thanks for a thoughtful comment!

  2. I really love the parallels you drew between getting traffic to a physical business vs a virtual.  Starting an online business makes it easy to be seen by many provided you have something of value. With that being affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an online income as you can promote products and services people value and want making it easy to sell.  Like you I was involved with MLM which almost left me in the NFL club (No Friends Left).

    • Yes Pam,  the MLM club was just not ME!  I much prefer people coming to ME, than me going to THEM.  Thanks for your kind comments


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