What About My Lead System Pro? – Scam or Legit?

Did someone just send you an email that said:

“What about my lead system pro?” lady looking up with question marks up in the air around her

I have been researching My Lead System Pro and have decided to write a Review.

I am not a member so this will be a completely non biased opinion.

I have been in many Network Marketing companies over the last 30 years, so I have tons of experience.

My conclusion?

After 30 years, There is no better online system that is SO AFFORDABLE and HIGH QUALITY than Wealthy Affiliate!

However, for now I am going to share what I have learned about My Lead System Pro.

Disclaimer: Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for My Lead System Pro.

This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain.

Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations.

My Lead System Pro Review

Website: Myleadsystempro.Com

Price to Join: $49.97 to $299.97 per Month

Rating: 22 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

My Lead System Pro has been around since 2008.

The owners claim that the system does most of the work for you.

The focus of the training, which is not a new concept, is to brand yourself, not some company.

A lot of the training is focused here, and they cite many examples of famous network marketers who have succeeded by branding themselves.

They teach the “Law of Attraction” which is just the details of how to Brand Yourself.

My Leads System Pro, or MLSP, teaches you how to generate leads for your online business.

All of this training is very good stuff for sure!

MLSP claims they are not an MLM, or Multi Level Marketing company, but I will let you decide that.

The compensation plan is amazing on paper, but to actually reach those levels of income takes a LOT of hard work, skill, and time.

Pros Vs. Cons of MLSP


Good design on their landing pages.

Company is over ten years old.

Many webinars in the training program.

Excellent training on how to Brand yourself and attract visitors to your website, as well as to you.

You can actually get lots of leads if you are willing to pay for their Up Sell Training.


Much too expensive for the average Joe.

A lot of complaints from previous members that MLSP is a scam.

A lot of the training needs to be updated.

If you want to join, here is a screenshot I did today for the membership plans.

MLSP screenshot of membership pricesYes, those prices are monthly. Wow!

Imagine having to pay Three Hundred Bucks EVERY month for an online system!!

I pay less than Thirty bucks a month for the current program I am using with a Training program that is ALL INCLUSIVE.

In other words, NO UPSELLS!.

Do You Want To Make Money, or Spend Money?

I mean, seriously!

I think you, just like me, want to learn how to MAKE money online.man holding four twenty dollar bills in his hand

I think all of us already know how to SPEND money online. Smile.

At $300 bucks a month, there are very few people, I would think, that can actually afford that.

As I said, I pay less than $30 a month for my quality training which includes Website Hosting, and an amazing online community willing to actually HELP US!

Just this morning I privately messaged one of our members who makes over $5000 per month!

And NO, He is not charging me to help me either! That is just the way we do it at Wealthy Affiliate.

And he is just one of hundreds who are willing to help all of us for Free!

Here is a list of many other members with their success stories.

Conclusion Legit, but Too Expensive

There is just no way that My Lead System Pro could still be around since 2008 if it were a scam.

The FTC, or Federal Trade Commission would have shut them down a long time ago.

The thing is this though. You may slip by the FTC by following the right business rules, but is what you do in your business ethical?

By ethical, I mean, for instance, up sells.

I do not know how many programs you have checked out, but I SO Hate it when I see a program with up sell after up sell!

Simply put, NOT All the Training for you to succeed is included in your monthly membership!

I have seen up sells of $397, and $997, and then $19,997!! Wow!

Now they NEVER tell you this UP FRONT BEFORE you join!

No! They hide that from you UNTIL you join up, and then they slam you against the wall with Up Sells!

THAT is what I mean by unethical.

Hey, if you are rich and don’t mind spending thousands of dollars to learn internet marketing, go right ahead!

An Inexpensive Alternative with NO UP SELLS

With Wealthy Affiliates High Quality and Ethical training platform, almost everyone starts as a free member.

Keep your Credit Card in your wallet.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you Twenty Free, High Quality Training modules and Two Free Websites to start.

You can choose to remain a Free Member as long as you want to.

If you do decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership, know this.Wealthy Affiliate Logo

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get ALL the TRAINING you will ever need to succeed online with Wealthy Affiliates Premium Membership.

If you decide to choose the Yearly Premium Membership which is what I did, you end up only paying about $30 per month.

Or, you can choose the monthly Premium Membership which is $49 per month. THAT’S IT! ALL INCLUSIVE.

A Free Starter Membership

Do like I did. I started for free and took a look around. I did not need my credit card either.

Just another note, every website needs Hosting. Hosting is included in your premium membership along with all these other benefits below.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership OptionsHere are some of the training Modules.

wealthy affiliate training modulesAs I said before, there is also an online community that is EXTREMELY helpful!

Even the two OWNERS answer questions from us members!

Many of the members are already millionaires and help us with our questions.

So, if you would like to start a FREE account today, come and check us out and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

See for yourself!

If you have a question or comment, please feel free to leave it below in the comments area.   Thanks for reading!






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