Where Can I Learn SEO?- Be Careful!

Classroom filled with students listening to their teacherSEO can be learned in SO many places online, or even like we see here, in a classroom. OK, so Where Can I Learn SEO?

You can learn it, also get a Free Website, and start your training for Free at Wealthy Affiliate.

That is where I have been learning it anyway. No better place in my opinion.

You can also learn SEO if you go to YouTube, or Google. But as I said, please be careful.


Because there are so many differing opinions on what is SEO. We need to use SEO that WORKS!

What do I mean by that?

Learn SEO from people who are already successful in the online world. Makes sense, right?

Who is successful?

These folks at Wealthy Affiliate are.

It is important to understand that every year Google changes its algorithm, so we must keep updating our understanding of what are good SEO practices.

What Is SEO?

S.E.O., or Search Engine Optimization is defined by Wikipedia as, ” the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.”

Or in laymen terms, doing the right stuff on your website so people will find it.

We all want people to be able to find our website. That is the only way they can make a purchase from us.

So we need to learn the rules that Google has for us, and make our web content match those rules.

What Can I Do To My Website To Make It Rank?

We will discuss 7 different things we can do to help increase our rankings on the search engines.

1. Write Often Person writing on paper sitting down

If you are only adding content to your website once a month, you are not going to be ranked high in Google compared to someone who is writing good content every day for their website.

Google likes to see improvement on your website, and writing new articles at least two or three times a week will help your rankings with Google.

2. Write Original, High Quality, and Relevant Content

The Google Web Crawler Robot is getting smarter and smarter every year. It is not quite as smart as a human who reads your content, but it is getting there.

I am sure you already know that your content must be YOUR content. Never copy and paste someone else content. You will be banned from Google’s rankings. Not to mention, it is illegal too!

Poor grammar, spelling errors, and non-sensible sentence structure will work against you.

Make sure you run your content through a good spell checker before you publish it.

Also, ALWAYS read your entire post at least twice before you publish it. Even a good spell check will miss errors.

Write about your topic. Do not go off on tangents that do not relate to your topic. STAY ON TOPIC.

3. Link to an Authority WebsiteA Page on Wikipedia

Make sure at least once within your article you link to an authority site, like Wikipedia. Google likes to see an outbound link that is linking to a high authority website.

4. Use Alt. Text in All Your Images

You will get more traffic to your website if you always describe what your image is about in the Alt. Text section of your image.

This will help Google to understand the image, as well as those who have poor vision and are using Chrome Speak to listen to your website. 

Chrome speak will read the Alt. Text of your image out loud so that your reader will know what the image is about.

5. Write at Least 1000 Words

Take a look at the top ranked websites on Googles first page. Open up one of them and see how long their posts are.

Google likes details. The more details we write about on our topic, the better.

6. Use Internal Linking

Google likes it when we link to other articles within our website, just make sure your link is relevant to your topic.

The worst thing you can do is have a lot of external links in your post that takes the reader away from your site.

You are basically telling Google your site is not really worth the read, and Google will punish you for it.

7. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

Page speed is one of the main SEO ranking factors.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Page of Site SpeedDoes your site load in 1.3 seconds? Wealthy Affiliate Hosting provides lightning fast Hosting for your website.

Google wants fast-loading web pages.

In 2018 Google announced a search engine algorithm update that is focused on mobile page speed.

If your Website does not load fast on mobile devices, then it will be penalized.

What Happens if My Hosting has Slow Site Speed?

You will never be ranked on Google. Also if your Hosting does not include Mobile Optimization, you also will find it next to impossible to rank with Google.

Does your Hosting also have Double Hosting? Most do not. Double hosting is when the Hosting company runs two of your websites at the same time, thus, if one goes down, the other one is up.

That means Zero downtime to your website, it is on, both night and day.

Wealthy Affiliate page of  Web Hosting Redundancy


We can learn SEO from many websites, but the main issue is, even if we learn all there is about SEO, it will never help us rank with Google if our hosting is not up to speed.

Wealthy Affiliate State-of-the-Art Hosting includes all these features that will make our website very attractive to Google.

It is what I call, an SEO optimized Website.

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