What is Herbalife.com About? – 2020 Review

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As an Herbalife Distributor for over four years, I can tell you What is Herbalife.com about.

In a short summary, it is about weight loss.

In 2008 my wife started Herbalife weight loss products, and over the next four years she lost over 75 lbs, and she has kept it off too.

She used the Vanilla Protein meal replacement shake as her only weight loss product

Of course she restricted her diet from extra carbs and fatty foods as well, but she, unlike others had no exercise program.

I think it is a good product since I have seen it work right before my eyes.

Even the founder of the company, a Mr. Mark Hughes started the company with this one weight loss product back in 1980.

mark hughes

Mr. Mark Hughes started selling the original Herbalife weight management product from the trunk of his car.

Hughes said that the origin of his product came from the weight loss concerns of his own mother Joanne, whose untimely death he attributed to, in part, to an unhealthy approach to weight loss.

Herbalifes goal from the very beginning was to change the nutritional habits of the world.

The first product was a protein shake designed to help people manage their weight. If sure did work for my wife!

History of Herbalife – Forty Years of Nutritional Products

Herbalife is a Multilevel Marketing company that sells nutritional products and other supplements, along with skin care products, and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

in 2018 their sales topped $4.9 Billion. That is a LOT of sales.

From what I gather, almost 30% of these sales comes from their one best-selling product, their weight loss, protein meal replacement shake.

Who does not remember their very successful marketing campaign entitled, “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!”

There is no question with such a HUGE amount of annual sales in weight loss products and supplements that Herbalife is an extremely successful company.

Some Cons about Herbalife

Cons: Why Herbalife is a shaky company

They have a large history of litigation and lawsuits.

Although they have never been legally named as a pyramid scheme by the FTC, or Federal Trade Commission, they have had to pay a $200 million fine to their distributors for unethical business practices.

For a forty-year-old company they do not have much of a product selection other than their nutritional products and a few skin care products. Surprising scanty for such an old company.

A similar company that started in 1985, Melaleuca, has over 400 products to choose from.

So, as far as joining up with Herbalife to make it a business, I would do a LOT of research first.

Yes, I was a distributor for some years, but only so I could get the 25% product discount. That is another thing, their products are very pricey!

Ten years ago I was spending over $100 per month for one product! That was their milkshake meal replacement.

Now it is a GREAT product in my opinion, without question, if you can afford it.

Actually that is the main reason we stopped ordering the product.

We had hit some tough times financially which put our family into survival mode.

Meaning, all non-essentials are eliminated. We must pay our rent, electric, food and insurance.

The funny thing is my distributor and I were talking just two days ago and he is sending us a free container of the Herbalife Meal Replacement Protein Shake for free!

Do People Make Money With Herbalife?

Yes. There are many people making six figures. But as with any MLM, only the BEST salesmen become the top distributors.

It’s the same in every Network marketing or MLM company, ya gotta love sales!

Since I only bought products from them and never did it as a business, I cannot tell you how the marketing plan works.

Though I did quite a bit of research before writing this article and some say their compensation plan is very difficult to understand.

In general, you will only make a very little by selling actual product. They encourage you to bring in people, and in doing that is where you make the big money.

You Mean, You Don’t Like Sales?

Neither do I, and that is why I became involved with Affiliate Marketing. NO SALES ever!

Well, there are sales, but our websites do that for us automatically. Night and Day!

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I would have to say it is not a scam, but it is just barely a legitimate company mainly because of all the problems they have had in the past with bad press, customer complaints and the FTC investigations, and on, and on.

I would also say that it is clear that the FTC did find many exaggerated claims, and did fine them to the tune of Two Hundred Million dollars.

I also heard many are encouraged to buy up stock to sell it later. The problem is the product has an expiration date, and many lose thousands of dollars with unsold product stored up in some room, or garage.

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  1. Just like Amway, I think Herbalife’s product is of good quality and they do change a lot of people’s lives through nutrition. But not everyone can afford to spend $100 over dollars for ONE product every month unless you really need it. When I was subscribing to Amway and taking their protein meal, I found myself in the same situation too. There are more important bills to pay with that money and we all need to prioritize what kind of spending is best for personal and our family needs. 

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide on herbalife and find is very useful for beginners in herbalife. While reading I know that Herbalife is a Multilevel Marketing company that sells nutritional products and other supplements, along with skin care products, and is based in Los Angeles, CA. Now I know very few people become successful in MLM companies like Herbalife. I love your concept of affiliate marketing. I will go with it. I hope every will get something unique from your  article.


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