What Is WordPress DashBoard?

Airplane DashBoardThe WordPress Dashboard is the first screen seen after you log into the administration area of your blog.

No, not the picture above. Relax, that is an Airplane Dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of what you should be looking at the second you log into your WordPress Admin Area.

What is WordPress Dashboard? Take a look!

What Is-WordPress-DashBoardYou will notice that I have already clicked on the “Screen Options” button in the top right corner of my screen.

Here you will see some options to display on this screen that you can check, or uncheck.

Boxes are named: From left to right.

At a Glance Activity   –  SEO News   –  Quick Draft  –  WordPress Events and News   –   Welcome

If you uncheck any of these boxes it will make the content disappear from this page.

Directly below the screen options is shown what version of WordPress you are using, and if any updates are needed.

As you can see, I have an update available so it is telling me to “Please Update Now”

Getting a Free Website For Your Blog – Be Careful

With WordPress you can have a free blog as well as a free website, here are their options.

WordPress Membership Options

WordPress Membership Plans with featuresIf you choose the Free plan, it is fine if you are only writing your blog as a way of storing it on their platform.

The Free plan only has 3GB of storage, so if you write a lot you may want to get a paid plan.

If you intend to blog to make money than you definitely want to choose either the Business Plan or the E Commerce Plan.

But, as I said, Be Careful.


Because if you want to get Ranked on Googles first page with your posts, you need to be certain that the hosting platform that your website is on offers lightening fast site speed.Lightning at Night

One of the big factors with Google when it comes to ranking is how long it takes to open your web page once someone clicks on your link.

What do you do when a site takes forever to load?

Exactly, that’s what I do too.

Close the page and go to the next Search result.

Here is a very fast hosting site that is very reasonably priced. Just enter your email to check it out.

The WordPress Dashboard in Detail

The WordPress dashboard is a collection of tabs and links that provide information, and give you an overview of what is happening with your blog, as well as the ability to make changes.

Here is the WordPress Dashboard.

What Is-WordPress-DashBoardSo this is what you will see once you log into your WordPress Website. It is your back office to your website.

The categories in the left column are pretty self-explanatory, go ahead and click each one. Look around.

One Note Of Caution.

When you click on the tab named Appearance, you will see Theme Editor at the bottom.

Do NOT try to edit your theme or delete anything there unless you know what you are doing.

You will break your site.

The WordPress Platform Within Wealthy Affiliate

If you are having problems ranking with your website or you are getting spam or hackers hacking into your Website, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliates Hosting.

For about the same price as the Business Plan with WordPress you can not only get State-of-the-Art Hosting, but Hundreds of hours of training on:

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Wealthy Affiliate Web HostingWealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting



I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting and World Class training platform.

Has this information been helpful in any way?

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