What Is Computer Literacy? Are You A Computer Novice?

What Is Computer Literacy? computer screen with keyboard and mouse

Computer literacy is defined as a person having knowledge and skill in using computers.

Just how familiar with the operation of computers are you?

Is It Really Important To Become Computer Literate?

It is my opinion that anyone who is younger than 55 should definitely learn how to use a computer. Why? I read an article about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), or robots basically, that in the next 20 years half of all jobs will be replaced by A.I. robots!

Wow! So for the younger generation if you want a job, you better learn about computers! It is our future!

What Is A Computer?

A Computer is basically a Hardware Device run by electricity and designed to store and process data, usually in binary form, according to instructions given to it by a software program.

Look, I am a computer tech. I learned how to fix both hardware and software problems on a computer.

When I was going to school, our teacher told us that even if you majored in Computer Science for four years you would only be scratching the service in understanding exactly how computers work.

So, yea, I can tell you what a computer is and basically what it does, but PLEASE don’t ask me HOW it does it! Ha ha! I am very serious.

One of the things that really puzzled me when I was in class was how in the world does a computer store the information on a metal disk, also called a hard drive? I learned that it was done by magnetism.

OK, magnetism, that’s nice. (Laughing out loud again). I never did learn how the magnetism makes the data stick to the metal hard drive, but that’s OK. I have learned not to ask those kinds of questions if I want to stay sane.computer hard drive

I heard some computer guy once say that he thought that the technology that came to build a computer came from the aliens. That was pretty funny, or was it? Smile.

Do Not Worry About HOW A Computer Works

One more thing to blow your mind, if that’s OK with you.

Did you ever use a Flash Drive? It’s those small rectangular plastic things that you stick into your computer to copy files to.

No moving parts, no metal hard drive. How is the memory stored?

I was thinking about describing to you exactly how a flash drive stores memory, so I googled it. The technical language was so far above my understanding I just said, forget it, I am not even going to try to explain that.

But computers work, and that is all that matters for us, right?

I mean, we automatically breathe without thinking, you are doing it right now. Do you have to think to do it?

You don’t even try to do it, but there goes your chest, out, in, out, in, taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Do you understand how it works? Maybe you do. But do you really need to know how exactly it works to benefit you? No.

It is the same with computers.

Basic Knowledge About Computers Is Really All We Need

Thankfully, we only need to know basics to use a computer, or smart phone.

We learn how to use the keyboard to input our data. We learn how to use software programs like Word or Excel to perform jobs at our workplace. And a million other things we can do with computers.

But to be sure, computers will be replacing a lot of jobs as the years go by, and so the younger generation needs to take this to heart so they can be employable.

Working From Home Using Our Computers

More and more we hear of jobs that allow their employees to work from their homes from their computers. I think one would have to be very disciplined to do that considering there is no boss looking over your shoulders.

However, there are also those who are using their computers in their own business making a full time income. How fascinating is that? What used to be only a dream is more and more becoming something commonplace.

I have read of so many testimonies of people out of work who learned how to do internet marketing from their computers and are making a living wage doing it.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to work from home instead of your daily commute to and from work five days a week?

But How Much Money Does It Take To Learn How To Make Money With My Computer?

Being a computer tech guy and also an experienced Network Marketer, I have learned and seen a lot over the last four decades.

If you are not careful you will spend thousands of dollars spinning your wheels and making nothing.

There are however, a few good programs out there that are run by honest people, and this is what we all are looking for. It is rare, but they do exist. Computer giving a cartoon man Cash

A Valuable Computer Techs Tip

Since you hung with me this far I am going to give you a very valuable tip when it comes to computer virus’s.

I don’t care what computer anti virus program you use, a virus will eventually slip thru the cracks and hit your computer, and if it does it could take all your data with it.

The reason you WILL eventually see a virus is that there are those evil guys out there who are constantly writing new computer code virus’s every day.

And YOUR antivirus program knows nothing about these new virus’s. The only way they find out about them is when someone gets their computer infected with it and reports it to them.

That is why you should update your computer antivirus program often.

OK, so here is the free tip. The second you detect a virus, shut down your computer by pushing the power button and holding it down for ten seconds until you see your computer shut off.

It has happened to me many times, and almost every time I do this fix, it gets rid of the virus.

You see, if you shut down the computer immediately it keeps the virus from getting its roots into your computer. OK, I hear someone saying, how do I know I have a virus? Some of them just appear and actually will start talking to you.

What do they say?  The smart ones will actually say, “this is Windows”, or “Microsoft Antivirus Support”, or something like that, some will even say, “do NOT shut your computer down”. They say that because they know it will get rid of them.

Or your computer will do something completely unexpected. SHUT IT DOWN immediately!

Now, once or twice when I did this it did not remove the virus, so what did I do? I shut it down again. After two or three times doing this it was gone for good.

I hope this helps someone.

And if you could, please leave a comment below letting me know if you have ever had a computer virus and what it did to your computer, thanks.

Oh, and if you click this text it will tell you more about a good program I have found to make money from your computer. Bye for now!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Phil. I actually think anyone younger than 70 should be shown how to use a computer, as they’re becoming an essential part of everyday life. How interesting to think alien life could have helped man create computers, and I don’t think it’s far fetched! Thanks for the useful tip on stopping a virus. I will certainly make sure my anti-virus software is up to date


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