What Is Paid Viewpoint?- My Review

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When it comes to answering surveys, many are asking, What is Paid Viewpoint?

Paid Viewpoint is a market research survey site that pays you cash for taking surveys.

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Paid Viewpoint is operated by Ask Your Target Market, or (AYTM.COM)

If you have ever joined any survey taking company, you will find Paid Viewpoint a refreshingly different experience.

Here are Four Key points with Paid Viewpoint:

1. They pay cash for every completed market research survey.

2. They never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.

3. They do not send you long and “boring” surveys.

4. They respect your privacy and will not sell your personally information to anyone.

You Always Qualify For Their Surveys

How many times have you started taking a survey, and half-way thru they inform you that you do not qualify, therefore you get nothing for it?

I remember just last week I must have been about three minutes into this survey and then, there it was, sorry you do not qualify!

So I got paid nothing for the three minutes of information I gave them!

Not so with Paid Viewpoint.

Whenever surveys become available, Paid Viewpoint emails them to you.

AND, they ONLY Email you surveys that you Already Qualify for, that way you always get paid for every survey you fill out with them, as long as you complete it.

Their surveys are usually short, under five minutes and interesting.

Awesome! So, How Much Do They Pay?

The only drawback is the pay.

Most surveys pay between $0.03 and $0.10 each.

With each survey you complete, it adds to what is called your ‘TrustScore’.

Your TrustScore is a point system that encourages you to be active.

The higher your TrustScore, the more surveys you will receive, and the more money per survey.

When you first join, they ask you to fill out general information about yourself, which they pay you around one dollar for.

After that is complete your, TrustScore is usually around 500 to 600.

A 9000 TrustScore or higher is the number of points you are looking to achieve.

That places you in the top 10% and means you will earn more for each survey.

The number of survey you receive depends on your demographics.

If you have what they would consider a desirable profile, you can get a survey every day.

Paid Viewpoint Referral Program

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After a while, if you have an active website, you can get quite a few referrals. I know a person who has made over $200 in a month.

Your minimum for a payout is $15.

You can withdraw the money via your PayPal account. It takes around 3 business days to process into your account.

Paid Viewpoint Review – The Numbers

Website: PaidViewpoint.com

Cost to Join: Free

Overall Score: 92 Out Of 100

Verdict: Not a Scam! It is Legit


• Interesting and short surveys

• Multiple surveys every week

• Already Pre-Qualified for every survey

• No Need to Check site every day, surveys are automatically emailed to you

• Low Minimum payout of only $15


• Very little pay for each survey

• Not enough different ways to earn money


Paid Viewpoint is a completely legitimate company that actually will pay you cash for taking surveys.

You never have to worry about starting one of their surveys and find out half-way thru that you are not qualified, because every single survey they email you is already pre qualified.

Even though you will not make a lot of money with Paid Viewpoint, it is a reliable and legal company.

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