Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership – Cost? – $0.00

wealthy affiliate logoYep, Seriously. Free.

And I am not talking about just signing up for free, almost everyone, including me, does that.

I am talking about month after month, year after year, you pay ZERO dollars! FREE.

The ONLY hitch, and yes there IS one, is that you Must first sign up as a Premium member for $19.

But after that, every month membership fees will be covered if you follow my instructions in this post.

After reading this article you will understand exactly how to get a….

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership.

The normal cost of a Wealthy Affiliate Membership is $49 per month.

As far as I am concerned that is a GREAT Price, considering all that it includes!

What Does a Wealthy Affiliate Membership Include?

• Expert Affiliate Marketing Training

wealthy affiliate screenshot

Every Friday night there is LIVE Training where you can get your questions answered.

Dozens of step by step Video training on exactly what to do and how to do it. Building websites, Search Engine Optimization, and everything else you need to make your website rise to the Top in Google!

• Expert Coaching when you have questions, even the owners are online answering your questions!

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It is practically unheard-of that the owners of ANY business would actually interact with Brand New Members on a daily basis!

But that is actually one of the Perks of being a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

• An Amazingly Helpful Online Community of over One Million Affiliate Marketers! Largest in the World!

wealthy affiliate community screenshot

• Professional Website Hosting included in all Premium Memberships.

And not just ANY hosting, FAST HOSTING! The average Page Load Time is only 1.3 Seconds!

Why is that important? Because it is a big ranking factor with Google!

There is no way Google is going to put your website on its first page if your site is slow.

What do you do when a website takes too long to load?

You close the page, and that is exactly what folks will do to your site if it takes too long to load.

wealthy affiliate hosting screenshot• Free Websites built on the most powerful platform in the world.

Years ago a website like you will be getting would take weeks, and even months to build.

Our websites here at Wealthy Affiliate are built in about 34 seconds. Isn’t technology wonderful?

• Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliates AMAZING Keyword research tool. INCLUDED in all memberships at no additional cost!

wealthy affiliate jaaxy keyword tool screenshotWe are online building websites for mainly one purpose, to make a full time income.

If we do not learn Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which is what we need to do to get Googles attention, we will not succeed.

To do this, we need keywords. A Keyword is simply a very popular search word, or phrase.

It works like this.

You are looking to buy the best coffee maker around, so what do many do?

They go to Google and type in ” the best coffee maker” and get these search results.

google results for best coffee maker

These four businesses made it to page one of Google, why?

Well one of the main reasons is that Google looked at the sites and saw they had the popular search term, ” the best coffee makers” in the very title of their article.

See the power of using keywords?

With Wealthy Affiliates amazing Jaaxy keyword research tool, you always get accurate results for the best keywords.

Jaaxy shows you how many of your competition is using the exact keyword, and your probability of getting ranked on page one of Google.

OK, I Get It. WA is Amazing!

Yes it is!

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member you have access to what is known as “Site Comments.”

Site Comments is where Wealthy Affiliate members go to ask for comments about their most recent posts, or to go and give comments about one of the members posts.

When you become a Certified Commenter, Wealthy Affiliate actually starts Paying you for your comments!

I made over Twenty dollars in two weeks, and that was just commenting on a part-time basis.

You are well able to make over $50 a month as a Certified Commenter, and even over $100 a month if you like.

That more than covers your cost of the $49 per month membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

As long as you continue as a Certified Commenter, you keep getting paid, which pays for your membership, forever.

How Do I Become A Certified Commenter?

To get started all you have to do is enter your email address here.

Follow all the directions to get into the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

You will see a page that probably looks like this.

wealthy affiliate screenshot

In the left-hand column click on “Websites” Then click on Site Comments. You should see this.

Here you will be able to offer comments when you click on the blue button on the upper right that says, “Offer Comments”

So go ahead and click on “Offer Comments” You should see a page that looks like this.

welathy affiliate screenshot

Notice in the middle of the page to the right there is a button that says, “Edit My Interests”

Go ahead and click on that. Keep in mind, the more boxes you check, the more websites will be available to you to comment on, so the more that better.

Now just start offering comments.

You will notice that as you offer comments and get credits you are not yet getting paid for your comments.

That is because you are not yet a Certified Commenter.

You must first give 50 comments before you become Certified. You will still get credits which you can use to have people comment on your articles once you begin writing.

But the paid comments do not start until you are Certified. You should be able to offer 50 comments in just a few hours, it does not take too long.

Being Paid as a Certified Commenter

Once you are certified, you will start getting paid cash.

For every other comment you give, you get 25 cents, or in other words, give two comments, get a quarter.

It is not a lot, but it is very easy work, and kinda fun, and you learn a LOT about peoples products they sell.

And it does add up.

As I said, I made over Twenty bucks doing it in a period of two weeks.

I usually spent an hour or two a day, five days a week doing it.

If you do it more, you make more.

I did it more as an experiment to see how much I could make.

You Must Give Quality Comments

Keep in mind, you will NOT get paid if the person whose website you are commenting on disapproves your comment.

Yes, the person does not HAVE to approve your comment, and if they do not, you will not get paid, so give good quality comments.

Another thing is realize that you are not being asked to critique the site or criticize the products the affiliate marketer is selling.

Remember, every single one of these comments, if approved by the affiliate marketer goes onto his site as a comment that every and any future visitor will be able to read!

So give positive feedback all the time. It is OK to ask a question or two as well, but keep it positive or your comment will not be approved!

Conclusion to Having a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership

There you go, you now have a free Wealthy Affiliate membership from getting paid to give comments on other peoples sites!

Free is good. wealthy affiliate logo

If you have not yet started your free membership, check it out here and start making your very own affiliate marketing website with all the GREAT benefits, FOR FREE!

Please let me know what you think about my article below! Thanks!

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