Work Part Time From Home? – Yes! Please!

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So you want to work part-time from home?

Me too!

I mean, who wants to work 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday, year in and year out making our company rich?

Of course, the best way to start our own business is to begin part-time until it gets successful enough to replace our full time job.

Working From Home – A Dream Come True!

So, how long is your daily commute to your J.O.B.?

Ten miles one way?


How many potholes do you fall into every day?

Yes, it IS truly a Dream to work from home.

Currently I am working from Home Part-Time, and I LOVE it!

Of course, if you Love your boss, that is great!Boss pointing his finger at you

Sarcasm with a slight smile.

NOW PUT that long finger down!

As we work part-time from home and eventually become full-time, we will get to enjoy some awesome benefits.

• Taking a vacation without having to ask permission

How many times have you went to your boss and asked for permission to go on vacation a certain week, and that week is already taken by someone with more seniority than you?

Or, some jobs only offer one week off a year, even two is not enough in my opinion.

I worked for the two most popular ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, for two years, and I loved the fact that I did not have to ask permission from anyone to go on vacation.

I just shut the apps off, and went.

Of course, I was not working from home, but I was a sub-contractor working for myself.

• Take a break ANYTIME you please.

Better not try that at your job!

It is sweet to be able to walk into the kitchen and get a snack and relax for fifteen, or even thirty minutes when you work from home.

Nobody is looking at you out of the corner of their eye, or writing you up for laziness, or snapping at you to get back to work.

• The option to make as much money as you please.

When we have our own business we have the opportunity to make as much money as we want to.

We can even expand and hire people to do the work we are doing.

However, it is not so with our jobs.

Our jobs set our pay rate. We basically have no control over how much money we make.

We may get a small raise every year, but we will never get rich working for someone else, for sure!

We can always go searching for a higher paying job, but even then, their is a limit to how much they will allow us to make.

Choosing Part-Time Work From Home

All right, you may already have a Trade of some sort, if you do, you already know what part-time work you are going to do.


You should consider building a website though, because these days a Website makes all the difference in getting customers.

With your own website you are beating out your competition who does not have a website.

They will be wondering how you are getting so many customers!

So many of these customers are already spending hours online, looking, shopping, buying, why not get their attention with your very own website?

Yes, you really can get local customers who live near you to see your website!

If you would like to see an example of a Free Website, check it out Here.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that because of all of todays advanced technology, it takes less than a minute to make a website.

What we create in seconds today, used to take weeks and even months, and we needed to know how to use programming language and HTML.

Not So Today!

Now, if you do not have a Trade, more than likely you are looking for a way to make full time income from your computer thru your own website.

Let Your Website Do The Work

The internet along with Affiliate Marketing has forever changed the entire world with how we purchase things today.

Only 20 or 30 years ago it was unheard-of to buy something “Online”

Today, most of us shop online and make at least one or two purchases every week.

The opportunity for us to make commissions off of these sales is VERY REAL!

Millions make commissions by signing up to be an Amazon Affiliate, and a lot are making full time income just from Amazons affiliate program alone!

amazon logo

Today it is easier than ever to make a part-time, or a full-time income right from our computers, while sitting down on our couch at home.

It is a reality.

In the past many of us involved ourselves with some Multi Level Marketing company, or MLM, and worked hard to get recruits.

We bothered our family and friends until they became sick of us!

Not so today with Affiliate Marketing!

The people who end up at our websites were actually searching for an item to buy and landed on our web page!

We did not call them on the phone begging them to buy something from us.

We did not even send them an email! They came looking for US and found OUR website!

I don’t know about you, but I sure Love this new way of marketing!

Another thing is that our Websites also build up our contact list automatically!

We create a contact form for them to fill out by inserting an email address.

All done on our websites without us lifting a finger! Night and day, 24hrs!

Remember in MLM what they told you do in the first 24 hours?

Yep, write down your contact list. All of your family, friends, and acquaintances. That was fun, huh?

Start Part-Time, then go Full-Time

As we build out our websites and Google starts to rank us on their first page, eventually we will be making a full-time income to replace our jobs.

It will take a lot of work, for sure, but it is worth it in the long run.

Many of us work hard and study long hours for four years at a college, then look to work for somebody else.

Why not put a year or two in now Part-Time building your website to eventually become a work at home entrepreneur?

Learning How To Do It

Like anything new, we must learn. Here the internet comes in very handy.

There are YouTube videos on almost any topic you can think of.

How to fix your car.

How to make ice cream.

How to make money online.

Information is abundant.

But why not get all of your training and information from experts from just One Website?

That is exactly what I did when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. wealthy affiliate logo

For One dollar a day I have everything I need to succeed in ONE place!

• How to build a website

• How to become an Affiliate Marketer

• Learn Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, so Google will rank my site on their first page

• Lightning fast Web hosting on a platform that runs two copies of my website at all time, called redundancy, so that my site NEVER goes down!

• Millionaire Company Owners actually on the platform almost every day answering our questions.

• An amazingly helpful online community, over a million strong. The largest of its kind online 24 hrs a day to help us with any questions we have.

Does it Really Work Though?

That is a valid question.

See for yourself Here.

This really is the Ground Floor for Affiliate Marketers. The quicker we build our websites, the quicker Google will start ranking them, and for us to be making a full-time income from our homes.

The Time is Now!

If you have a comment or question, please leave it below! And Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Work Part Time From Home? – Yes! Please!”

  1. I have always liked the idea of creating an online business, now that we are home with no jobs because of the pandemic situation. I would like to take this time to learn how I can create an online business, a website like you said, but I do not have a computer background, how will I do that? will it be easy for me to understand?

    I really hope this will work and if it does I will definitely make it my main source of income.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, you do need some basic computer knowledge, but you can get that from watching YouTube videos.  It is not really that hard.  You can do it!     


  2. I have to travel 20 minutes each way  to and from work. With this lockdown I’m working from home part time and loving it.

    The freedom is brilliant.

    Your  review of Wealthy Affiliate is very good, the information provided would make most people want to join. The best part is the link to see how much different people are earning. The community spirit is awesome, always someone around to help you out. It’s the best training around. I have been involved in other online ventures that you don’t get very much for your money and 1 of them cost 3,000 to join.

    This is certainly the best option available and it is free to join.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post.


    • Thanks Lisa, yea I just LOVE working from my living room couch, sittin there right now!  lol!   I Love Wealthy Affiliate.  


  3. Thank you for creating such a unique article and providing useful tips.

    working from home is now the order of the day as the covid 19 pandemic has sent panic across the globe. Affiliate marketing online seems to be really good and we have to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and engage.

    • You are welcome Kirkman, yes, I agree, to me I see affiliate marketing online as the future work for many, and I want to be one of those many.  


  4. one major setback i had was selecting a niche. i actually changed my niche about five times as i was thinking that each of them will not be productive. after a while i was able to set up my website.

    although there is still much to learn, i have been able to set my work place from home to earn me more income

    • I just followed the advice they give here, go with your passion because you will be writing a lot here.  Glad you found your niche!



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