The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies – In USA Sales

Here are a list of the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in the U.S.A. by Sales Revenue for screen on table

1. Amway started in (1959) in Michigan, and had $8.80 Billion in sales of Health, Beauty & Home care products.

2. Herbalife began in (1980) in California, and had $4.50 Billion in sales of Nutrition & weight control products.

3. Mary Kay started in (1963) in Texas and had $3.50 Billion in sales of Cosmetics & personal care products.

4. Forever Living started in (1978) in Arizona and had $2.6 Billion in sales of Drinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements & personal care products.

5. Nu Skin started in (1984) in Utah and had $2.28 Billion in sales of Personal care products & dietary supplements.

6. Tupperware started in (1948) in Florida and had $2.26 Billion in sales of kitchen & home products.

7. Melaleuca started in (1985) in Idaho and had $2 Billion is sales of Nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care,

home hygiene, and other wellness products

8. Primerica, started in (1977) Based in Georgia and had $1.69 Billion in Sales of Insurance & financial services.

9. Young Living, started in (1993) Based in Utah and had $1.5 Billion in sales of Health products, oils, personal care & animal care.

10. Rodan and Fields, started in (2002) in (California) and had $1.5 Billion in sales of skin care products.

In Business For Over 20 Years. Not Scams.

One of the ways you can almost be certain a company is not a scam is how long they have been in business.

In the U.S.A. there is this wonderful government agency called the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC for short.

Every single business in the United States must comply with truth-in-advertising laws. These laws are enforced and regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).Pair of balances with a gavel

So if a company is doing something wrong, watch out, the FTC is coming for you, and they WILL shut you down!

How does the FTC find out about illegal activity with a company? When people are scammed, they get in touch with the FTC and then are investigated by the FTC.

That is why I can say that without question all of these Top Ten Businesses are not scams, they would have been shut down a LONG time ago by the FTC.

Now just because these companies have been around a long time does not mean they have great products, it may be they are just very convincing.

Have You Been Involved With Any Of These Companies?

I have been personally involved with three of them, Amway, Melaleuca, and Herbalife.

I got involved with Amway around 1980. I was turned off with all their hype, and when I saw how expensive their products were, that turned me off even more. They cost about TWICE as much as are in the stores!

But, that IS where I first saw the amazing potential in Network Marketing, or MLM. (Multi Level Marketing).

I started buying herbalife weight loss products for my wife back in 2005. A little expensive, but BOY do they work well! My wife lost about 90 lbs in about a year and a half!

Now, not all of that is attributed to their product, she completely changed her diet, cut out all sugar and carbs.

I never got involved with the business aspect of Herbalife, I think I was in burnout mode at the time, some of you know what I am referring to.  (Smile.)

I am still a customer of Melaleuca, but am not a business associate. I just love their products. I did build a pretty decent size organization with them around 1997 as a business associate. You can read about that HERE.

Melaleucas products are some of the best in the world! I have been purchasing them now for around twenty years.

They are all very reasonably priced, and their business opportunity is ONE of the BEST! Not the Very Best, the Very Best One is what I am involved with right now.

So What Is The BEST Network Marketing Company?

I would say hands down that Melaleuca is the BEST Network Marketing company as far as product quality, product price, compensation plan, and the overall quality of the company.

So then, why did you quit?wealthy affiliate logo

Good question. I still buy their products, but I was tired of cold calling people, it just was not me.

I have found a company where I NEVER have to Cold Call anyone! I do not even have to Bug my friends and family either!

And I just LOVE that!

So, You Don’t Recommend Network Marketing?

No, I do not. Unless you like bugging your friends and family, and enjoy cold calling people.

I do not do any of that anymore. What do I do?

Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Just like Network Marketing companies, you do NOT have to buy a lot of products and store them in your garage.

Also, You do not have to SELL any products.

And a One Up on Network Marketing companies, in Affiliate Marketing you are NOT REQUIRED to BUY any products every month!, EVER!

How does it work? You can get all of your questions answered by clicking HERE. 

Start As A Free Member

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10 thoughts on “The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies – In USA Sales”

  1. Hi there. This is a very cool post and you gave a lot of great information. I didn’t know Amway and Herbalife ere two of the top 10 network marketing companies in the United States. I agree that affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start earning an income from home. Thank you for posting this article.

    • Thank you, yes MLM is no longer the way to go to make money these day, Affiliate Marketing IS the way to go

  2. Hello Phil, you have listed out some marketing companies that will never be forgotten in a hurry and for their legit nature, they will remain the best. However marketing isn’t easy, it requires a lot of training to keep a company in good shape for long and it’s with no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate can be the right place to build your skill needed to pull that off. Lastly, affiliate marketing is a good business idea for the online world and it would be great to see some new marketing companies coming to top the chart 

    • Yes I was an MLM  er  some years ago, but it is just too difficult recruiting people unless you are a top top salesman, which most are not, that is why Affiliate Marketing is the easy way to go to make income today.

  3. Yeah, I give credit to these network marketing companies because they are legit and have stood the test of time. However, I think they’re best suited for those who want to get into Multi-Level-Marketing and definitely realize the challenges MLM gives. And it’s not an easy sell, especially when products like Amway cost a fortune – much more than what we can get at the local grocery store. 

    I’m much more comfortable in the affiliate marketing arena, and even the arena where I create and market my own e-books. Still a challenge, yes. Anything worth having in life is a challenge, but it’s also a fun and exciting challenge I look forward to daily. 

    • Yes I agree Todd, MLM is very successful, but I LOVE Affiliate Marketing so much more,,  no more contact lists and recruiting and buying all these products.   Thanks again for your input

  4. I am blessed to see such an informative article. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In USA Sales. Currently, the use of Network Marketing is increasing day by day.
    I have heard about the Forever Living Marketing Company before. Now I know better about The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies. Forever Living one of the most popular online shops in the USA. It is an amazing article for me. I’m so impressed. All of the Network Marketing Companies here are of high quality. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I think this article is useful for everyone.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In USA Sales. Thanks

    • Well, I am glad you enjoyed it.  I no longer have a desire to be a part of any MLM, it is way to difficult to make a full time income with them,  I tried,,   but I see a much easier way to do it with Affiliate Marketing


  5. Hi Phil,
    This is a great article. It brought back many memories and smiles:) I have a similar story. Amway was my first company too, they paved the way for many. I also have been buying Melaleuca products for over 10 years. Affiliate Marketing means no more bugging friends and family, no pressure of closing, or baby sitting down lines. Working completely from home on your own time frame is beautiful thing:) I’m very excited about Affiliate Marketing and WA. Thanks again Phil!

    • Thanks Sara, I could not agree more! Affiliate Marketing is so much easier than MLM, even though it takes longer to make money. I Love it!



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