What Is The Most Important Thing In Life? God? Family? Money?

God Is The Most Important Thing In My Life  Jesus in the sky

This is how I feel.

Since I got saved at the age of 20 my whole life has changed!

Before that day I was the most important thing in life, my whole life centered around me, what I liked, what I wanted. Now I want to please the Lord more than anything!

The most important thing in life is what you will sacrifice your life for. Ever hear someone say, I don’t have the time for this or that? Or, I forgot? One thing for sure is that what is most important to you, you end of MAKING time for, and you don’t forget to do it!

What Is The Most Important Thing In Life Besides God?

Family comes second for me, and I am pretty sure it is the same for you. The ones you live with, spouse, children or siblings are usually our heart strings, and they should be in my opinion. Husband, wife, and two children walking thru a sunny field

For me the second most important thing in life is my wife.

She is my everything! She is my friend, my encourager, my comfort, my lover and my sister in Christ!

I will do anything for her to make her happy, just ask her. Smile. Happy wife, happy life!

My wife and I have been married for over 32 years now and the Good Lord has blessed us with Eight wonderful children! Four boys and four girls!

And after my wife, of course my children come third in priority. I also would do almost anything for them.

Sadly all eight of them are on their own now. Yes, we are empty nesters!

But I Love my wife dearly so I am very happy to be with her night and day, and the house is a very peaceful place now.

Now What are the Most Important Things in Life For You?

Perhaps you and I are about the same. So what is next? After God, spouse, family, what next is important to you?

For me as a Christian it is my church family and after that all other people. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ! I also love people and have a great concern for them.

Another thing that is very important to me in my life is making sure we are well provided for physically.

I thank the Lord that God has helped us to have a home that is paid off. It sure is a nice feeling not to have to make any monthly payments for our house! I hope you are in this position as well!

But even though we have our home paid off, we still have many other bills we must pay, as you do too.

Since I am only 60 I am not yet qualified to start receiving Social Security benefits from Uncle Sam. I have driven for Uber and Lyft for a couple years but in my opinion you can’t really make a decent living doing that.

Making A Decent Income Is One Very Important Priority

I think you will agree with me that having a decent income to provide for our families and pay our bills is in the top ten priorities in our lives. Unless we have received a large inheritance we must provide for ourselves and our family.

As I said I tried Uber and Lyft for a couple years but after driving over 100,000 miles in two years your car expenses become quite a bit, not to mention the wear and tear on the vehicle. Large yellow smiley face

Yes, I know, that is a pretty big smile! That is how I feel now about what I am doing now! You can come and take a look if you like just by clicking on this text!  

So What Is Most Important To You In Life?

Feel Free to comment below.  I would Love to know about your experiences with God and your family or job.  Thanks for reading this!

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